Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.02 – 0-8-4

Just so you know, this was nearly just every screencap of Melinda May from this entire episode. But I thought you might like some words and also some pictures of Camilla. It is still mostly screencaps of Melinda May though, punctuated by sighing.



^^^ Like so.

Ward and Melinda May are being all ‘hmm, is this is a good idea?’ at Coulson for including Skye because she’s a. not combat trained and b. totally a criminal hacker, but he’s not having any of it – although he says ‘your frown will be on record’ which is a phrase I will be employing in everyday life, starting from now.

FitzSimmons are welcoming Skye in the most British manner possible. Bless. Simmons has regressed a few years and is acting like a schoolgirl with a crush on the head girl. I can empathise! (Just so you know, Jemma, I look at you like this too).


Coulson strikes me as the sort of person who really, really wants to compare scar stories, because he knows he will always win. You can just imagine it:

You (casually, like it’s no big deal): oh yeah, car crash, had to crawl out of the burning wreckage with part of the engine sticking out of my leg.

Coulson (deadpan): I got this just before the Battle of New York. An Asgardian stabbed me through the heart with a Chitauri sceptre.

You: Oh… um…

Coulson: And then Fury gave me this plane.

You: *slinks away in defeat*

Tahiti’s a magical place again. HE KNOWS SOMETHING!!

The last 0-8-4 was a hammer! #love (I want to watch Thor again now).

Melinda May at the bus controls *sigh* be still my fangirl heart!


I should probably explain that my father is a retired pilot and for almost all the flights I took in my childhood (which, when your father is a pilot, is a LOT), he was at the controls. And this was pre-9/11 so I’d be sitting in the cockpit for take-off and landing and I could actually see him at the controls. I would just trail around after him in a fog of pride and awe because to me he seemed like the most impressive man in the world (still does, actually). And now that I’m grown-up and wanting female role models to look up to… well, you put a badass woman in the captain’s seat on a plane and I am there, you know? *sigh*

Sweet landing too.

So! moving on. We’re in Peru to find the 0-8-4 which is something which we don’t know what it is (what?). FitzSimmons are talking gibberish again, cutely. Skye’s having a ‘why on earth did I agree to this?’ moment because Coulson just told her they might want her to help with the plausible denial if things go arse-upwards. Which is a fair point.

They find the artefact and it’s… a lump of metal with lights on. Really, it could be anything. Looks quite steampunk-y actually. Dammit, now I want one.


Simmons thinks it could be alien! Fitz thinks it could be German. No sense of wonder, that boy.

Ooh, Melinda May again… Ward asks her where her sidearm is and she says “if I want a gun I’ll take one” and then Ward says “forgot I was working with the cavalry” and oooh! What does this mean? Melinda May doesn’t want him to ever call her that and by the look on her face, she’s not kidding.


What went down in Bahrain, then? I’m not getting up my hopes of ever finding out though, after Budapest *stamps foot*. Hilariously, Ward has been casually wandering across the clearing while this conversation has been going on because there’s a man in uniform hiding behind some foliage! (this never happens to me *pouts*) and Melinda May wants not one but TWO guns and I can’t, I just can’t even…



Then a lot more people in uniform turn up and Ward says “should have taken more guns” but c’mon, she’s only got two hands. It’s OK though, because Coulson knows their leader and they… quite obviously had a thing. Or nearly had a thing. Or at least wanted to have a thing.


Coulson, amazingly, doesn’t show off about the Asgardian stabbing incident. Maybe later.

But seriously, look at this woman!



Coulson, I will fight you for her. Not least because she has the best chocolate in the world. #bonus

But then the rebels turn up! Oh, Ward, you’re such a meathead. “What is the matter with you?” Yes, I thought that sounded familiar.

Coulson and Camilla are all kinds of awesome in their Mr and Mrs Smith-ing.



Oh WOW. WOW WOW!! I love this thing that Ward just stuck into the ground. It would be SO useful on the school run (I’m KIDDING!!!).

“After you…”


“After you.


Heh heh.

They make it back to the plane – after some bickering, and also some ‘wow, these people are really not combat trained’ exposition – to find that the 0-8-4 = Very Bad (not -12). And here was me thinking it was just mood lighting ;-).

