H50 3.24 – Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care) – Page 1


Slightly different format for the recap this week (I’m a little short on time and I didn’t want to scrimp on the screencaps 😉 ). Off we go!


1. Oh wow, the sneak peek was the opening scene! Didn’t see that coming.

2. Even this many Useless Coppers are no match for McG and the Kick Ass Camaro.

3. Hah! You see, he only gets caught when he WANTS to get caught.

4. Hiiii! Duke. I really love this bit, they just filled us in on everything that’s happened since the end of the last ep in about thirty seconds without having to show us a single minute of it. Nicely done.

5. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Steve” Assertive!Duke is AWEsome with a capital AWE!!


6. LOL! Then Danny says “you know what you’re doing, right?” #love.

7. On to the COTW and the Become3 are at an airfield talking about keeping their stories consistent, like they’re about to be called to the principal’s office. I spend a few seconds imagining the four of them at school together and… there just aren’t enough detentions in the world, I don’t think…

8. Also at the airfield is a very nice but completely anonymous plane filled with bodies. McG deduces that it’s a rendition flight and the dead guys are Feds and the pilots. I have a wobble because my father is a retired pilot and dead pilots on TV shows freak me out.

9. So McG knows that this is someone resourceful enough to kill five Feds and land a jet “and now HE’S loose on the island”. Why so sexist, McG?


10. Cath has done some investigating and can tell McG that the plane was registered to a CIA front company and the suspect was being moved from Brisbane to Cuba. BRISBANE!! Andrea, this is totally for you! Then Danny asks if they got any hits on the fingerprints they took from the steering wheel at which point McG points out that this is called a yoke which is a) NOT REALLY IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW, McG, and b) totally a shoutout to you, Andr3a!! This is The Conversation Of References For Andreas! (as in, plural of Andrea. I don’t know anyone called Andreas.)

11. So no matches, but unexpectedly we are now looking at a man in a very white uniform who is apparently an ex-boyfriend’s of Cath. And is about to leave the Navy. And wants to take her out for dinner. She tells him that she’s seeing someone and this leads to a very clunky bit of dialogue where Show tries to fill us in on their backstory with nothing like the finesse they managed in point 4. “What happened between you and me was real and I’ll never regret Amsterdam or working together in Kabul…” come on, Show, no-one talks like this.

He is hella cute though. (Also I think we can safely say that Cath has A Type.)

He is hella cute though. (Also I think we can safely say that Cath has A Type.)

12. So what do we think is The Point of this guy? Is there going to be a which-one-will-she-choose scenario (duh! McG, obvi) or is he just there to make McG jealous and fess up to how he really feels about her? Hmmmm… Also, when are we going to see McG in this uniform please?

13. CIA guy! Who has noticed Cath asking questions about things that have nothing to do with her job (well thank goodness SOMEone’s paying attention, I hope her CO has a friend in the CIA who can cut him some slack). CIA guy doesn’t know about the plane being hijacked (careless. But then, I’m forever finding my lipsalves days after the children have hidden them somewhere I would never even think of looking, so I know how he feels) and something about the way McG says “you didn’t KNOW???” gives me shivers. Good shivers. I love that authoritative tone. #shiver

And bonus kissy face!

And bonus kissy face!

14. The suspect is one Rafael Salgado, a member of the NLM, a Latin American terrorist organisation. He has knowledge of an imminent terrorist attack on American soil and they need to capture him alive so they can stop the attack.

15. Kono is at a hideaway of Adam’s even though she should still be in hospital. She tells Adam that Michael is trying to frame her and then says that she doesn’t know what to think because he’s been hiding stuff. He then brings up the small matter of the cloned phone and – I just love this – SHE TOTALLY IGNORES HIM!!! Yeah, sister, don’t let him sidetrack you into thinking you’re the one in the wrong here. That’s a CLASSIC distraction tactic.

Kono's gettin' real tired of your sh/t.

Kono’s gettin’ real tired of your sh/t.

16. So anyway, all is well in the Kono/Adam world. Adam tells her that Michael is trying to stage a coup and that legitimising the business is tricky because the Yakuza’s business partners won’t like it because it will lose them a lot of money and then they will kill him. Fair enough.



  1. Oh Steve…….you silly boy? He didn’t for one second think it could have been his mother that did that on the plane? And he seemed really interested in the blood splatter.
    Kono…….on the run and she runs to the one she’s not sure if she can trust? He’s hot and all but at this point why does she believe the stuff that comes out of his mouth?

    1. Why Kono believes Adam or Why Steve believes Doris ….. total mysteries that this show will never solve. 🙄

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        blinded by love?

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          Or just blind?

          1. The fact that this didn’t occur to me – I just feel evil and mean!!!

  2. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    My take on the old-boyfriend scene — when Cath says “I’m seeing someone” that’s SHOW’s way of telling us all that YES, McG is her boyfriend and she knows in her little heart of hearts that he’s not just using her for sex and secret stuff. Maybe there’s a deleted scene where McG returns the sentiment.
    And yeah, Cath does love her some seal-meat. Ooh rah!

    1. The lady has EXTREMELY good taste in men HOO RAH!!!!

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    No way Cath is going to leave McAwesomesauce for Amsterdamboy. No. Way. This is atplenkov messing with us. I’m hoping he ends up being an informant or something relevant, and not just a thorn in the McRoll relationship.

    I love AngryDuke!!

    Show needs more hats. Just saying. Cath looks good in hers. And Steve, well… yeah.

    1. Kono looks adorbs in her baseball cap too!

      I have a nasty feeling we might have said we wanted jealous!McG. *gulp*

      1. I don’t think so. 😡

  4. I wanna play with McG’s yoke!!!! He’s such a stickler for proper terminology, while I am all about euphemisms for his body parts…………

    1. And you want to keep an eye on his instruments 😉

  5. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    No 10. Brisbane! I had to rewind just to make sure he said Brisbane. Sigh…. (Didn’t you love the way he said Australia in his McG accent rather than the Alex one?)

    1. I didn’t notice! I’ll have to rewatch.

  6. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    Sorry but the scene with Mr Amsterdam made me cringe a bit. I guess I’m just a bit done with the ‘is she my girlfriend?’ thing. But then it did include a nice looking guy in a white uniform. Wait, I’m revising my opinion….

  7. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    Grrr. Amsterdamboy is a frakking SEAL too! Go away, Amsterseal.

    1. He’s no SuperSEAL though…

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