Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.01 – Pilot

*still hyperventilating*

It’s Gunn! hi Gunn! He’s looking at Avengers figurines with his son and is obviously in dire financial straits because even the kid’s picked up on it :-(.


Then a building explodes (I jumped! Did you jump?) and…. woah, should he be able to do that?? So Gunn Spidermans – sort of – up the side of the building and then saves a damsel in distress by jumping out of a four-storey window! While bystanders – including Skye! hiii Skye! – are filming the disaster on their cellphones which is a sad indictment of our modern age, etc.

And here’s Agent Ward sporting a matt black motorcycle helmet that just screams ‘Government!! Shoot me!!’ (not literally, that would be a weird and indeed stupid design feature) and he is One Sneaky Bastard. He breaks into some random red-tie dude’s apartment and opens his wall safe like so:


And then turns around to find a slightly startled woman holding a wooden spoon in the most sarcastic manner possible. I liked her, I was hoping she was going to come back into it at some point, because when the goons turn up and they and Ward start beating the crap out of each other, she doesn’t scream or flap, she just gives a ‘SO done with this shit’ look , and LEAVES!!


Also, buttkicking set to opera = winning!

So… here’s Ward telling Aunt Robin (sorry, I cannot help but think of her this way, because before I ever saw Avengers Assemble, I saw this:


and because I don’t watch HIMYM it made no sense to me for AGES. I just thought her character’s name was Robin. I was v confused) about what SHIELD is about and, hmmm… surely she already knows this? But never mind, because we just had this exchange:

Ward: I don’t think Thor’s technically a god.
Robin: Yeaaaah, you haven’t been near his arms.


And then COULSON LIVES!! walks out of a corner and says “welcome to Level 7” and then “sorry that corner was really dark and I couldn’t help myself” and I love him.


*snort* The Avengers aren’t Level 7 *snort*. Sweetie, Thor and Iron Man are about ten levels JUST BY THEMSELVES!!!!

Sooooo, Ward’s people skills are a poop with knives sticking out!! LOL!! Aunt Robin does not kick butt at Pictionary.

Hmmm. What really happened before the Battle of New York, then? From what this doctor guy and Hill (not Robin!) are saying, the official story (that he was only dead for 8 seconds and then recuperated in Tahiti) isn’t entirely accurate. “Tahiti. He really doesn’t know”…”He can never know”. But I’m not sure… does Coulson know? He keeps saying ‘it’s a magical place’ in a very Significant way. I think he knows more than he’s letting on.


Skye is trying to get Gunn to capitalise on his superheroism. I love the little noise she makes after the second ‘thank you’ :-). Also, Gunn’s name is Mike. Must remember that.

Melinda May!


Coulson wants her to “drive the bus” although I don’t think he means an actual bus. She’s not keen until Coulson tells her that there’s no red tape. Also, he’s not asking. Also, it’s a really nice bus. And he’s not kidding! (except about the ‘bus’ part).


Buses: now with wings.

So, SHIELD are Assembling aboard the f/ck-off massive stealth plane and FitzSimmons OMG! “I’m not Hermione, I can’t create instant paralysis with that” OMG. I love them. Even though I can’t understand half of what they’re on about. But oh dear, Ward must be fun at parties. I want to hear the punchline of Coulson’s joke!


Skye’s ‘you’ll never find us, you’ll never see our faces, nothing will stop us getting to the truth’ speech… awkward.


Aww, Melinda May at the Mike’s-landing crater :-(. Was she at the Battle of New York? She said earlier that she wasn’t going back into the field.


Skye’s being interrogated but barely giving an inch even though Coulson’s wearing his ‘I know everything’ face. She mentions something called ‘centipede’ but Coulson and Ward don’t know what that is. Skye manages to keep her crowing to a minimum (Ha! She totally doesn’t! #love).

Mike’s about to lose his apartment and OK, so this is what ‘centipede’ means and even though it looks itchy, I WANT ONE!!!


*snort* Skye just called Ward ‘the T-1000’! And I would take offence to Ward saying ‘sweaty cosplay girls’ but you know, corsets are hot in more ways than one so he’s got a point, actually.

FitzSimmons’ little flying things are fabulous and they’re named after the dwarves in Snow White!

I can’t talk about this scene with the truth serum because I haven’t stopped laughing yet. “But they were terrible people. I didn’t feel good afterwards!” SEND HELP!!


Oh dear, now Mike is hulking out at the factory. He thinks he’s (literally) the hero of the story (as of course all antagonists should) so that makes the foreman who won’t give him his job back the bad guy. This is a Deep and Interesting point – he’s the hero so can his actions (i.e. beating to a pulp with a blunt instrument) against the bad guy be wrong?

