#h50 – 4:1 – McGarrett and his Merry Band of Do Whatever the Hell You Want

Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi – We Need Each Other

Most of the pics are by the wonderful bookemdanno.net



Did that seem like the longest.hiatus.ever??

The episode opens with a quick recap of the S3 finale: Kono, Adam and Michael, K and A leaving with Doris on the slow boat to China, Danny and Gabby reuniting, Steve confronting Mom about her visit to Wo Fat, and finally Steve visiting WF in his prison cell.


Cue the new episode – Steve tries to make himself small behind a pillar, hoping the gunmen bursting through the door don’t see him. He succeeds and uses one as a human shield, firing off the intruder’s gun until he’s taken care of all of them. He stops a bomb attached to the bullet-proof but maybe not bomb-proof window of WF’s cell, and I have to say, I have never seen WF look so scared/relieved before. Steve either. Because, you know – he doesn’t want his brother to die! 😉 Mom would be pissed at him!


He ain’t heavy, he’s my broth-errrrrrr

But wait…there’s one survivor from the gunfight. Steve is dragging him through the war torn building, and Danny and Chin arrive.  Steve orders them to get WF to a secure location while he takes the lucky (?) guy in for questioning.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean 960 nautical miles east of some place in China, Kono and Adam are reenacting a scene from the Titanic.  I’m sure I can hear Celine Dion singing faintly in the background.  Kono tells Adam that she wants to start a new life with him, and from now on they will officially be known as Kondam, then Adam starts crying.  Not because he doesn’t like their new name, but because he killed his brother. (Seeeee…THAT’s why Steve didn’t want WF to die!)

Back at Five-0 HQ, or the Palace as we’ll call it from now on, Chin is reliving his farewell to Kono. Steve is questioning the one guy left from the shoot out, and promising medical treatment if he gives his name.  Danny brings Steve a clean shirt (it’s not blue!) and I can’t recap any more of this scene because STEVE IS SHIRTLESS!  It’s been a long time since we were given that treat, and you can just do your own recap for the next minute or so. I will give you some pics though. Because I’m nice like that.


Ok, I’m back.

Danny tells Steve WF is being readied for his move to a maximum security facility in Colorado, and wants to know why Steve was visiting WF.  Steve says “Who wouldn’t want to visit their brother in prison?’

Chin gets a fingerprint hit on the survivor, who it turns out is Ricardo Cosi –  nephew of El Condor, leader of the NLM. The NLM were after WF because he helped Five-0 capture Selgardo (from the finale) and that in turn prevented the terrorist attack they were planning on San Francisco.

At the Palace, security is tight.  As soon as we see the people dressed in workman’s clothes, and the pizza delivery girl, we know they’re up to no good.  The Lady in Red opens fire and everyone hits the deck. Chin hears the gunfire and calls Steve in the Blue Room to tell him they have a ‘situation’ but the phone signal is lost before he can explain further.

The LiR and Tomas enter the Five-0 office, and Chin copies Steve’s earlier trick of making himself tiny.  The two baddies download information from the majik table, then BLOW HER UP!  before they leave.  Chin comes out and wonders what the heck he’s going to do for a job now.

chin and the majik table

HPD and SWAT arrive at the Palace.  We meet Capt Grover for the first time.  Max arrives and wants to know if Five-0 are ok.  Duke tells them all comms are cut, and entrances and exits are wired with explosives.

The LiR and Tomas make their way the to blue room looking for Ricardo, who of course has disappeared, along with Steve and Danny, who by now have realised that this ‘situation’ is a rescue operation by the NLM.

Cath is enjoying a run along the beach when she is intercepted by a military person she calls ‘sir.’ Could this be her CO who is always so accommodating of her time and the resources of the US Navy when she’s doing favours for Steve?  He tells her there is a ‘situation’ at the Palace and that she might want to go there.


