H50 3.24 – Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care) – Page 2

17. One of the missing phones (oh yeah, the killer nicked the Feds’ phones, I forgot to say. Soz) made two calls to a house in Waipahu after the plane landed, so they go in with thigh holsters and Kevlar-a-go-go, but the house belongs to Rafael’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son – and the son is missing. Oh, a kidnapped child. Well, you know, it’s been a while… #sarcasm





McG won the Most Macho Pose competition, but only because he was wearing thigh holsters.

18. McG deduces that a) something’s screwy because why would Rafael wait until now to snatch his son, and b) where will he go for help? They don’t know… but they know a man who might.

19. And that man is WO FAT!!! Urgh, make-up have done a disturbingly good job with his burns. In slightly related news: I love Mark Dacascos, he’s so deliciously snarkily evil. When McG tells him that this morning Rafael killed five people and kidnapped his son, Wo Fat says “I can’t imagine what he has planned for the afternoon”. And then when McG says he can have access to the exercise yard and get some sun, he says “I burn easily”. And then when McG threatens to discontinue his pain medication if he doesn’t help, he says “what’s next? No dessert?”. #LOVELOVELOVE! Whoever wrote these lines needs to write ALL Wo Fat’s dialogue, please.

The lighting in here is even better than in the blue room.

The lighting in here is even better than in the blue room.

Well, from some angles anyway.

Well, from some angles anyway.

20. So eventually Wo Fat gives up the name of a guy who deals in weapons and fake papers and on McG’s way out the guard at the desk tells him (in a just-making-conversation kind of way) that he’s the second McGarrett visitor Wo Fat’s had today because Doris came in that morning. You’d think that sort of thing might be confidential, but apparently not.

21. Yakuza supply depot! Wow, it’s a MESS!! The Yakuza are only organised when it comes to crime, by the look of it. Kono finds some gloves that may incriminate Michael, but then he turns up and she has to hide under a car while he has a VERY awkward conversation with Adam.

We can't go on together with suspicious miiiinds...

We can’t go on together with suspicious miiiinds…

22. In related news, how does Adam not already have a gun? For all this ‘I’m going legit’ there’s still ‘people will probably want to kill me for it’, you’d think he’d have one.

23. Kono thinks Michael was there looking for the gloves and she takes them to Fong for DNA analysis in the hope that they’ll clear her name.


24. Holy cow, Fong’s giving Adam the stink eye!

25. In the blue room with the guy Wo Fat gave up and McG’s being sneaky to get information out of him. See, this kind of thing doesn’t bother me. It’s like when he told Sang Min that he would get his wife and son deported back to Rwanda, WE know that he’s not going to do that, just as we know that he’s not going to do anything to put this guy’s wife and children in danger. What does scare me a bit is “the Supreme Court says that you do not have rights when you provide material support to a foreign terrorist network”. What, no rights at all? Basic human rights, surely? Like no torture and that sort of thing? Please say yes.

26. Aaaand here’s Doris. McG goes through his whole “you’ve never given me any reason to trust you” thing and there are some good lines where McG’s calling her out on her bullshit, but really, I would rather have some actual answers. Sigh.

27. Just as we think we might be getting some actual answers, Danny comes in saying they’ve located Rafael’s car and McG says “to be continued”… yeah, until we all die of old age, at this rate.

28. So they catch Rafael and it turns out – neat twist – that he didn’t kidnap Jack at all, it was other members of the NLM who’d heard he’d been captured and are using his son to make sure he doesn’t talk. I really like the way this character has been written. I keep catching myself feeling sorry for him and having to remind myself that he’s an evil, murdering b@stard. A bit like Wo Fat, actually. Good villains in this ep…

29. … into which category I might place this CIA douchebag who sees Jack as collateral damage. And yes, yes, people in high places have to make vertiginous decisions (no, I don’t really know what that means either, but it sounds pretty good, no?) but cripes, does he have to be quite such a heartless f.cktard about it?


30. Danny agrees with me! Heh heh. ‘Schmuck’? That’s putting it mildly.



  1. buttercup · · Reply

    I’m with you here, McG definitely won “the Most Macho Pose competition” here, and without the thigh holster, he’d still have the badge and gun to hold on to 😉 ! Nice recap I like it very much! Had a lot of f(g)un reading it!

    1. Splay those fingers Danny! Splaaaaaaay! …nope, still no match for the thigh holster… 😉

      Glad you had fun 🙂

  2. Love the line about the Yakuzza only being organised about crime! Also I’m going to make the word ‘fcktard’ my word of the week!
    Wo Fat scenes were good. I’d forgotten he was in prison, he’s usually on the lam somewhere.

  3. I love the Hanibal Lector cell!!! They should have had Woooo Fat in some kinda mask to protect his burns……that would have gone great with those lines he was dropping!

  4. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    So are we to assume that while Michael Noshimura was searching the van he didn’t happen to see Kono hiding under it? Huh? And that idiot Adam keeps looking under the van. These brothers aren’t the sharpest tools in the Yakuza shed, are they?
    Now if Adam had told Michael he came in to look for duct tape, that woulda been funny!

    1. “These brothers aren’t the sharpest tools in the Yakuza shed, are they?”

      ^^ Truth! Bless their hearts.

  5. I *loved* the scene with WoFat. The lines were perfect and the delivery was spectacular. That might have been my favorite part of the episode.

    Also, NotMcG and I were also super-annoyed at the Supreme Court conversation. A) Not sure if there really is such a decision and B) Nu-unh.

    26 & 27? ACA!!!

    1. 26 and 27… yeah. Bored now….

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Bored and frustrated at the lack of resolution.

        1. ^^^ Truth.

  6. McG’s face in the last cap – epic. 😆

    1. “You want me to remove WHAT now?” 😉

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    The Yakuza are only organised when it comes to crime
    LOVED WoFat’s lines. Loved them.

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Best lines of the episode! No dessert! Loved it.

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