Helloooo, majik table!!


So, Coulson gets what he wanted from Skye, which is Mike’s identity – and she agrees to help them find out what happened at the exploding building (which was a lab, I forgot to mention this before) because they have the video and she has the audio. FitzSimmons talk a lot of gibberish here, and I like that about half of what they say seems to be said telepathically. They are just too adorable for words.

Mike goes to see the woman he saved from the building and it turns out she’s the doctor who made the centipede! And she’s furious with him because apparently this stuff makes people go bonkers and that’s somehow… his fault. Charming. She says it’s a disaster and he says that no, it’s an origin story. Somehow I get the feeling he’s not going to get his own movie franchise, though.

This is the combination of the information they got from the lab, it’s v cool (but a bit confusing in still form).


Simmons has been analysing an alien rock she found at the lab and it’s similar to the serum used to create Captain America! but not similar enough obviously, because it makes people explode (and Captain America may have looked like he was going to pop a seam from time to time but spontaneous combustion was not something he needed to worry about). Marvellous.

Mike – with his son – has now kidnapped Skye and her van which is Very Bad News because FitzSimmons are just telling Coulson that Mike’s going to explode in the very near future. The only options are to get him away from people so he doesn’t take anyone with him, or put a bullet through his brain to stop the chemical reaction (which would presumably be Ward’s favourite option as he appears to be having Fun With Guns in the background).


Coulson tells them they need a third option and they say there’s not enough time and then gets all cross and says “Don’t ever tell me there’s no way. It’s on you. Get it done.” I’m a bit scared of him, but in a good way *shiver*.


When Melinda May calls to tell Coulson that Mike has taken Skye, he asks her if she’s all right and she says ‘we’ll discuss that later. At length‘ and I love her :-).

Skye’s erasing Mike’s identity so he can reinvent himself as a superhero and says she’s done it before, on herself presumably. I wonder why (and I hope we’ll find out). In the process she hacks into SHIELD to let them know she’s at a train station (which Simmons reacts to by asking Fitz ‘why are you making nonsense??’ which is something I ask too, typically on a daily basis).

At the station, SHIELD have cornered Mike, who opens the door of the van by kicking it off its hinges – expedient – and then legs it into the station with his son and Skye in tow. Skye creates a diversion by dragging some completely innocent bystanders into it, which seems mean but then… I guess if the guy explodes they’re not going to come out of it too well, hey? But even so, harsh. In the meantime the doctor – looking scary – has turned up with a hitman who is a TERRIBLE shot and actually does look like a T-1000.


SHIELD have got Mike’s son now and Skye is legging it to the door – Mike catches up with her just as T-1000 tries to shoot him and misses by about two feet (Skynet would have had him in for recycling after that, shocking) so he kicks the door open and… I dunno, they end up on the roof or something. And Skye just called Mike ‘Gunn’, I’m sure of it.

The T-1000 tries again with better results and Mike falls all the way down to the concourse and takes out a handy kiosk – and then, holy crap, Melinda May!! AWESOME butt-kicking!


Skye approves.


Now Coulson’s talking to Mike – Ward wants to take the shot, but Coulson’s trying to convince Mike that what’s happened to him isn’t a good thing and also to buy time in the hope that FitzSimmons will save the day (and with Joss Whedon, that’s never a given). Mike’s bitterness about the way his life has turned out just because of a workplace injury “you took [my son]. You took my wife, my job, my house. You think this is killing me?” is so heart-wrenching. I love this whole conversation, especially because Ward is really listening and changing his mind.


Mike really thought he had the kind of opportunity that he never expected would come his way, the chance to live his life rather than just struggle through it and he doesn’t want to let go of that. But eventually he does, of course. “I could, you know. Be a hero.” *sniff*

And then Ward shoots Mike! NOOOOOOO!!!


But it’s OK! look! what is this and WHERE CAN I GET ONE???


FitzSimmons are trying to out-cute each other:



but that’s hopeless in the face of Coulson and his eye crinkles. STOP IT ALREADY!!


So whatever Ward shot Mike with worked and the day is saved!! Yay!! (and phew! Also I hope Mike will be back sometime). Now we’re at the house where Mike’s son will be staying until Mike’s recovered and look at Skye, look how gorgeous and how not-stick-thin she is *sigh*.


Coulson’s trying to convince her to join them and then…. and then… LOLA!!! WHAT THE HELL!!


This is SO daft but this episode has been so much fun that I’m not even mad!


Screencaps from




    I was mistaken when I thought we were getting it the next day after the US airing, and now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll only be one week behind. BECAUSE BLOODY VIPTV DON’T STREAM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I KNOW!!!!!!

