Westy And McG’s Yoga Lesson

(After Westy And McG’s Grand Day Out, I forgot to take off McG’s guyliner camo paint so he was still wearing it when I got him out of his bag (this sounds very wrong). I tried to take it off with a baby wipe but it had welded itself to his face so I got out the eye make-up remover and, well… next time I think I’ll put it on a cotton pad or something, because…



Anyway, it came off eventually. But that was a lesson learned the, um, hard way.)

On with the continuing adventures of Westy and McG!

McG thinks Westy should learn to practice yoga, because it’s really good for stretching those little koala arms and legs and she HAS been overdoing it on the eucalyptus lately (norty Westy). But Westy isn’t sure her little koala arms and legs are up to the challenge. Let’s see how they got on…


Ouch, Westy doesn’t think her knees quite bend that way…


Do koalas even HAVE knees? Westy isn’t sure…


And she’s not even going to TRY this one!! She’s not entirely sure McG should be trying it either, it looks… unwise.


Now he’s just showing off! Which is, you know… fine…

Sigh. Westy doesn’t think she’s ever going to be able to do this. She just doesn’t have McG’s 30 articulated joints flexibility. 😦

McG suggests something simple. Mountain pose.


Streeeeeeeetch those arms, Westy!



(I think McG was totally faking it. He fell right on top of her! Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone, playah!)

Next McG suggests Downward Dog. Westy’s not sure about this one. Dingoes are dogs and dingoes are not a koala’s friend. But McG reminds her that he is a kick-ass Navy SEAL and she says she’ll give it a go.


Hmm… well, Westy’s not sure her little koala arms are quite long enough to manage this, but with one small modification…


Yes. Westy thinks she might get the hang of this yoga lark after all…. 😉 😉 😉

This post was inspired by this conversation on twitter:


So it’s Kimmer’s fault really. (LOVE YOU KIMMER!)

The End!



  1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    I can’t believe you got him into that pose!!!!! I wasn’t sure 30 articulated joints was enough, LOL!!!!!

    1. I know!! His foot wouldn’t go quite far enough around his head, but close enough! Looks desperately unnatural though, doesn’t it? LOL!

  2. ROTFL – this is really funny.

    I guess my yoga looks more like Westy’s. 😉

    1. Thank you! :-). I think we’d ALL like our yoga to be like Westy’s… 😉

  3. We’re just limbering up for our next adventure. Where we’ll be doing a little light reading. Of the Kama Sutra. Yeah, baby!

    Thanks, Alicia! ❤🐨


      1. Suck it up! You own me and McG!

        1. MWAHAHAHAHA!!

          And don’t you forget it ;-).

  4. LMAO!! Nice! 😀

    1. Thanks Jill! 🙂

  5. Ok, I laughed OUT LOUD…and kinda cried at those yoga poses. 😀

    1. Oh dear… you weren’t on a bus this time were you? 🙂

  6. lunaterra12 · · Reply

    LOL OMG you should warn people not to be eating or drinking when viewing. *wipes omelet off laptop

    1. Hey Luna, I’m pretty sure the last time you posted a pic on Twitter of one of your omelettes, you promised to share with me.
      *waits patiently*

      (I’ve just noticed the different spelling versions of omelet/omelette.)

      1. lunaterra12 · · Reply

        whoops…….. um….. awkward….. sorry. This was just plain cheese if that makes you feel better. *runs to kitchen to make omelet

  7. Needed a good Laugh and I think Westy has a great idea! Watching Steve!

    1. She’s a smart koala ;-).

  8. Too funny!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  9. Hilarious! Well done you.

    On a personal note, I giggled but I also felt a bit sad because seeing Westy and McG together again reminds me of my visit in May and how I wish I could come back again soon *sniff*.

    PS Poor Westy has a one-eyed view of McG because of that darn cork though 🙂

    1. I know! *sniff* That was such a fun weekend :-).

      I feel like I should cut the cork off but it’s the only one she’s got left, poor Westy!

  10. I’m laughing so hard, it’s amazing that I haven’t fallen on the floor yet…. Can I put in a request for “Happy Baby” position? *airhearts*

    1. I had to google that and OMFG!! I will add it on Monday (when no-one will be home to ask me what in the f/ck I’m doing)!

      1. I can’t wait! :::evil giggle:::

        1. Me neither!! *cackle*

          (remind me if I forget!)

  11. Love this, but I don’t know what is wrong with me that I did not see that coming!!! Each pic and pose is too cute. That koala, what a cutie. All very funny.

    1. Thanks babe! She’s a cutie all right :-).

  12. This was just GREAT!
    Thankfully just one other person in the house when I found this (safely tucked away on another floor…) .-)
    Very happy that you are back with new posts here – been missing your wonderful sense of humor! – and looking forward to what is to come.

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