H50 3.24 – Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care) – Page 3

31. They convince Rafael to let them help him get his son back in exchange for information about the attack. He tells them that it will be in San Francisco but he won’t tell them anything more until his son is safe. Then they have to hustle him out of the building because the Feds have arrived.

32. Fong calls Kono to tell her that the DNA on the gloves does indeed clear her name and she replies – get this – “you’re a good friend”. !!!!!!!!!! Kono, you heartless wench. And then Fong’s day gets worse because Michael Noshimuri has come searching for his gloves like a long-dead pirate in The Fog. Or maybe The Fong. (What??)



33. ANYWAY the NLM jerkoffs are going to welch on their end of the deal and the Become3 take them down, but not before one of them has shot Rafael in the back as he tries to protect Jack. Oops. Bit not good. They rush him to the hospital where he manages to tell McG the target of the attack before expiring, and also where they bump into Max who is there with Fong because Michael Noshimuri stabbed him! Noooooo! They CAN’T kill off Fong, they JUST CAN’T.

Poor Max, he wants someone to hold him as well :-(

Poor Max, he wants someone to hold him as well 😦



34. Kono is next on Michael’s hitlist – he turns up at the hideaway and holds a gun to her head. She’s two for two with the Noshimuri brothers, eh? Michael thinks killing Kono is a good idea because it would protect Adam from people who want to kill him because of her but Adam disagrees with him. And by ‘disagrees with’, I mean ‘accidentally shoots in a fatal manner while struggling for the gun’. Ummmm… hard to feel much sympathy, to be honest. I didn’t think they’d kill him off. Quite glad they did though.

For Steph.

For Steph.

35. Trademark ‘parent reunited with lost child on H50 floor badge’ moment FTW!!!


36. Chin turns up at the hideaway to tell Kono that Fong isn’t out of the woods yet (sob!) and to tell Adam that he needs to leave because his brother’s supporters will be, quite literally, gunning for revenge. This means a slow boat to China with Doris (poor guy, I think that probably makes up for the duct-taping, don’t you?) where he will stay until all his enemies are behind bars, which may or may not be foreshadowing for Season 4. Kono decides that she’s going with him and Danny and McG protest because she’s just been cleared of murder and she can go back to work but Chin tells her to follow her heart *sniff*. Because he lost his love because of his job and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her. Ohhhh, then this is so saaaaad as she says goodbye to them all :-(. And she even says ‘aloha. Malama pono’ as well #love. I hope it’s really not forever.


37. This, then, is apparently our team for next season:




38. Back at HQ, Chin looks wistfully at Kono’s desk and then calls Leilani to make a second (hopefully less eventful) date…

aldjskaldjskaldjsk that smile....

aldjskaldjskaldjsk that smile….

…and Danny goes home to find that Gabby doesn’t know WHAT she was thinking and has broken into his house to show him how sorry she is for standing him up at the airport. If I were her, I wouldn’t have been wearing quite so many clothes, but hey. Not HBO.

aldjakldjksaldjskalk THAT smile...

aldjakldjksaldjskalk THAT smile…

39. So at the end of the ep, Kono’s with Adam, Chin’s making a date with Leilani, Danny’s with Gabby and McG’s with… Wo Fat HOW IS THIS FAIR??


Wo Fat’s called him down to his cell under false pretences because some unspecified persons are about to try and kill him and he wants McG to save his life.*gasp* Wo Fat, you sneaky sonofabitch!


I approve.


So, to sum up: I really loved this episode as an episode. I thought the COTW was complicated enough to be interesting, but not over-complicated and confusing, Wo Fat was awesome, there were some lovely ohana moments, Danny had some good lines, the pacing was good and the time flew by. BUT in terms of story arcs, it was not so good. When you think that the fandom worked out that Doris was Shelburne about mid-way through Season 2, we’ve now known about this for half the show’s run and we still know next to nothing. I thought dragging it out for the whole of Season 3 was taking it too far, but to not even give a hint in the finale… we keep getting build-up to these moments and then it’s such a letdown when they don’t happen. And what was the ‘shocking discovery’ that McG’s visit to Wo Fat was supposed to end with? That people want to kill him? That’s not news, we’ve known about that since 2.22.

But still, all that considered, it was still one of my favourite eps of the season. And now… we wait…



  1. Maria Joaoi · · Reply

    Great recap as usually and I have to agree that after seeing Chin making a date, Gabby with Danny, I was expecting a bit TLC for Steve and Cath.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT???? And with Mr Cute Ex-Boyfriend swanning about in his swankypants white uniform (which he just happened to be wearing when he was going to find Cath…).

