Chicago Fire 2.02: Prove it!

Screen caps by who amazingly makes them available the day after the episode airs in the US! Yay!

Renee’s back!  She totes excited about the baby kicking.  Severide, on the other hand, is not.

ChiFire 2.2.1

Casey is babysitting the Darden boys and he has his hands full. Gaby comes over to help.  Awww.  It looks like Heather may be out on probation soon so Casey doesn’t tell the kids what’s really going on.

ChiFire 2.2.2

Severide has the idea that a guy called John Westminster may be the arsonist.  Benny had put the guy away  – remember he was an arson investigator? – but he’s recently been released from prison.

ChiFire 2.2.3

Poor CA, he’s in strife with Gail for failing to enter the necessary data about House 51 into her new system, The Wizard.  Later on, we see him trying to master The Wizard but he’s a bit lost.

This is his ‘I’m a bit lost’ face:

ChiFire 2.2.6

The team’s having breakfast and Casey fills them in on the latest on the Heather situation, acknowledging Gaby’s help with the boys.  Don’t you just love the look Shay gives Gaby when she finds out she’s been helping Casey out?  Hehe.

ChiFire 2.2.4

There’s a multi vehicle accident on a highway and several people need to be rescued.  Severide calls for the sawzall!  I love it when he calls for the sawzall.  There’s a missing kid from one of the vehicles involved in the accident and Casey has to get up on to the truck to locate him in a concrete pipe.  Casey and kids!  The shot of Casey, Dawson and the little boy walking back towards the fire truck is rather adorable.


ChiFire 2.2.5

The Darden boys are at the House but the older boy, Griffin, isn’t interested in going in despite Casey trying to encourage him to do so.  The younger boy, Ben, is lapping it up though and has a great time .  The House 51 people are so lovely with this kid even though I sense they’ll be in trouble with Gail for using a ladder for non-rescue purposes. (I think this rates alongside detouring the fire truck for ice cream on Gail’s list of no-nos.)

ChiFire 2.2 collage 1

Renee comes to visit Severide at work and she has an adorable mini firefighter outfit to show him.  In a bold move, Severide raises the subject of the baby’s paternity and he gets a slap on the face for his troubles.  So, is that a yes or a no, Renee?

ChiFire 2.2 collage 2

Westminster is in custody and Severide does his usual hothead trick when he accuses the guy of being behind the latest arson attempts. But look at the size of this bloke compared with Severide!

ChiFire 2.2.7

Oh, this in interesting –  equal opportunity shower scenes at the House.  Cool. Otis and Cruz are impatient to use the facilities but Shay and Dawson are taking their time, having a chat about how they need to get out more. Dawson doesn’t want her life to revolve around House 51 anymore.

ChiFire 2.2 collage 3

Severide meets with his Dad to discuss the Westminster thing and he tells Benny he’s convinced of the man’s guilt.  But Benny’s not so sure.  Is it just me, or did Benny sound a bit dodgy during this conversation?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes up later that Benny stitched the guy up.  Remember Voight’s cryptic comment to Severide about his father last season?

ChiFire 2.2.15

Cruz is flirting with Zoya which Herrmann points out to Otis.  Otis is all like “I know, I’d kick him out but he’s our only regular customer.”  LOL!  By the way, I love that Otis is balancing the books at the bar, with glasses on, looking all businesslike.  Wearing a Hawaiian shirt! Adorbs.

ChiFire 2.2 collage 4

Oh, another classic Shay and Dawson Ambo Convo.  Shay thinks the realtor (FYI, we say real estate agent in Oz) she is using to find a new apartment is flirting with her.  Dawson laughs at Shay’s dodgy gaydar and I’m giggling at this scene too.  I guess it’s not that easy though, right?

ChiFire 2.2 collage 5

The paramedics attend to an incident where a woman has fallen down the stairs.  Shay and Dawson are a bit suspicious and then the woman’s brother turns up, accuses the husband of causing the injury and then starts laying in to him.  The women take it all in their stride, as per uge.  They’re so awesome!

ChiFire 2.2.20

Clark is having a furtive phone convo with Gail, we presume, when Mills walks in.  He tells Casey that he thinks something’s up with Clark.  Casey’s response: “Something besides taking your spot on Squad.”  Ouch.  OK, so I’m kind of done with Mills’s petulance, but I felt a wee bit sorry for him here.  Just a wee bit, mind 🙂 .