Back at the Palace, the terrorists hear someone speaking upstairs and Ernesto – the leader – sends one of his men to investigate.  He enters Five-0’s office, and finds a phone playing a recording.  Chin sneaks up on him and takes him down.  Kamekona arrives at the barricades outside the palace, worried about his haole trapped inside, and has a cute exchange with an almost-cop who won’t allow him to get any closer.

kamoSteve is downstairs (in the basement?) with Ricardo who isn’t looking too good.  Danny comes back from checking the emergency exit, which isn’t an option for escape.  Ricardo loses consciousness, and Steve performs CPR. Danny and Steve have an exchange which just seems stupid to me, because Steve is trying to get Ricardo’s heart going again.  Wouldn’t he need to concentrate just a little?  I love their arguments, but this just seems ridiculous.   Ricardo has returned to the land of the living and Steve asks Danny if he’s going to tell Gabby he loves her, and to be sure, because once said, you can’t take it back.  Which makes me wonder if Steve has told Cath that yet?

They hear footsteps and book it out of there with Ricardo.


Cath, on her way to the Palace, has car trouble and is offered help by a friendly tow truck driver.

car trouble

Grover decides he’s had enough waiting around, takes off his kevlar and pants, and proceeds to the front entrance.  Duke thinks he’s lost his mind.  Clearly, TPTB are hearing the fans calls for pantslessness, but something is getting lost in translation.  Why, oh why couldn’t this have been Steve’s scene???

Grover knocks on the door and when it’s opened, asks Ernesto if he’d like to order Chinese, while scoping out the situation inside.  After his offer of food is declined, (because they’ve already had pizza) he returns to the SWAT van and tells everyone they’re going in.

pantslessnessTomas enters the basement, where he spots Ricardo before he gets shot.  Steve just shot from behind, through Ricardo’s shoulder!


Ernesto demands the release of Ricardo – every delay will result in the shooting of a hostage.  He shoots one in the leg to prove his point. Steve and Danny exit the elevator with Ricardo, and give him up.  Steve tells Chin to come down.

50 surrenderErnesto goes over to Ricardo and shoots him!  The terrorists all down their weapons and surrender.  WTF?  The SWAT team is just getting ready to storm the building when the door opens and the NLM members exit with their hands on their heads.  Steve tells Grover that he thinks this isn’t over yet.

While the terrorists are taken away, Steve, Chin and Danny discuss what went down.  Chin tells Steve about the majik table, and is asked to try and reconstruct the data.  Steve receives a phone call.  El Condor tells Steve he has Cath, and demands the release of his people, or ‘your girlfriend will die.’  Steve yells back ‘She’s NOT my girlfriend, we have a thing, that’s ALL!’

steve cath

Steve and Danny set off to intercept the SWAT van carrying the terrorists, and Danny tries to talk Steve out of it.  Steve says he lost his dad to people like this, he can’t lose Catherine too.  Danny says he has Steve’s back, always.  They cut off the SWAT van, release Ernesto and the NLM members who make their getaway in Danny’s Camaro, and Steve gets another phone call telling him where to find Cath.



The terrorists realize that Chin is tailing them, get picked up by Ernesto and blow up Danny’s car. He seems to take it quite well, only saying that he thought it would be Steve’s driving that would have killed it.

danny camaro

Grover and HPD turn up and Steve explains why he let the NLM go. Grover is still pissed, and there’s a cockfight between him and Steve.  Duke says that a news helicopter stolen that morning could be what the NLM are planning to use for their getaway, and Steve says the only place they could take off from without drawing too much attention would be Aloha Stadium.  HPD set up a roadblock, but El Condor drives right through it, and rolls his vehicle.  Steve, Danny, Chin and Cath arrive and there is gunfire from El Condor’s vehicle.  There’s a shootout, and everyone inside is dead.  Except that the driver is missing.

Steve gives chase and follows El Condor into the stadium, where the chopper is waiting to take him to safety.  Steve shoots him in the leg, but he is still dragged into the chopper by his men.  It takes off, and Steve grabs onto the struts, hauls himself up and in, overpowers and kills everyone, and safely lands the chopper.


steve chopper

steve chopper2

Cath, Steve, Danny and Chin head off for a beer – Cath’s treat.  F*ck the paperwork, too bad about what Grover’s going to do to the team, let’s go off and have a few cold ones.

Later, Steve goes to visit WF again before he’s shipped off to Colorado.  WF tells Steve that Doris’ visit to him in prison was to apologise for killing his father. There’s some crap said back and forth, then Steve slams WF’s head against the bars, obtains a blood sample and leaves.  WF yells ‘Hey, brother – you might not like what you find out!’

