Westy and McG’s Grand Day Out

As we’ve said on this week’s recap, Andrea’s been in my neck of the woods for the last week and we were lucky enough (this, because we live on opposite sides of the world) to spend most of the weekend together. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Westy could have joined us, but Andrea brought me a present of a toy koala so she would be with us in spirit :-).

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that a couple of weeks ago I found this in a toyshop, quite by chance:


So quite obviously, while we were having a weekend of fangirling and general silliness, Westy and McG should be able to have some quality time together, right? Well, let’s see what they got up to…

They went on the Tube…


…where they pretended not to know each other (when in Rome, or in London, as the case may be).

Then they went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. McG liked the V&A, it had lots of visual aids, like how to kill and gut animals. #useful


(and he doesn’t see how Madeline and Danny could disapprove. After all, it’s culture.)

They had a delicious and romantic lunch in the beautiful V&A restaurant…


After lunch they went shopping. When McG thinks of shopping, this is pretty much what he means:


But he found Westy’s idea of shopping baffling.


They’re not blue and they don’t have pockets. Mystifying. Still, there were some really ugly booties on the next table and he was glad Westy didn’t notice those. He gets enough of that at work.

On the plus side, he did remember to pick up a new cammo pencil (because Monkey pinched the one he had and is now using it as make-up, honestly what is the world coming to?):


Hmmmm, black or brown? Probably not violet. Or Navy (he really wanted to get the navy, for sentimental reasons).

The shops were hectic and noisy (McG dropped and rolled on the way out of Zara, that’s never a good sign) so they went for a relaxing walk in the park. They found a lovely tree:


Then they found another tree and McG climbed it…


…mostly just because it was there.


And then Westy joined him, because you know, koalas are better tree-climbers than SEALs any day.

Westy and McGarrett sitting in a tree…



They played hide-and-seek for a while, but because McG had his cammo pencil with him…


…he won.


Then Westy said ‘how are you going to get that off your face?’ and he replied ‘I’m just going to go for a swim’ and she said ‘are you serious?’ and he was serious.


And then he was shirtless, which was great.

They were pretty exhausted by then, so they decided to go back to the hotel for a nap before dinner. The hotel room had a choice of pillows.


No, soft is not a good option.


MUCH better.

And what happened after that is between Westy, McG and the pillow, but I can tell you…



…that they never made it to dinner ;-).



The End!

We SO wish you could have been there with us, Westy! One day :-).





  1. OMG! DYING! Very clever girls!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun and hyena laughs! Andrea your really getting around lately!

    1. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!! 😉

      Thanks babe. SO much fun!

      1. Wait, Justine means getting around the world a lot lately, doesn’t she? *adopts innocent expression*

  2. Oh I love a story with a happy ending!!

    1. Hiiii scottiedog! Such a happy ending *sniff*

  3. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    I can imagine you two LYAO doing this! How fun! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was SO funny! The looks we were getting! Except on the Tube, because this probably doesn’t even qualify as ‘weird’ by Tube standards. The woman sitting opposite asked if we wanted her to take a pic of us with them!

      1. I hope you said yes!

  4. heymomo · · Reply

    OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I did this same thing in NYC with one of my niece’s stuffed animals, but this is SO MUCH BETTER!!


  5. OMG!!!!! I.am.dying! I’m going to read it again and then say some more.

    I feel like it’s my birthday! I ❤ you two soooo much 🐨

    1. We had to do something special seeing as you weren’t there with us!

      Actually, that Westy is one persistent koala. She travelled from Brisbane to Singapore to Helsinki to Brighton to London and then to Alicia’s house, just to be with McG. I think she arrived a few corks short on her hat, mind you. Just as well there aren’t flies in England!

      1. Wow, you two ladies got together, I hope you had a fantastic time and lots of fun. Goes without saying really! Hope you weren’t too jet lagged Andrea.
        Love the story, looks like West ended up having the best time of all!

        1. It was heaps of fun but way too short #sadface. I think I was over the jet lag by the time I made it to Alicia’s although my head was spinning a bit from trying to pack too much in to a short time.

          By the way, Westy’s doppelganger lives in California with Sage now, too. That’s one well travelled koala 🙂

  6. Love this!!!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. I really like the pic with the firm ‘pillow.’ I love McG’s facial expressions…I know they don’t really change, but the positioning of his arms makes it look like they do! I love the shopping, the tree climbing (I let him win that one, you know) the camo pencil, and if he didn’t go swimming (SHIRTLESS!) I would’ve licked his face clean.