ChiFire 2.2.21

Herrmann is helping Mouch with his Union president campaign using cue cards.  Awww.  Unfortunately, Mouch’s first visit to a House to campaign for the presidency doesn’t quite go to plan. Mouch knows his stuff, for sure, but has a few delivery issues to work out.

ChiFire 2.2.25

Awkward! Casey asks Gaby to come over on Friday night on this last night with the Darden boys.  But she has a date with the bar patron from last week’s ep.  Actually, I understand that the actor playing this guy, Jesse Lee Soffer, is a cop in the new spin-off series, Chicago PD.  Hmmm.

Anyway, Antonio arrives at Casey’s with some bad news – Heather’s friend, Jen, didn’t make it so Heather is now looking at a DUI manslaughter charge.

ChiFire 2.2.8

Casey visits Heather in prison.  I bet the guards know him well by now, poor Casey. Anyway, Heather has decided to take the plea bargain and cop to the DUI manslaughter charge in return for a reduced sentence of 15 months.  Casey is going to look after the boys as he was named in the Darden will as their guardian.

ChiFire 2.2.23

Later, Casey announces this development at the House and everyone offers to help.  CA: “Whatever you need; they’re our boys too.”  Awww.

ChiFire 2.2.24

Shay is apartment hunting and she susses out the realtor’s relationship status.  Yet another Shay Golden Moment.  She who Shall not be Named treated Shay so shabbily, I sure hope this potential relationship works out.

ChiFire 2.2.26

Severide returns home to find an upset Renee packing to leave.  So it turns out the baby isn’t his after all.  Renee had a one night stand in Spain in an attempt to get over Severide.  Oh dear.  It kind of backfired, Renee, because now all of a sudden you’ve gone from being about to start a family with Severide to being a single parent.  I was never a huge Renee fan but I actually feel a bit sorry for her in this scene.  And poor Severide is so sad *sniff*.  Shay’s on hand later to provide comfort though.  And they’re going to be roomies again!

ChiFire 2.2 collage 6

(PS I figured that the writers would go down this path with the baby arc, especially since we know Sarah Shahi now has a regular role on Person of Interest.  I’m not sure that this wasn’t always the intention, though, as a baby added into the mix –  as introduced last season with the insemination arc and then Renee’s return – might be a bit impractical at this point as it could limit what the writers could do with the characters.  But we shall see what happens to Shay’s desire to have a baby.)

This time the arsonist has targeted Mills and his family diner.  Oh no!  Mills totes defies the Chief, though, and enters the building to retrieve his father’s medals.  Mills, when will you learn to follow orders?

ChiFire 2.2 collage 7

Gail’s back!  I’m probably supposed to dislike this woman but I don’t, partly because Michelle Forbes is awesome and partly because I get the impression she’s just trying to do her job.  The House is in trouble for the Darden kids’ visit and they all look like they’ve just had a visit with the school principal.  Herrmann correctly surmises that there is a snitch in the House.

ChiFire 2.2 collage 8

Then there’s a bit of a conflab about the arson thing and Severide offers up his view that the perpetrator is a firefighter.  Hmmm.  Also, check out the arm-folding in this scene – it’s epic!

ChiFire 2.2.34

Casey tells the Darden kids they have to stay a while with him and he fesses up as to the reason why.

ChiFire 2.2.35

Gaby’s having a nice time on her date.  But then – what? – the guy gains access to the bar’s cash register while she’s in another room!  He doesn’t take anything, I think, so I am not sure what’s going on here.

ChiFire 2.2 collage 9

In the final scene, Severide pays Hadley a visit.  Remember him?  He was doing just fine on Rescue Squad until Mills became Severide’s Pet Candidate towards the end of last season.  Hadley started playing jokes on Mills but took it too far when he put dog food in Mills’s breakfast and called him ‘Mutt’.  Severide accuses him of being the arsonist.  “Prove it”, says Hadley.  Interesting.  I mean, Hadley seems like a good candidate for the arsonist as he has a beef with both Severide AND Mills.  Often story arcs are wrapped up in just a few episodes on this show so Hadley may indeed be the arsonist.  If so, I actually think it’s nicely done, as it ties a new story back to an old one (like the writers did with the Tara Little thing last season).  But we shall see.