Steve gives the sample to Max and tells him to run it against his blood – he wants to find out if WF really is his brother.


It’s Toast!  He’s working on getting the info back from the majik table.  Turns out the NLM obtained the location of Konadam and sold that info to the Yakuza.



So, because I like to watch shows with my brain, and not just my vagina, did I like this ep? Well – I think my vagina got more out of it (due to the shirtlessness) than my brain did, but it was action packed so I give it 8/10. But…I have a couple of questions:

What happened to Fong?

Why is Cath allowed to run around toting a gun – she’s not a member of the team…yet.

Will Steve tell Cath he loves her?

Is Wo Fat really Steve’s brother? I don’t think so.  AtPlenkov is toying with us because quite frankly, I don’t think he can come up with his own ideas, so he uses the fans theories.  Of course, now that that theory is out there, it would be beyond ridiculous for them to be brothers. Do I even care anymore?


  1. Nance1031 · · Reply

    I think my vagina got way more out of this episode than my brain. I give it a 7/10. I was kinda bummed to see Henry Ian Cusack with such a small role. I quite love him.

    Fong? I think he went into mourning when Kono left with Adam the hog-tying jerk.

    Why is Cath allowed to run around with a gun ? The larger question for me is simply… Why is Cath? No hate on the actress just no love for the character. Her presence on the show is inconsequential to me.

    WF and Steve bros? I doubt it. I think it is a lazy red herring thrown in to taunt the fandom.

    I am beginning to wonder if I care about any of this anymore. That makes me uber sad as I used to love Show so much.

    By the way Kondam made me LOL. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Nance, I also think the whole brother thing is done and dusted. It irks me that they are using it, as if they’re too lazy to think of an alternate reason for Steve to question Doris’ actions with regard to WF.

      Too bad Adam’s name isn’t Dominic, then Kondam would have been a whole lot funnier 😉

  2. The shirtlessness is back with a vengence. And applause to the makeup crew who seem to have gotten the orangeosity under control. Have read spoilers about where the Cath character will be going this season, I have to say that I’m glad she’s going to actually have a dayjob (post-Navy) and won’t just be hanging around as an extra body with a gun. I’m assuming at some point that McCath is going to be defined? Are they in a relationship or a relationsh/t? Steve seemed pretty out of his mind to find her and the talk with Danno about telling a girl that you love her had to be there for a reason.

    Based on the fact that I missed Show and that we got to see Toast… I also give it 8/10 vaginas.

    1. I’m so going to have to find emoticons of brains and vaginas now so we can score the ep every week!

  3. lunaterra12 · · Reply

    It was the highlight of this hospital visit. But fuck my whining. I thought this was a fast paced high energy opener. I hope the season continues with this. Awesomeness. Shirtless Steve raised my blood pressure and concerned the staff. It was worth it. I like that chi and alex have such great scenes. I’m looking forward to more. What can I say about WF. I hope the real answer comes out soon.
    Thanks again, Westy, for the well wishes! I am going home tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Glad you’re feeling better, Luna! ❤

  4. Maria Joaoi · · Reply

    Thanks Westy. I really liked this ep, it had all the ingredients to make my day :shirtless Steve, Chin, action (loved the heli sequence) Cath and Toast as a bonus. Too little of Max and Henry Ian Cusak.

    1. Thank you, Maria. Not enough of Fong, either!

  5. I agree that the conversation over the CPR was ridiculous, and if someone goes to the trouble of arming the doors with bombs why on EARTH would you open the door because you heard a Knock? What makes you think the entire swat team wouldn’t just rush right in? Although obvi the swat team is easy to take down, just pull in front of them and they will pull over and open the doors to their armored vehicle! I believe Fong and Max will get time later so I didn’t mind not seeing them more. And I like the show, I just like to pick on a few things for the sake of conversation .i liked Steve’s BAMF. Moves. Also, I think they won’t be brothers because the theory has been out there so long it will be something else, I think the blood test will show no match. Lastly, it would have been super funny if Steve had in fact yelled “she’s not my girlfriend “.

    1. “Lastly, it would have been super funny if Steve had in fact yelled “she’s not my girlfriend “.” >> Love this! I’d have paid to see that for sure!