    2. Crumpet_B · · Reply

      I can’t read this yet either Westy! It’s not on here until tomorrow evening -so I probably won’t get chance to watch it until Saturday at the earliest. I think it’s really mean that I can’t read it when it’s all written just ^^^^. Sucks!!!! I feel like having a little hissy fit at not being able to read it yet. Mind you at least I don’t have to wait a whole week like some people I won’t mention! *ducks & runs for cover*

      1. Meanie! Is that because of the spider pics we posted on Twitter?

        I’m watching it tonight! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I checked, Westy, and it starts next Wednesday at 7.30pm on channel 7! Woot woot!

      1. Awesome! I’ll be a week behind just like the old H50 days!

  2. “It’s Gunn! hi Gunn!”- I said the exact thing when he appeared.

    Loved this show! Loved the recap. The whole Thor/god/arms comment made me laugh out lound and wholeheartedly agree with Aunt Robin 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thought of the cast. I enjoyed them all, but I think Coulson and FitzSimmons top my list.

    Thanks for recapping

    1. I adore FitzSimmons and not just because they’re British. I love their dynamic.

      I hope Gunn comes back once he’s all better. 🙂

      You’re welcome! Thank you for commenting!

  3. I just watched it last night, and have been avoiding Twitter like the plague to avoid spoilers, but…well, let’s just say I only just stopped hyperventilating.

    Gunn! I really hope he comes back, or at least cameos every once in awhile. I missed him.

    And Coulson. G-Damn. He’s funny. And handsome. I want more scenes with him and FitzSimmons, because I can only imagine their collective funny.

    I love the potential structure of this show; it actually reminds me a lot of Serenity. Oddballs on a plane, and all that, with tie-ins from comic book life. (I start, again, to hyperventilate with the thought of an Iron Man cameo, for example.)

    I want more character development with Mr. Ward, because, so far, boring. Same with Skye. All the others, they look to be great.

    All that being said, Joss had me with this exchange:
    Ward: I don’t think Thor’s technically a god.
    Robin: Yeaaaah, you haven’t been near his arms.
    Aunt Robin FTW.

    1. I’ve never watched Firefly/Serenity (I’m not quite sure how this happened, tbh), they’re on my watch list with about a hundred other things *sigh*.

      I like Skye but I am finding Ward a little… well, you just know he’s going to be on a journey where he learns some personal skills and to work as part of a team and I’m sure it will be beautifully done, but… kind of seen it all before, you know.

      Although he does remind me a bit of Chakotay, which is not a bad thing.

      I love Coulson, of course (goes without saying) but I think my favourite character after him is Melinda May, so far. She has more potential for development than any of the others, I think. FItzSimmons are wonderful but you don’t get the feeling they’re going to change all that much (unless… no, I’m not even going to say it, but this is Joss Whedon, you know? I wouldn’t put anything past him).

      1. Wow, Chakotay! You are a N.E.R.D. Nice.

        And I agree, Melinda May really does have the most potential development. I look forward to it; Ming-Na has some serious acting chops. It would be great if she could use them.

        Also? Firefly, stat! (I would lend you mine…)

        1. Lol, yeah, this is news? 😀

          I don’t have tiiiiiiiime! *wails* I have three shows on now and two more starting soon. And I need to get caught up on Sleepy Hollow before I get too far behind so that’ll make SIX.

          Oh well. It’ll keep. 🙂

      2. STOP. RIGHT. THERE.
        Before I read any more… YOU HAVE TO WATCH FIREFLY AND SERENITY!
        MUST MUST MUST!!
        Go. Do it now. If I lived anywhere near you I would be over there RIGHT NOW, DVDs in hand.

        1. I would have wine! *sigh*

  4. HURRY UP WEDNESDAY! I’m so jealous of you all!

    1. *comforting pat*

  5. YOU can’t understand half of what Fitz/Simmons were saying????? I though it was just because I was having accent difficulties!!!!

    1. LOL, no, it is the babbliest of technobabble. And they talk very fast. Sounds impressive though!

      1. I liked the pilot. I felt it had a lot of potential. I did feel Ward was somewhat dull, though he did make me laugh when under the truth serum, so that’s promising. Though, if Joss thinks this guy is the next Fillion I think he’s mistaken. But he’s in the Fillion/Boreanaz mold, for certain. Like he was carved from a loaf of white bread with a dull knife.

        Skye has beautiful hair, which was always beautifully lit.

        However, the show could also have just been The Adventures of Phil Coulson & Melinda May and I’d watch the hell out of that. It would be a very serious show though, probably. 😆 I think it’s a fairly strong ensemble. We’ll see I guess!

        1. I can’t tell from your analogy if you are a fan of fillion/boreanaz or not but I like the way you wrote it.

        2. “Like he was carved from a loaf of white bread with a dull knife.”