ChiFire 2.2 collage 10


  1. Great recap, Andrea! I liked this ep :-).

    Poor Severide! 😦 his little face! :-(. Although I was surprised how much I felt sorry for Renee – I never warmed to her and I didn’t think that her lying about the baby would help with that but weirdly, it did. Like you say, she thought everything was all sorted out and now it’s all changed right at the last minute and she has to do it alone. Still, she has pots of money so she’ll manage all right, I expect. Onwards and upwards…

    The Chief trying to work out Gail’s computer system was priceless! That’s the perfect cap for his ‘I’m a bit lost’ face! And I do like Gail because I too get the impression that she acts the way she does because she needs to assert her authority (insert feminist rant here, it’s late and I can’t be arsed. You know what I would have said anyway, I’m sure). I think CA kind of likes her as well. Or respects her at least. That might change once he finds out about the spy, admittedly.

    Shay and Dawson were great in this ep, Shay saying “I think she’s hitting on me but I can’t tell…” was so funny, especially if you follow Lauren German on twitter because she is ALWAYS telling people they’re hitting on her, or she’s hitting on them, it’s such a ‘her’ thing to say, I loved it :-). And the shower scene was gold.

    Heather… ooh boy. I was glad they handled this storyline the way they did, when she said ‘I pled guilty to DUI and manslaughter’ I thought ‘well, yeah, you ARE guilty of DUI and manslaughter’. Respect to her for not trying to use her kids to get herself off the hook and at the same time thinking of them ahead of herself, something that Casey’s mother didn’t always entirely manage, I thought… she saw herself as the victim but there were extenuating circumstances here as well, the difference is that Heather didn’t try to use them to dodge the blame for what she’d done.

    (‘Pled’ is not a word we use over here and it looks weird to me. We say ‘pleaded’).

    I have no idea what the new guy of Dawson’s is all about. I didn’t like him last week and I like him even less now.

    I loved Casey’s putdown of Mills! but then on the other hand, Mills is completely right.

    LOL, that pic in the corridor! There’s so much testosterone in the air you’d need a sawzall to cut through it! (and in a related comment, I did NOT need to see that guy’s bones sticking out of his leg. No! Show. Bad Show! #ew #ew #ewwwwwwww).

    Casey with kids is just *sigh* and when he said to the others that he was going to need help *SIGH*. Mind you, when Severide picked the kid up and swung him around I thought, nope. Nope, they need to not do this too often. My ovaries can’t take it. It’s bad enough with the old people, he doesn’t get to be adorable with the kids as well, it’s NOT PLAYING FAIR.

    I can’t make up my mind whether I think Hadley’s the guy or not. He almost seemed to admit it but then he wasn’t acting particularly guilty. I’d forgotten about Voight saying that about Benny, that’s an interesting idea. Hmmm….

    1. I liked this ep too!

      HHF, he does the sad face so well *sniff*. I’m the same as you re Renee and I was surprised that I felt something for her in this episode. Surely she knew the baby wasn’t HHF’s; I mean even I’m not THAT bad at Maths. But she only had two months to go, right, so she was really leaving to the end to tell him. Hoping he wouldn’t do that Math himself and question whether the baby was his? Never mind, it’s done and dusted now. Next!

      The CA cap – with his glasses on! – staring at the computer was GOLD. Pure and simple. It’s weird re Gail because I should NOT like her but she’s doing a tough job in a male-dominated arena. I wouldn’t have the nerve for it.

      I follow LG on Twitter too and the more I get to see Shay in action, the more I think she resembles LG herself in some ways. They’re both a bit quirky and I like that.

      I’d watch a whole show of just Shay and Dawson doing paramedic stuff and just being, well, Shay and Dawson. Truth. I nearly fell off my chair when the shower scene came on my screen. Priceless.

      That’s a really good point about Heather, that she copped to the charge and made a strategic decision that was the best for her kids. She never once tried to make an excuse for what she did. Props to you, Heather. And yes, Nancy Casey never did this, did she? (We say ‘pleaded’ too of course. And real estate agent, not realtor.)

      The police officer thing with Dawson is a bit odd and I’m waiting to see how it plays out. I don’t know the actor at all but I’ve been pinning stuff from the spin off so I realized who it was. I am pretty sure – unless I have missed something – that he hasn’t even been named. I looked him up on imdb and he’s just credited as ‘bar patron’ so far. Something to do with Voight, as Nance suggested?

      Ouch, Casey, that bites, your comment about Clark. But I had to smile as Mills is such a big baby but this time, he’s got a point 🙂 .