    2. Hi Eve! Glad I wasn’t the only one who found that convo weird. I thought I might have missed something…

  6. For me, this ep didn’t really engage emotionally. Nothing made me say “wow.” The performances were fine, it’s just atplenkov’s writing…. It’s rarely impressed me. And he stuffed a lot into this story – and story is usually his strongest point. I don’t know. Just not my cup of tea. Next!

    1. Yes, certainly not the greatest ep. You’re so correct when you say there wasn’t much to engage you emotionally. Lots of action, not much else. Except shirtlessness. That made up for a LOT!

      1. ….meh.

        Though I did think it was funny, his black shirt had some unknown quantity of blood on it so he had to change even though as a viewer I had no idea how dirty that shirt was, but at the end, the light colored shirt he was THEN wearing had to have been much, much worse. I wonder if that is how they will work shirtlessness into each ep of season 4, McG all of a sudden becomes a spokesperson for Tide detergent and goes on about how great it is for removing blood, sweat, gunshot residue, dirt, helicopter exhaust, explosion debris, grass stains and the tears of the angels from out of blue shirts without losing any color vibrancy.

        1. All that reading of Woman’s Day has to count for something!

  7. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    Remember earlier in the week with all the pics of Alex showing up? There were several comments on blogs about his black shoes and large feet. My favorite part of the premier was Steve chasing El Condor at the stadium. He had to run down the stairs sort of on an angle — I’m guessing because his feet are too big for the narrow stairs. Cracked me up.

    I enjoyed the episode but imo it didn’t live up to the earlier premiers. Not sure why, maybe because, even though the fandom was begging for them, there were too many sneak peeks. Almost felt like I’d seen a lot of the episode before.
    Thanks for the recap, Westy. and for all the pics. Nice job.

    1. I didn’t see those comments about his big feet, but you know what they say… 😉

    2. Agree! Too many sneak peeks!

      1. I thought as well (meant to say this before) that the promo pics didn’t help. I knew everyone was going to end up being captured so I was just waiting for that to happen, which didn’t do much for the dramatic tension.

        The twist when the terrorists gave themselves up was a surprise though! I liked that very much :-).

  8. Great recap, Westy, and thanks for the shirtless pics. As someone who likes to see good writing, I’m kind of sad that the shirtless bit was one of the highlights for me. And Toast of course. Always love The Toast.

    I wanted to love this episode – desperately – but I didn’t. I sure hope that there are consequences (which I doubt though) for McG and his Merry Band of Do Whatever the Hell you Want because I was kind of appalled at what they did. Again. And that’s some kind of SWAT team. Not.

    ACA with CVC about the door opening thing. That was all kinds of silly. I can handle Claw-like silliness but in this ep, it was all just a bit too much for me. ACA with Steph about the writing in general actually.

    Also, I think I need to rewatch because I was a bit confused about some of the plot details. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but why were the terrorists trying to get to WF in prison? And was that related to the 50 HQ take down and the fact that one of their own ended up in 50 custody? I’m also not sure I understood the whole hostage situation either. It seemed a strange plan to get the information they wanted on Kondam’s location. But whatever.

    1. I think the attack on WF was revenge for his part in the capture of Selgardo and the aborted plan they had to attack San Francisco? I’m not sure if the raid on HQ was planned before the capture of Ricardo, or if was hastily concocted to ‘rescue’ him. Or kill him so he couldn’t divulge any info on the NLM?

      Maybe stealing the info on Kondam’s location was a case of killing two birds with one stone…get rid of Ricardo and make some big bucks or good connections by selling the info to the Yakuza.

      Stop thinking it through so much, Andrea! Use your vagina!<<<<that doesn't sound quite right, does it?

      1. Ah, I see. Blinded by the shirtlessness, that’s my excuse. Mind you, I still think the ‘COTW’ was a bit silly.

        I solemnly swear I shall try to watch with my vagina next week 🙂 .

        1. ‘I solemnly swear I shall try to watch with my vagina next week’

          The visual I’m getting is quite disturbing.

  9. You nailed it.

    1. Thank you so much! ❤

  10. Excellent!!

    I wondered why Cath was carrying a gun, too. She’s not a cop! But she’s done this before, even wearing a vest.