          It would be a very serious show! They’d spend the entire time trying to out-deadpan each other. It would be awesome.

        3. OMG “carved from a loaf of white bread with a dull knife” FTW!!

        4. There is only one Fillion. 😉
          Captain Mal… *sigh*

  6. What a wild ride. It was so silly but I loved it. The Thor arms line was the best EVER. I can’t wait for the Crumpet to see it because she will DIE when she hears that line. Thor and his arms are a national treasure for sure. Can we claim them for Australia by way of Chris Hemsworth?

    FitzSimmons were adorbs even though I, like you all, couldn’t really understand what they were saying at times. I do agree with Alicia, too, that they may just continue being adorbs FOREVER but I’m not sure I’d mind that. And being a Harry Potter geek, that a Hermione reference was thrown in there was too awesome for words.

    “but that’s hopeless in the face of Coulson and his eye crinkles. STOP IT ALREADY!!” >>> This! I’d watch every week just for the eye crinkles.

    Melinda May – yep, she’s awesome. Ming-Na Wen was brill in ER and she rocked the Agents pilot. Driving the bus!

    I liked Skye especially when she was being interrogated by Coulson. Also, Alicia and I are officially ONE MIND as I thought the exact same thing about Skye’s non-stick-thin-ness. She has actual real legs, not sticks. Yay!!!!

    Ward, yes, the least interesting character. The scene in the Paris apartment was his best one but that was because of the startled women with the spoon. Love!

    Entertainment at its best. Can’t wait for the next ep.

    1. I thought of Crumpet as soon as she said it!!

      The Harry Potter reference was as unexpected as it was beautiful :-).

      Wooden Spoon Lady MADE that entire scene. I loved her ‘oh FFS not again, I only just got things straightened out after the last time’ attitude.

      1. That was EXACTLY what Wooden Spoon Lady’s face said! Brilliant.

        1. I love how she was only on screen for about ten seconds but they managed to give her a personality. In ten seconds!

  7. Thank you, VIP. For FINALLY making this available. I have just finished watching, and will now have to watch again with hubs next week and act all startled and surprised. Because he’s really looking forward to this show, and I would hate for him to know I’ve ALREADY SEEN IT!!!!!

    It was pretty slick. I did like Skye, she’s sassy. Coulson…love. I’ve got more to say, but it’s late and I’m going to bed.

    A+ for me!

    1. Me too! I’ll be watching it next week with my kids when it airs here and the week after when McBriz gets home from an overseas work trip. Oh well, I think I can handle it.

  8. So many Joss lines in this episode, I’m curious to see how many he writes and how many he hands over to the other writers. Although I’m sure that by now, Jed and Mo can channel his writing style.

    I really liked this episode. I’ve heard several “meh” reactions to it, but hey, it’s a first episode with characters that exist in another format, that still need to be introduced to people who have no idea about the Marvel universe. And they don’t want to bore the people who know the characters already. Intros first ep, character development to come. That’s what it’s all about! So I see tons of potential and will definitely keep watching.

    Highlights for me were:
    – Gunn! Nice to see J. August Richards again! In any role.
    – Robin’s comment about Thor’s arms. Yeah, that did me in too.
    – Fitzsimmons crazy banter. I got lost in it! and loved it.
    – great action, big explosions, crazy superhero stuff.
    – the bus!!
    – Ming-Na Wen. She is awesome.

    1. ACA, so much potential. Clark Gregg tweeted that the second ep is UH-MAY-ZING and also that there’s something after the credits. Although he might just have been teasing about that (but I hope not).

  9. I already want to know what “Tahiti” really means.

    So is Robin just in this one ep, or is she going to do both shows until the end of HIMYM? Which does end after this season… so if SHIELD continues, I suppose she has a gig waiting for her!

    1. According to imdb, she’s only in the pilot. Hopefully she’ll be in it more if it carries on though, I like her :-).

      1. Crumpet_B · · Reply

        I just wanted to say I watched the first episode (yay me!) & I really enjoyed it. Loads of cool comedy moments & lots of action. Awesome. Loved the Thor*sigh* part & am glad you all thought of me because this clearly shows that you are all willing to let me have him. Hugsies b*tches!!!

        1. I have dibs on Khan #justsayin

          1. You can have ’em!
            (I’m still searching for a current TV/Movie crush…)

        2. And yay! for watching! Apparently there’s something after the credits in ep 2, so remember that one for Friday :-).

        3. Hugsies back!

  10. heymomo · · Reply

    Episode 2 is about to start. I may or may not have pulled my laundry out of the dryer earlier so that I don’t miss the beginning…

    1. Lol, laundry or Agents of SHIELD? That’s a tough one… 😉

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