      LOL!!! Needing a sawzall to cut through the testosterone! So true. And yes, sometimes the incidents are rather graphic, aren’t they? But I still do a little squee when HHF calls for the sawzall.

      Casey and kids – so adorable. That pic of him walking back to the scene with Dawson and the little boy the found in the pipe just about did me in. And HHF with Ben Darden, picking him up like that. Double sigh. Kids and old people too? And his friendship with Shay? Just too much to bear really.

      1. Poor Mills, he’s like the boy who cried wolf, isn’t he? He’s been such a incredible sulk about not getting onto Squad that no-one believes him!

        1. He’s been a sulk about a lot of things so I’m not surprised no one believes him. But unfortunately, this time he is right!

  2. nance1031 · · Reply

    Great episode. I think the Shay and Dawson moments are quickly becoming my favourites.

    WTH is up with that guy in the bar with Gabby? I can’t figure that out at all. Does he think she is dirty because of her connection to Voight??

    Seriously, Casey and kids is just doing me in. I already loved the guy and now he is reaching levels of perfection!! That shot of him and Gabby walking away with the little guy from the accident scene melted me!!

    Poor Severide- he never did get a chance to say that he might be ok raising another man’s child. Renee just walked away. Sad.

    Hadley being the Big Bad Arsonist makes sense, but I have a feeling it is someone else. Not sure who though. Benny was pretty dodgy and he also has a grudge against Mills and all of 51 it seems.

    BTW- we say real estate agent where I am from as well. Thanks for the great recap!

    1. Hi Nance! Yep, Shay and Dawson are awesome 🙂 .

      Good point about the possible Voight connection. I dunno. It was weird to just open the cash register like that and then close it again. The bar’s struggling so what did he expect to find in there? And if he’s a cop, doesn’t he know Antonio?

      Casey + Dawson + kids = melting. Yep!

      Hey, that’s true, HHF never had the chance to talk to Renee about the possibility of raising a baby that isn’t his. She just bolted. Sometimes I wish this show would explore things a bit more deeply. They try to pack so much in and some story arcs are bit underdeveloped. I wonder where this leaves Shay now, with her desire to have a child of her own?

      When I first saw Hadley, I thought the same thing. As I said in the recap, it makes sense as he has a beef with Severide and Mills but it does seem a bit neat. So you thought Benny seemed a bit dodgy too, in that convo with his son? We don’t know anything about the other firefighter – whose name I can’t remember – who has joined 51 so it may be him. Dunno.

      Are you outside the US then, if you say real estate agent not realtor?

      1. Nance1031 · · Reply

        Hi Andrea,

        I am in Canada so we say things slightly differently and we spell things in the traditional Brit style as well 🙂

        I was wondering if the new guy was the arsonist too. Seemed too convenient?

        I can’t figure the bar guy out. Dawson should just hang with Casey…what more could a gal want?

        1. You’re in Canada! Awesome 🙂 .

          I’m ok, I think, with it being Hadley because he definitely has a reason to be mad at House 51 for getting the boot last season. But the other new guy is flying under the radar a bit so I started to wonder if it might be him.

          LOL, what is Dawson thinking? I like the idea of her being with Casey but I reckon the writers are going to string us along for quite a bit yet.

          1. Nance1031 · · Reply

            It is funny because I am not usually a fan of characters hooking up but I just love Dawson and Casey separately and together that I am hoping for a ‘ship.

            Hadley totally makes sense to me too. I am just thinking in the Dick Wolf Universe the most sensible choice is not always the one they go with.

            Canada is awesome 😉 LOL

            1. I’m not a huge shipper either usually although I wished Elise had stuck around as she and HHF were adorbs together! As for Casey and Dawson, I just like that they care about each other really. If they get together, that will be nice but I’m not bothered either way. I just hope Casey finds some happiness soon as he’s had a bit of a rough trot so far.

              That’s true about Dick Wolf and I like they we’re thinking and wondering about it – who knows, it may be someone we have no idea about at this point.

              Canada IS awesome. It’s on my bucket list!

              1. Nance1031 · · Reply

                I did love Severide and Elise too. Great chemistry.

                It occurs to me that I may be way over thinking all of the plot stuff, but it fun!

                Most parts of Canada are truly beautiful. I grew up on the East Coast on the Atlantic Ocean. It is breathtaking. Now I live in the flat, dry, middle part. It has nice stuff too but not the wildness I prefer.