      And thank you 🙂

      1. buttercup · · Reply

        So, Mr Ex-Boyfriend (I don’t think he’s cute) can wear a white uniform and we never got to see Steve wearing white, how’s that fair?

        1. EXACTLY!!!!

          (although I did think he was cute. Not McG-level, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers)

          1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

            Thats’s just it though, Mr. Swanning Swankypants was cuuuute. McG is… a friggin hot beast.

            I’ll bet he is a bad guy, or a bad-ish guy.

            1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a bad guy. Although we’ve already had an ‘old SEAL friend go bad’ storyline so… I dunno.

              He’s the guy you go for because he reminds you of the guy you really want but can’t have, isn’t he? OMG! I just realised, he’s Cath’s NotMcG!!

              1. buttercup · · Reply

                Wait, in this case McG would be Cath’s NotMcG, right? Buahh, it’s complicated! Because if “cuuuuute” is NotMcG, Cath has to have a “thing” with him, which she doesn’t have (yet)(hopefully not)(I’d hate her for cheating on McG) 😉 !

              2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

                Oh, well, yes in a v v confusing way… he IS Cath’s NotMcG!!! But, unlike me… she HAS the RealMcG so there really is no reason for angst. SHE’s GOT THE RealMcG!!!!!

            2. buttercup · · Reply

              “a friggin hot beast” wow, you’re so right there 😉 !

  2. really good eppy, and really GREAT recap here, Alicia… I was so happy that McMom didn’t say that WF is Steve’s half-brother… it just creeps me out, I hate the thought of that – and that even complicates BUSTER theory I have now…

    1. Thanks Andrea :-). I liked this ep a lot too!

  3. Blimey, Alicia, that was quick.
    Great recap.
    Perhaps Cath sustains some sort of severe head trauma that causes her to be tempted away from Steve. Only circumstance I can think of.

    1. Thanks MJ! Yeah, I usually go for a quick finish… wait, that came out wrong…

  4. My above comments were meant to be for page 1.
    I was crying at Kono leaving (Grey Havens moment). I really hope that isn’t permanent. Anyone have any inside gossip? You’re right, poor cow to have to be with McMom. Bet Doris will be making a pass at Adam by the time they’re out of the harbour.
    I would definitely be wearing fewer clothes if I were Gabby…sorry, what was I saying?
    Also, Fonger, noooooo! Hopefully they’ll set him up with same doctor Duke had.
    Thanks Alicia, nice one!

    1. *snortlaugh* she so will! (Doris I mean). And then maybe McG will have ANOTHER half-brother on the way 😉

  5. Just seen a tweet by AtPlenkov about Kono: SPOILER ALERT:-

    It said Kono’s story is far from over, according to Spoiler TV. Hooray!! Mind you, he is clearly a LLWL (with all due respect to his writing!)

  6. Saw this on twitter today…..explain her departure

    “Grace is pregnant and in NYC. That is Y she is going 2 B gone 4 a while: pic.twitter.com/SR5vrZddra ”

    Certainly looks like her!

    Fong better not die, I will be miffed, but I’m really miffed that they killed Michael!!
    We needed more Henney…at least more Henney without that mustache!!

    1. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      Yeah, I guess pregnant Kono would be hard to explain away – c’mon SHOW, you could have done it.

    2. I’m refusing to even think about them killing Charlie off. No. Just…no.

      1. No way will they kill Charlie off!!! 😦 Please no?
        I mean, they shot Max last year? He lived!

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        That’s what I think about attempting to kill off the Fongster.

    3. It does look like her!

      Of course it could be someone completely different so I think we should keep a lid on our excitement until we know for sure :-).

  7. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    OK, so when Chin walks into the hideaway and sees Michael bleeding out on the rug and Adam holding his hand and crying, am I the only FUCUP who thought of chickens?

    1. Dammit!! I forgot to make a chicken joke! and he was even on a rug as well! DAMMIT!!!

      1. A very nice cream rug as well. I remember thinking ‘ooh, they’re going to have to just roll him up in it, because that is never coming out…’

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I mostly just thought … that is a complete awkward way to be kneeling on the floor holding your “dead murderous brother whom you just killed”s hand.

      “OK, Adam, take a knee”

      1. #HeathRIP 😦

  8. Alicia this was an excellent recap and really makes me wish the season started Next Week !!!!! Thank you, BTW I am so happy for grace she has wanted a baby for some time now. it’s lovely for her and her husband.

    1. Thanks PN :-). Only four months to wait! *weeps into pillow*

  9. That’s wonderful news about Grace. I really hope she will be back.
    It must be hard writing storylines taking into account the availability of all the actors.