    I really hope they don’t go down the Steve-and-WF-are-brothers road. It’s too much like a soap opera. Just too much.

  11. That was… that was… I don’t have words for what that was.

    My brain thought it made no sense at all but stuck with it until the end. The rest of me stopped watching after McG decided to shoot someone by firing a gun THROUGH THE LIVING FLESH OF ANOTHER PERSON (and spent the remainder of the episode feeling a bit sick).

    *sigh* the sadness of realising that a person is not who you thought they were. I should have stayed a Danno girl, hey?

    It was a great recap though, Westy! “Chin comes out and wonders what the heck he’s going to do for a job now.” LOL! RIP majik table :-(.

    And RIP Camaro. Poor Danny. Still, it had a good run, considering :-).

    I did love Danny’s ‘no, I went to get donuts’, the Lady in Red and the unexpected Toast! Unexpected Toast is always good :-).

    1. *shrug* Danno girls don’t have it so great either, honestly.

      1. *remembers 3.22* no, that’s true *sigh*.

        But then, his ‘you were right, that did work’ after the shoulder thing did at least sound faintly repulsed, as if he’d tried to talk McG out of it. And he did try to talk McG out of releasing the bad guys.

        Probably no-one but you will get this, but when he said ‘I’ve got your back’ I thought, he’s William Marshal to the Young King, isn’t he? “Making him see reason is not always easy, and in the end my loyalty is to him. If he chooses to ride into the fire, I will try to stop him, but if I cannot, then it is my duty to ride in after him.”

        1. Beautiful quote and yep, that about sums it up for me. I loved that Danny questioned McG’s plan to release the bad guys but unfortunately it had little impact 😦 .

          1. It’s from one of my favourite books, ‘The Greatest Knight’ by Elizabeth Chadwick. It’s about William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, who was marshal to four kings of England including Richard the Lionheart and King John. He became regent of England when John died while his son (later Henry III) was still a child. He was an astonishing man.

          2. Yes! That was the best quote. Perfectly sums up the quandry that is Danny: He is ethical and tries to be the voice of reason, but ultimately loyal.

            Wouldn’t it be interesting if they actually dealt with the fallout of Danny actually putting his foot down? That could be plot conflict that doesn’t revolve around murderous half-brothers and kidnapped girls. Hmm…must compose an tweei to @plenkov…

            1. I’d love to see that!

    2. Well, Alicia, since you’ve opened the door, I am going to step through it, so here goes: The firing of the gun through the living flesh of another person, as you so eloquently put it, was a major downer for me. When did McG go from crazy antics like blasting an air horn at someone to this cruel and unnecessary behaviour? We’re a long way from the shark tank antics and I rue their loss. And on top of that, he took down a SWAT team which still has me WTFIng? Surely there was another option? The Old McG would have come up with something clever. *Sighs*.

      OK, so clearly I wasn’t paying enough attention in the season finale and/or had forgotten some of the details, but this episode made very little sense to me. I’m still not sure of the connection, if any, between the WF prison break and what transpired at H50 HQ and I don’t get why the terrorists engaged in what can only be described as a stupid and incredibly risky plan to essentially obtain information about Kondam’s whereabouts. The information download took no time at all so how did they know it contained what they needed? How did they know this information was even there? And why was it? And given that Kondam are supposed to be on a slow boat to China, how did this elaborate plan get put together so quickly? (Sorry, it’s doing my head in that the episode made no sense to me.)

      I know I’ve said this already, but I am holding on to the hope that there will be consequences for what McG did in this episode. But then, we had Governor Denning and Lori in season 2 supposedly there to rein in the Merry Band of Do Whatever the Hell you Want and that didn’t happen. I guess Grover is around this season for the same purpose. Let’s hope he actually achieves it this time.

      I mentioned the door opening thing in my previous comment but I’m still snorting at the so-called bad a$$ terrorists just opening the door like that on Grover. Really? Um, no.