                You should come to Canada!!!

                1. Noooo, you are definitely not over thinking the plot stuff. That’s what we do at The Champ Box – we talk about the writing AND the pretty. It’s fun, I agree 🙂 .

                  Canada is at the top of my wish list. I’ve been to the US five times but have never made it to Canada. One day! For now, I just look at pictures of the beautiful scenery on Pinterest.

                  And I’m in Brisbane, hence the Briz in my name. There were other Andreas around when I first found Westy and Alicia and their corner of the H50 fandom so I added the Briz to differentiate. I live in a constantly warm part of the world which is why the weather on ChiFire fascinates me no end. Snow!

                  1. Nance1031 · · Reply

                    Ah Briz- totally makes sense. God help me I am not that bright sometimes:)

                    Snow loses it’s appeal after 4-5 straight months LOL.

                    But on behalf of the Canadians we’d love to have you visit. Australia is on my bucket list too!

                    1. Wait…if Andrea is going to Canada, I’m tagging along too! Coming into summer down here, and I hate the heat. Four to five months of snow sounds like heaven 😉

                    2. Definitely tag along! And yes, four to five months of snow does sound nice. We just have variations on heat and we’re about to be hit with the full force of it very soon.

    2. We say ‘estate agent’ in the UK.

      I did think at one point that Severide was going to say he wanted to be with her anyway, but I don’t think he really does, does he? They were trying to make it work for the sake of the baby but I never got the feeling there was a really deep connection between them.

      1. ACA. I think he was totally thrown when she turned up. He said something about ‘keeping in touch’ after she left but it doesn’t seem like that really happened. I thought he was kind of relieved to find out the baby wasn’t his because I got the feeling he was with her because of the baby and that reason only. He was still sad because he’d be quite happy to be a Dad and I suppose sad for Renee who has to raise the baby on her own now. She knew him well enough, I guess, to figure out that if she turned up pregnant, he wouldn’t give her the heave-ho. It was a bit of an awful thing to do to someone, turn up like that out of the blue with two months to go. What would have happened if he was seeing someone else?

        1. Good point!

          I think we’ve said before that he’s someone who is really looking for commitment but doesn’t trust his judgement after what happened with the first Renee, so to have a fait accompli probably suited him. But now he’s back where he started – he’s in a similar position to Renee actually, he thought everything was sorted out and now he’s found that it isn’t.

          1. ACA. Despite all the shagging in the uniform cupboard, he seems to be looking for a committed relationship and someone he can trust after what happened with Renee number 1. He has such a good friendship with Shay too and he probably wants to replicate this with a girlfriend, so he experiences the same level of support that Shay gives him. That was why I didn’t like Renee number 2 – she didn’t seem to ‘get him’ nor the severity of the injury situation and she treated him like a handsome accessory. OK, yes, he IS handsome but there is more to him than that.

  3. Nance1031 · · Reply

    Oops! I meant to ask. Where do you call home?

  4. Nance1031 · · Reply

    The more the merrier!!

  5. Are all the cops on the spin-off show going to be slightly/mostly crooked? I mean what was up with the peek into the till? That was just so odd. Is he going to try and rob the place? Will Voight catch him? Not sure what to make of that.

    I liked everything Shay & Dawson in this ep, and for once I wish we had some follow up on their rescues – did the woman at the bottom of the stairs really fall? What was the significance of the blood Gabi saw on the bottom step? Etc.

    And I liked all the rescue scenes, and the Mouch scene at the other house, but otherwise, kind of an average ep for me..

    1. IKR, the cop thing was very weird. I don’t know what to make of it either. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

      Alicia and I have had a discussion before about the lack of follow up to the rescues. But I suppose paramedics don’t usually find out what happens to the people they assist IRL. I’d like to see more of it though – as you say, this one had potential to be interesting.

      I really liked the episode but I wouldn’t put it up there with my favourites for sure. It will be interesting to see how the Darden situation is handled – unless Heather is out early or there is some other development, Casey’s carer duties will cover the entire season.

      1. I would say Casey’s responsibilities will last all year, unless for some reason Heather gets early release. They were pretty good about having the “one year” anniversary of Darden’s death be a year from the time it was aired, so that’s my guess. More predictions- about that time Casey and Dawson will finally be heating up, Heather will be released and the boys will be attached to Casey, and will guilt Casey into spending time with them & Heather, pushing Dawson out.

