Changes at the Champ Box

Hi All

The final countdown is on for S4 of H50! Yay! And S2 of  Chicago Fire. Aaaaand S1 of  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! Triple Yay!!

Just wanted to update you on a few changes here at Champ Box HQ. You may have noticed we’ve changed our name slightly, removing ‘h50’ to simply be ‘the champ box.’ NOT because we are breaking up with show, but we are now planning recaps of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Chicago Fire, as well as the H50 recap.

We couldn’t really come up with a good mash up of all those show names, and didn’t really want to lose our connection with our original love, so thought we’d just simplify it.

Alicia will be doing AOS recaps, Andrea the ChiFire ones, and I’ll be doing a pictorial recap of H50. (So, yeah, I’m the lucky one who gets to look at pics of McG every week!)

Just a word of warning – not everything you see here will always be rainbows and unicorns. If we have issues with any of the eps of shows we recap, we will voice them – and we hope that if you disagree, you’ll let us know. Why? So we can have debate and discussion! 🙂 Who knows – you may even get us to come around to your way of thinking!

All we ask is that any discussion is respectful of other commenters. We’re pretty confident that we REALLY don’t need to ask this – we’ve never had a problem before, and you’re all so amazing that we’re sure you can disagree with someone without resorting to name-calling or insults. Let’s leave that for Twitter (JUST KIDDING!!)

Not long to go…who’s excited??




  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I still say we should have gone with ‘Agents of Hawaii Fire’. But apart from that, what Westy said!

    1. WTF stupid koala phone. That was me!

      1. I did wonder who that was. I didn’t recall having any anonymous discussions about what to call our blog.

        1. Just my phone, hating wordpress as usual *sigh*.

  2. Looking forward to discussing all of the above!!

  3. ‘Agents of Hawaii Fire’ – *snorts*

    I’m excited! *puts hand up*

    And excuse me, Westy, yes, you get to look at pictures of McG every week but I will be doing the same with Severide. So we’re both onto a winner there 🙂 .

  4. Wahoo! I can’t wait for the discussions. Is it pathetic that I feel lonely for some of my favorite friends. (Damned hiatus.)

    I am 100% in for H50 and AOS; I am going to try to catch up with Chicago Fire. We’ll see if I can keep up.

    See you later this week, friends.

    PS–I am officially grinning overmuch.

    1. Mwah! Missed you too!

      Yes, catch up on Chicago Fire if you can, it’s well worth a look :-).

  5. Kudos on your efforts, I’ll try to keep up.

    1. Hopefully WE can keep up as well!

  6. I am pumped! It has been a long summer! Thank you!

    1. It really has, hasn’t it? Glad you’ll be joining us :-).

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