Coulson goes to the cockpit and apologises to Melinda May for dragging her into combat after promising not to.  She’s not having any of it though. Oh Melinda May, I love you so much *sigh*. That was thirty seconds of stone cold fury so perfectly expressed *sigh*.


Under ‘having a face on’ in the dictionary is this picture. I am longing to know more about her, and also to give her a big hug.

Oh dear, this was inevitable, wasn’t it?


I love Coulson just refusing to referee. And aww, Skye’s “I’m good at stuff too!”.


This isn’t that face though, I just included this screencap because how gorgeous is she??

Ooh, FitzSimmons disagreeing! And then talking gibberish.


They might be disagreeing about the gibberish. I can’t actually tell.

“Hackers have lingo too, I’m sure I’ll pick yours up.” Yeah, you tell him, Skye. The knowledge he has is not the only knowledge in the world. I like this conversation though. At least they’re trying to see each other’s point of view.

But! It turns out Camilla’s the bad guy! I really didn’t want Camilla to be the bad guy. But she is. I can get on board with that, I like a good female villain. The guy that just gassed Melinda May, though? I hope he’s the one who went out of the hole in the fuselage at the start of the ep *evil death stare*.

And then this scene in the hold… I just can’t even. I love this scene. I love Melinda May being a famous badass. I love Ward talking Fitz down from the ledge with Skye’s advice.

(I couldn’t decide which of these screencaps to use, so I used all of them. You’re welcome). And then Melinda May dislocating her wrist to get out of the restraints (didn’t love that bit so much, tbh *shudder*) and then taking out the guard and saying “what’s next?”, all casual…


…while the others stare at her like this:


Which is also how I am staring at her, FYI.

While this was all happening, Camilla told Coulson that her government commissioned the 0-8-4 – and Fitz was right about it being German, bless him – but it was lost in the jungle years ago.


Now they can use it to end the rebellion and stabilise the country. Coulson says they should all be working together because hello? aliens, but she’s not super-interested. Hardly surprising really, given pretty much ALL of history. She’s not really the bad guy, from her perspective she’s the good guy. Phew.


(These were totally pertinent screencaps).

Lol, Coulson’s having an afterlife crisis! #love. And he seems to be looking foward to seeing what his team come up with. “They don’t need me. They just need time.” Awww, Coulson, of course they need you. And even if they don’t, we do.

Heh heh, and then back in the hold with Ward giving the others a pep talk… until Melinda May loses patience and revs the engine of the SUV and says “You talk a lot”.


I love her. Have I mentioned this already?

Oh, that’s one way to get into the lab, I guess. Ah, Camilla, IS that exactly what they want, or do they want you to THINK that’s exactly what they want? Hmmmm…

Now we’re back where we came in. OK, so the 0-8-4 is what made the hole in the side of the plane ummm, was that wise? Fitz doesn’t think so. But Melinda May’s kicking the crap out of the guy who’s sitting at her controls so who cares? Not me!



And Coulson saved Camilla, I’m glad about that. Because she is BADASS and GORGEOUS.

Skye blocks the hole in the fuselage with an inflatable raft – yes, I am sure this would work in real life – and the day is saved! Someone tell Fitz, he’s still hanging onto the furniture…


And then Skye talking to Coulson about the 0-8-4 and Camilla… “you guys totally did it, back in the day, right?” oh Skye, you are my heart.


And Ward is going to be her supervising officer… just as soon as he checks that that was what Melinda May meant…


I don’t know if I’m on board the Skye/Ward ship, though. I get the feeling I’m supposed to be but I’m not sure I am.

The team relax with a beer after a long day’s work – like you do – and watch the launch of a rocket carrying the weapon powered by evil that they retrieved for the good of all mankind – which I wish I did, but don’t – and Skye gets a text from The Rising Tide telling her that they’re about to ‘go dark’ and she replies that she’s in. I don’t think I know what ‘going dark’ means. Sounds to me like they’re shutting everything down and going on holiday to Tahiti (it’s a magical place) but I think it can’t be because Skye’s face suggests that she is a Betraying Betrayer Who Betrays. So it must mean something else.


But I still love you Skye!


The end!!