        1. That’s true, they have been realistic with the timeframe a year on from Darden’s death. You might be right about Casey and Dawson – I reckon the UST will be strung out no matter what. It doesn’t really bother me as there’s so much going on with the show that I can handle the ‘will they or won’t they?’ thing especially when the support they give each other is also focused on and there’s more to their characters than just a potential relationship.

          Casey taking care of the Darden boys may also put an end to the Shay baby thing as two boys (and Herrmann’s family) may be enough in the children character department for the show to handle.

          1. You are so right about the will they/won’t they aspect of Casey & Dawson. At least it’s not all misunderstandings and “ships passing in the night” I mean, Dawson intentionally set Casey aside for the time being so he could get over Hallie. That was her name, right? I keep wanting to call her Teri!

            And yeah, Shay’s baby thing. I think her wanting Severide, a friend, to be the donor was preferable to an anonymous donor (for her) but no matter how much they were in it together, at some point, he was going to be in another serious relationship, or want another child, and where would that leave Shay? So maybe she’s rethinking the “baby with Kelly” plan in it’s entirety.

            1. ACA. There are reasons why Casey and Dawson haven’t yet gotten together and they do make sense so I’m OK with it. If they do get together down the track, you know it will be based on friendship and mutual respect and I definitely like that! And the bad timing/zig zagging thing does happen IRL. Dawson was up for it earlier in S1 but Casey had only just split from Hallie (yes, that was her name 🙂 ).

              ACA about the donor thing too. He’s a known quantity to her and he’s her friend (she deals with the good and the bad with him very well) which is also preferable to an anonymous donor. I thought the same thing about another relationship down the track – if they do have a baby together, how’s it going to be for her if he’s involved with someone or he wants a child with someone else? Perhaps if something works out with the realtor (hard for me to type – I want to say real estate agent!) she may put her plans on hold and just enjoy a new relationship and that’s how the baby thing will be put to rest for now. So perhaps Renee coming back did serve a purpose – to make her see how she’d feel if he was having a baby with someone else.

        2. I concur with your prediction! I think anytime it looks like Casey and Dawson are about to hit their window, something will come along and slam it shut on their fingers.

      2. They established that they don’t find out what happens to the people they help in the pilot, I remember – with the little girl who’d been in the car accident, the one that Dawson got into trouble for. I think it was Shay who tried to talk Dawson out of finding out if she was OK. I can see the logic in it, they see so many people that to know all the stories would just break their hearts eventually.

        I did want to find out what happened to that woman though. I wonder whether the spin-off will have storylines that are tied in to this show (unless that would be too complicated). I did also notice that the brother did not seem to appreciate the irony of yelling ‘he tried to kill her!’ while he was trying to force the guy’s nose into his brain.

        1. (I checked back to the pilot episode to see if we’d said anywhere about this – we didn’t, but I did find in my notes: ‘Peter Mills is adorable’, good God.)

          1. I remember our discussion and I agree, it’s not what we expect to happen but sometimes it would be nice. I suppose Shay and Dawson have been involved post-call out though, with the little girls Dawson went out on a limb for – the one with the heart problem and the one who was a victim of Munchhausen’s.

            Peter Mills is adorable? We said that? Sheesh. Well, he may have been but he sure isn’t now.

            1. I know! I think it was when he was giving the talk to the kids when he’d just arrived. Oh, now I’m thinking about episode 19 again *sniff*.

              1. Oh, I remember. Not episode 19! That was beyond sad.

                I don’t think the Parentals Drama helped endear me to Mills. I am not really sure what that’s all about STILL but he behaved like a petulant teenager during all that and then giving Gaby the flick because she was unsure of what to do with the information she had seemed a bit harsh. Mind you, his realization that she has feelings for Casey didn’t help matters in that relationship.

                1. He got a bit of a raw deal with storylines last season, didn’t he? The parents’ stuff (which I didn’t get either) and then the Squad thing, and his girlfriend being in love with someone else. He’s doing much better so far this season, I’m liking him a lot more again.

  6. I feel as though there is always something that has to go wrong with Severide. First it was his arm, then the baby, and now the arsonist is after him. I always feel so bad for him.

    1. Don’t you just want to give him a hug? (OK, and the rest but even a hug would be nice.)

      1. Every single minute of the show, I just want to run up to him and give him a huge hug.

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