    1. Trust me, you do not want to see a pic of him pantsless. It’s a travesty down there :-(.

      1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        Sad that a chest like that turns out to be a eunuch. 😦

    2. The pillows were truly inspired. I guess it says something about us when the ‘firm’ and the ‘soft’ are the first things we spotted in the room. They were just calling out to us….

  8. Adorbs. I especially love the camo pencil and the abs 🙂

    1. The abs are amazing! They ARE lifelike! 😉

  9. O.M.G. I was laughing so hard when I was looking at this on the bus this morning, people were looking at me funny.

    This is just a bucket full of WIN!

    1. Hehe. Sorry! (#notreally)

    2. I was not alone when I opened this and burst out laughing. #awkwaaarrd

  10. This was just hilarious. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Sam! 🙂

  11. This was really hilarious!! Looks like a fun day! Brilliant!!

    1. Thanks babe :-). It was hysterical! I wanted to take SO many more pics in the V&A but it’s v hushed and seeeeeeerious so we just had to make do with that one. We were getting some odd looks… can’t imagine why… 😉

      But there will be more to come because I promised Kim yoga positions! 😀

      1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        Ahahaha!! I was going to ask about the yoga poses!!! I need to see the wheel, STAT!

        1. I’m making a list! Any other requests? 😉

          1. (bearing in mind that he falls over quite easily)

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              so, quite lifelike then….

              other than that one I tweeted, with the legs in all the wrong places…. no.

      2. Yes, way too much jocularity for the serious V&A museum. But we kept it refined – that’s how we roll, you know.

  12. Yay! Thanks for this, you clever girls.

    Also, why go to such great lengths to craft such abs, to them leave the, ahem, lower body, so unconsidered. Boo.

    Thanks for these great laughs.

    1. Thanks Sage :-).

      Unconsidered AND inconsiderate!

  13. Thx so much, Alicia and Andrea, it’s amazingly hysterical (a term of endearment) and I’m still giggling at the soft/hard pillow cause I’m probably 12 or what and easily amused. The happy ending is the best!! And, of course, I’m glad that you two enjoyed your weekend! Must have been a unique experience.

    1. Ah, we’re all 12 here ;-). Thanks babe!

  14. Can’t wait to see their offspring: Westylion roaring in Eucalyptus!


    1. OMG Westylion!! Love it!!

      1. I think that means you need to come to Australia to visit Westy and me, Alicia. Just for eucalyptus pictures, of course. Actually, now that Westy lives in England, she may need a trip to Australia to escape the cold weather 🙂



      1. BING!!!


    THE TREE!!!!!!

    1. OMG you guys I need more adventures of these 2 like immediately. Or Sooner Than!!

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        This needs to be a regular feature!! “The continuing adventures of…”

      2. Your replies are cracking me up! We have certainly not seen the last of Westy and McG…

  17. cvc-eve · · Reply

    No words….just no words…well this one LOVE!

    1. Thanks Eve! We had such fun doing it, I’m glad you had fun reading it too 🙂

  18. Oh girls. i hope you both had as wonderful a weekend as this was.!!! TOTALLY BRILLIANT AND SO ADORABLE AND FUNNY and yes I AM screaming with delight and awe!!!!!! thank you and many hugs to you both for a delightful London adventure.

    1. Thanks PN! This is pretty indicative of the weekend as a whole :-D. Until Sunday night at the airport #sadface

      1. Sunday at the airport was tragic. Sad face doesn’t even begin to describe it 😦

  19. Kimphin1 · · Reply


    Bwahahahaha!!!!! Oh, I so want to interview the people who saw you doing this… O.M.G.

    The CAMMO pencils!!!!! Security was definitely eyeing you two! That tape might even make it to corporate.

    The FIRM PILLOW PICTURE!!! I’m giddy with tears from laughing!!!


    1. I would LOVE to know how corporate would interpret that!!

      And his shoes were desperately unsexy. I should have put the flippers on him.

  20. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    His shoes are truly pansy-like though aren’t they?

  21. In case anyone else is getting the weird ‘comment box jumping to the bottom of the page when you reply to someone’s comment’, I’ve just accidentally found out how to stop it doing that! You have to click ‘reply’ twice – the first time it jumps to the bottom of the page but then if you scroll back up and click it again, it re-opens it under the comment you’re replying to! Result!

  22. Love your sense of Humor!

    1. Thanks Sue, this was lots of fun! There’s another instalment coming up very soon :-).

  23. […] Westy And McG’s Grand Day Out, I forgot to take off McG’s guyliner camo paint so he was still wearing it when I got him out […]

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