Except not! Because Nick Fury! Being furious! Telling Coulson he has to repair the plane exactly how it was and he’s not allowed to let FitzSimmons upgrade it with all kinds of high-tech gibberish things like, um, fishtanks.


And Coulson not being cowed in the slightest but just giving him the ‘I know you’re lying to me about Tahiti’ face.


And then Fury leaves, and Coulson says into his earpiece “Yeah we’re going to have to kill the fishtank”, by which we can tell that there is so totally going to be a fishtank someday.

Best. Ending. Ever. (in two episodes. But still).

The real end!!

Screencaps from, with thanks.



  1. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Against my instincts I have to start watching this show – your recap looks great! Fun facts on Ming she was in a soap years ago when she was a teen and has been in many different shows – she is good! and has barely aged! and that screen cap of ‘the faace’ is so funny – yet scary. (my instinct is to watch less tv and not more that is the only reason) #badassery

    1. nance1031 · · Reply

      And she looks wicked cool in Aviator sunglasses!!!

      1. She does!

        And she voiced Mulan too :-).

        I try not to watch TV but they keep making shows I want to watch, dammit!

      2. Yes she does!

  2. Great recap! Coulson so knows something about Tahiti, even NotMcG said the same thing when we were watching. I really, really like Skye. Loved the bit about the fish tank, and Skye’s ‘I’m good at stuff too’ remark.

    1. I like Skye a lot :-). I like her idealism and how she was slightly out of her depth in this episode (despite understanding the situation in Peru better than any of the others) because her skills weren’t really needed on this particular mission. Better than having her come in and be a genius from the off, even though she obviously is.

    2. I have been thinking about what he knows about Tahiti. He is really not that subtle, though I can’t figure out if he already knows what Tahiti is or just that he knows something is amiss.

      1. I think he knows it’s something, but not what it is. If he knew what it was, he wouldn’t be surprised he’s rusty.

  3. I liked this episode SO MUCH. I want to hit the Like Button 1000 times!

    1. Me toooo!

  4. The only part of the episode that slumped for me was Skye/Ward’s convo over drinks as Ward was watching the bad guys NOT drink. I am not sure they have a lot of chemistry together. Perhaps this was just because the counterpoint was Camilla/Coulson where the sexual tension was off the charts.

    Makes me wonder if Coulson’s cello player knows he’s alive. Probably not. 😦

    1. I’ve read a theory about the cellist, but it’s a bit spoiler-y. Anyone NOT want to hear it?

      I don’t see a lot of chemistry between Skye and Ward either. Although ACA, that might just be because it was drowned out by Coulson and Camilla. *fans self*

      1. Is the cellist the person Fury mentions at the end? I wasn’t quite sure what he said as he walked out. It was like, “How’s Lana?” And Coulson says something like, “Fine, thanks for asking, sir.”

        What am I missing?

        1. I think he said ‘how’s Lola?’, didn’t he?

          1. Right! Lola. So, who’s Lola?

            1. The car! 🙂

              1. Oh.

                I was hoping for more backstory clues. Well, OK, then.

      2. Now, “Phil Coulson: sexy leading man” was not what I expected – ever! But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t totally work!

        No spoilers for me!!! I’m happy enough knowing there IS a spoiler!! 😀

        1. Well, it’s just a fan theory, but if it’s true it’ll be awesome! 🙂

  5. Oh and also, it just so happens, that for reasons*, I watched Thor the other day, so that was really good timing for me. They made Jane Foster a giggling dope when she didn’t have to be, but that scene with Hiddles’ Loki and Anthony Hopkins as Odin is so under rated. Two GREATS doing their thing. Shakespearean level chops.

    Hiddles is that other face I was thinking of, like Bippydot Candlesnoot, an English face that makes no sense but that I love, love, love….

    *reasons = Jayne’s Pinterest boards, it’s allllllllll her fault

    1. Phwoar, it’s Thor! It’s all the Crumpet’s fault, as per uge. I can’t get on board the Bippydot Candlesnoot train but Hiddles? Sigh. And when we found the pics on Pinterest of him at an Avengers press conference with all the actors sitting at a table drinking water or whatever and he HAD A CUP OF TEA IN FRONT OF HIM, I loved him even more. (ACA about Jane Foster, by the way, but she was in very close proximity to the Thor arms, so what’s a girl to do?)