      1. I also don’t get how Kono and Adam could be in China by the end of this episode. It’s five and half thousand miles and that boat was so slow it was practically going backwards! They’ve lost about four days somewhere because it seemed like it all happened within a day and a half from the end of the finale (and Adam said at the start of the ep that they’d be there ‘by the end of the week’ but it seemed to be the next day). And the terrorists got the location of the boat, not the shack, so how did the Yakuza know where the shack was? *scratches head*

        The violence in this episode was a downer for me as well. McG’s lost his finesse and he’s developed a sadistic streak that I find off-putting and not heroic in the slightest. I hope Grover’s going to be the one to rein him in as well, and that he’s not just there to show how maverick and unconventional McG can be, because I honestly don’t know if I’m going to get to the end of the season if it carries on like this.

        1. Good pointy about the boat location not the shack. We can add that to our list of things that didn’t make much sense.

          ACA about the sadistic streak. I just don’t understand why this level of violence is necessary because it seems so gratuitous to me. And not in the least bit heroic.

          1. Also it must have been labelled ‘Kono And Adam’s Super Secret Hideout’ because Toast knew what it meant. That’s a rookie mistake, isn’t it? Like labelling your p0rn folder ‘p0rn’ instead of, I don’t know, ‘recipes’ or something.

        2. Yup, the violence was awful. In addition to the shot through a person violence, the shootout at Aloha Stadium was beyond ridiculous. There are not regularly fifefights like that in American cities. It was awful.

          I also had issue with Adam and Kono’s secret location. They sure seemed awfully settled in to a place at which they had theoretically only just arrived. Ugh, Show!

          1. Despite the location and the abundance of beautiful people, it is still a police procedural and if it wants to move away from being a kind of comic-book like, I feel that it has to do a better job of it (in terms of both the procedural and character development). Otherwise, I reckon I’m going to be all WTF? after every episode and I’m not sure I can keep going like that forever. Sigh.

  12. Great Recap, Westy!

    I have given this a lot of thought. I wasn’t sure what to say for the longest time. I enjoyed this episode just fine. I didn’t love it, I giggled a few times, it was occasionally predictable and I thoroughly enjoyed the twist of the terrorists/bad guys giving themselves up. So, you know, it was fine.

    But I didn’t have anything to say. What Ms. Kicker said is exactly right. It just didn’t grab me emotionally. I think, though, that next week will likely be better. (a) New COTW means a chance to just enjoy the group working together. (b) @plenkov doesn’t write them all and likely won’t write the next one, so we should get relief. (c) I think they will wrap up the brother storyline as soon as they can, so that’s good.

    As a Danno girl, I have to say, he did have the best lines, as ever. (I can’t help but think the Gabby/basement/I love you conversation was an attempt at comic levity, but it backfired. What didn’t backfire was Danno being the third wheel once they “rescued” Catherine.) I really wish they would give him something a bit better to work with, but he is comedically pretty fantastic.

    Shrug. More bromance! More Max! More Fong! And more levity, actually. It’s a show set in goddamned paradise with freaking gorgeous actors. Let’s have fun!

    (Oh, and do something about the women as accessories problem. Why couldn’t Lady in Red have been the ringleader?)

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. I sure hope you are right about the brother storyline being wrapped up soon 🙂 .

      I was a bit surprised at the terrorists giving themselves up but I still thought the episode made very little sense overall.

      Danny did have some great lines in this ep. No matter whether you like the character or not, I think Scott Caan does a great job with what he is given.

      Lady in Red totes should have been the ringleader!!!!

      As for having fun, I liked the show a whole lot more when it was kind of cheesy and McG was doing all kinds of crazy stuff and Danny was waving his arms around in objection. And by crazy stuff I mean dangling suspects off a building not the kind of stuff he does now.

      1. I think I was not clear. I didn’t really enjoy the episode. I just didn’t hate it with the passion of 10,000 suns like I did a few of last seasons’ eps. The point really was that I was not at all grabbed.

        The COTW didn’t make sense? *shrug* The Konadam scenes were odd and out of timeline? *meh* I barely registered that McG shot someone through his shoulder because I wasn’t really paying attention. (Not McG had to yelp for me to look up and check out what had happened.)

        I guess I am just saying that I love Danny, so I watch for him, and am otherwise rather checked out. I think this might be the death knell for me…

        I can’t believe I said it out loud. I don’t want to leave; I’ve had so much fun. *sniff*

        1. I hear ya. I’ll keep watching in the hope that it will improve though.

          And I hated it. I wish I’d been ‘meh’ about it (and so do Westy and Andrea, probably, because they got a real-time impression of what I thought of it by email – um, sorry about that). Hopefully this week’s will be better.