  10. Well done, Alicia! I am usually a day late, but that normally means just in time for the recap, but, as Mary Jane said, “Blimey, that was quick!”

    So, no Kono, huh? She was my initial reason for wanting to watch the show–long live Boomer!–so I confess to being exceptionally sad. I really, really hope she comes back.

    ACA that the episode, on its own was great and WoFat/Mark Dacascos was perfect, but, blimey (again!) do I wish they would wrap some stuff up. How can Lenkov back away from the half-brother storyline now? Also, Doris’ pilot was not picked up, so she will be back from Shanghai soon. Yay? (Could someone please feed Christine Lahti and get her a new make-up scheme?)

    So, I guess, ambivalence. The pacing was great and the acting was superb (Chin asking Leilani out! McG dressing down Doris! WoFat!). But losing Kono, seeing Fong in peril and the looming half-brother revelation is a bummer.

    So let’s focus on those smiles, shall we? Happy!Danny and Happy!Chin. That’ll hold me until September.

    1. Thanks Sage! I loved Chin asking Leilani out, he was so awkward even though he kind of knew she would say yes #adorbs

      I thought it was a great ep, but not a great finale because there were some loose ends that needed to be tied up and weren’t, and others that didn’t need to be tied up but were. But that’s OK. I still really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing how things will play out FAR more than I was this time last year.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Atplenkov did NOT deliver for me. I wanted answers!
        To be continued is NO way for Steve/Doris to end the season!
        Geez… it’s going to be a long summer. And then some because you KNOW the conversation is not going to pick up where it left off first episode.

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          ACA, Momo. As one half of Buster, I am dying of disappointment here. I’ve waited all season for answers and to see if our theories proved to be correct. Silver lining, no Wo Fat is McG’s brother outcome. Yet anyway.


    1. As soon as I saw the crying face I thought of you! True story!!

      1. It’s like he does it to spite me!!

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          Actually he looks a bit constipated to me. Did I just say that?

          1. *snortlaugh*

  12. Great recap as usual. I’m kinda ambivilent on the ep, myself. Yet again, we don’t get any answers as to why Doris went to see Wo Fat. Yet again, we have Steve get so pissed at Doris he can’t see straight and then two seconds later beg her to stay (Jekyl/Hyde much Steve?). Loved Chin calling Leilani for a second date, but really didn’t get Gabby’s presence in Danny’s apartment at the end. She was absent all year, so her presence didn’t make sense. Just like Billy didn’t make sense (though I’m sure that’s just foreshadowing). The COTW was just that… a cotw. Kinda boring. A kidnapped kid? Wow! Original! I wanted *some* wrap up of season s/l and got NONE, so I was a little disappointed.

    1. Thanks Kat :-). I think pretty much everyone is feeling that frustration!

      I didn’t really get the point of Gabby saying in the last ep that she wasn’t coming back and then one ep later, there she is. ????

      1. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

        I keep remembering an interview Alex did last summer where he said he’d been dealing with Wo Fat for so long and it was past time to end the arc. He said “I’m either going to have to kill him or marry him!” Think I could have handled either one of those scenarios! Just not this dragged out nonsense.

      2. Exactly! Pretty stupid, IMO, and completely pointless. But I’ve given up trying to guess what PL is up to. It’s like trying to guess which way a frog is going to jump. :S

  13. Thank you for the recap, Alicia, it was a good read and good to see I’m not the only who found Wo Fat’s lines extremely funny, no matter that it was morbid humour indeed; also I’m glad to see I’m not the only who is rationally concerned about the ruined rug. Thanks for sharing your ideas, you covered it pretty well, and I’m sure everyone agrees about your main points (resolution of Wo Fat/Doris missing – still –, poor Fong “the good friend” etc.). So thanks, that’s it.

    1. Thanks Marnov! I love Wo Fat being sassy. It suits him so well!

  14. heymomo · · Reply

    Thanks for the “too speedy for me to comment promptly” recap Alicia!!

    1. Mwah!! You’re welcome!

  15. Terrific! Even though I am tres slow at commenting, which is normal for me.

    Love the idea of all of these guys together at school. Wouldn’t THAT have been something. Would Steve follow the rules? Probably not.

    Steve always looks so great when he stands with his hand on his badge. Definitely the most macho one there, but of course My Danny will always be good, too. Promise not to tell him I agreed that Steve looked macho there?

    And that smile My Danny was so beautiful (Chin, too, but Danny is just special). I totes agree that I would not have been wearing so many clothes. 😉 I would not have been silly enough to not come back in the first place, though.

    Thanks!!! 🙂

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