    2. I really need to watch that again before the second one comes out. Can hardly remember it.

      It’s the cheekbones, I think. I saw a pic of Ian McKellen as a young man the other day and damn it if he doesn’t have them too.

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      Personally I love ol’ Bippydot. Not in a Thor way, but in a damn awesome actor way.

      1. I love him in both ways :-). Especially in STID, with the arms. And the legs. And the… everything *fans self*.

  6. Great recap, Alicia! The screen caps you have chosen are truly inspired.

    There are so many awesome women in this show that it’s a tad overwhelming. But in a nice way, you know?

    I don’t get the Ward/Skye thing either but then Ward is my least favourite character. Like Westy, I really, really love Skye but generally the entire ensemble is working so far and I am completely, utterly and thoroughly entertained. And we get to see the episodes only hours after they air in the US now. Winning! (Rather nice to watch something on my ACTUAL TELEVISION for a change.)

    1. They were a small selection! It’s so beautifully shot.

      My girlcrush-o-meter was having a nervous breakdown in this ep trying to decide who it was supposed to be focusing on. Such a lovely problem to have :-).

  7. I have nothing more to offer, really, but there was a lot of fanning of myself going on. *My* girlcrush-o-meter (or as we, the lesbians, call it: crush-o-meter) was going off a lot also.

    Dayum. Melinda May is one fierce babe. That bit with the guns? Sexy. That bit with when she broke out of handcuffs and took down the guard? Amazing. But my favorite part was when Coulson was apologizing, because she was so baddass and stonefaced *and* he was still cracking dry Coulson jokes. Love them together. (Let’s bow our heads and pray they don’t try to get them together, ever.)

    Camila was h. o. t. and Skye was pretty amazing, too. I like the way they are playing her as smart, a little naive and brave as shit. But is she really a big betrayer? DunDunDunnnn!

    Also, Fury and Coulson. At the beginning of the show, I was keeping in mind that they had teased there was something great at the end, but I was so thoroughly engrossed by the episode that I forgot. So I fell out of my seat when Sam Jackson showed up. Nice work, Joss. Nice work.

    Quickly. It is hard for me to watch without pointing out how much better written these female characters are, two episodes in, that the ones on H50. And both show runners are male, so we can’t say it’s just because of that. C’mon Hollywood, you can do it! (And by Hollywood, I guess I mean Peter Lenkov.)

    1. My crush-o-meter had the same problem during the brig scene of STID *fans self*

      Oh God no, Melinda May and Coulson, no no no! Ward or Skye, I could see.

      I don’t think Skye is a betrayer – or at least, I think she doesn’t want to be, but Coulson asking her to possibly create a cover-up has made her wonder whether this is really the place for her. She’s not going to abandon her principles and cut her links to The Rising Tide just because Coulson has a really cool plane and access to all sorts of interesting classified things, and I’m glad about that. It wouldn’t make sense for her to burn all her bridges so quickly.

      ACA with your comments on the female characters. Peter Lenkov needs to either learn how to do this or bring in someone who already knows. It’s almost embarrassing to compare them.

      1. ACA to the ACA about the female characters. Can you imagine Melinda May or Skye putting up the sh*t that Cath does? Um, no. Someone needs to sign atplenkov up to Joss Whedon’s next How to Write Good Female Characters workshop.

        1. I can’t imagine Melinda May putting up with any sh*t at all *sigh*.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Sage! I’m totally on board with the May/Coulson love. They are awesome together! In a not together way.

  8. cvc-eve · · Reply

    So just watched tonight’s episode . Dayum you fucups and your tv watching! I loved it! So many thoughts that I know have to wait until you recap it. I spied the tall lean brunette sporting Kevlar and thigh holsters and was hooked. (For all you girl crushers it was a guy-you may not have noticed him!) and you know I mean that in the nicest possible way. Now *taps foot*. Where is that next recap?

    1. Until you said that I thought ‘Melinda May was wearing thigh holsters? I didn’t notice that…’.

      (I’m so sorry it’s taken me a week to reply to this comment!)

  9. heymomo · · Reply

    Loved the ending. Loved the cameo. Loved the fishtank.
    Damn, this is a good show.
    Awesome recap, A!

    1. Mwah! Thanks babe :-).

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