          1. See, I think my emotional checkout is a coping strategy. I think it’s like breaking up with someone. I really used to love Show, but now I am mad and sad, so I am avoiding the feelings. I am going to watch a few more, but, that might be it…It might be time to face the feelings head on. There are better things I can do with my time.

            Except what about you lot?

            1. *sigh* I wish I knew how to do that. But I’m not giving up on it yet! There were a lot of episodes last season that I LOVED – 3.01, 3.06, 3.10, 3.14, 3.18 and 3.21 especially, they were every bit as good as season 1 episodes. Most of the rest I liked and there were a few that I didn’t like at all, but that’s par for the course.

              I (obviously) thought this episode was poo, but still… the issues that I have with the show go way back into last season – the out-of-control violence, the treatment of women, the jumpy-needle character development which skips over the parts it can’t be bothered to flesh out but which I really really wanted to see – but I’m hoping (now that I’ve calmed down a bit) that these will improve over this season (because I have to, otherwise I’d stop watching right now. And to anyone who wants to tell me that I SHOULD stop watching because I don’t think the show is perfect: I really, really wouldn’t if I were you).

              What even was my point? Oh yeah – things can only get better! Oh dear, that’s not a rallying pep talk, is it? I suck at this. Sorry.

              1. I agree, there were some episodes last season that I loved but probably fewer across the season than in the past. I guess there will always be eps that just don’t do it for you but last season there were several that I hated with the passion of 10 000 suns, to use Sage’s expression. The reasons I am disappointed in the show are the same as you have given and I would add to that the absence of the team ohana which I fell in love with right from the beginning. It just doesn’t seem to be the same show to me and I don’t like this new version as much as I did the old.

          2. Your real-time impression was totes entertaining and I was hanging out for it anyway, seeing as I’d watched it several days earlier and couldn’t vent until you’d seen it too!

            1. Oh yeah, that was some quality venting.

        2. “I didn’t really enjoy the episode. I just didn’t hate it with the passion of 10,000 suns like I did a few of last seasons’ eps.” >> LOL! I guess my use of the word ‘enjoyment’ was a bit off base then?

          I’ve read things online about fans who don’t feel the same way as I do about the show wanting people like me to stop watching if I am not longer in love with it. My response to that is to say that I have put a huge investment into this show, as a viewer and a blogger, and I have the utmost respect for the actors and the way they execute their performances (IAD’s crying aside). And of course it is through this show that I found my dear friends! I am loathe to let it go but I’m just so disappointed these days. However, I will soldier on in the hope that it will get better. Well, for now anyway 🙂 .

          1. And also, what Andrea said ^^^.

    2. Danny being the third wheel was gold!

        1. I really enjoyed Danny in this ep. The CPR convo was a little weird but generally, he was terrific.

  13. said it before and I hope I don’t have to say it again but WHY DOES ADAM HAVE TO CRY?? EVERY. DAMN. EPISODE???? (IAD I love you but seriously. Worst crier ever.)

    1. LOL! You are so right. And let’s hope we don’t see a return of the candles.

      1. I bet, since they are in China, that candles are pretty cheap. Maybe he can get some delivered to his hideaway love shack.

  14. Anything’s possible on this show!

    1. Lol, was that in response to Sage’s comment about candles, or just a general observation?

      1. Oops, yes it was in response to Sage’s comment but it applies generally, doesn’t if?

  15. Late to this party but here goes anyway:
    I quite liked this ep for the action, twists, ie. hostage takers giving themselves up. I liked the bromance of Steve and Danny trying to protect each other when on their knees at gunpoint.
    I even laughed out loud when I realised the Steve had shot through that guy’s shoulder. I know that probably makes me a sick b@stard but I found it a bit like comic book violence. I also laughed at Steve and Danny’s talk during the CPR even though it was ridiculous.
    Just hope they temper this type of ep with more serious ones where we get to see Scott do drama, integrity and BAMFness rather than just a comic foil eg. in the ep. where his partner was shot on 9/11.

    1. Hi MJ! Better late than never 😉 I liked the 9/11 ep too. Especially the end, when we realized it WAS 9/11. I thought it was a very powerful, but subtle way they did it.

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