#h50 – 4:02 – There’s No Kissing in Baseball


A’ale Ma’a Wau (Fish Out of Water)


First – a huuuuuuge thank you to bookemdanno.net for capping this ep – even though she protested because the pics contain the UGLY CBS LOGO 😉 She saved me a butt load of work because I am the world’s slowest screen capper. I can’t thank her enough. I may even name my first female grandchild after her.

More flashbacks.  Kondam are having a National Lampoon Chinese Camping Vacation.  Adam is a spoiled little rich boy who apparently never had to do anything himself, so can’t, well – do anything.  I hear he’s pretty good with duct tape, though.  He seems pretty sad about his uselessness and I’m hoping he’s not going to start crying again.

Kono bad-asses their way out of a sticky situation – she must have watched last week’s episode, because she employs Steve’s trick of using the bad guy and his gun to shoot the other bad guy, who in return shoots the first bad guy.  So, with both bad guys out of the way, Kondam make their escape.  By now, Kono realizes just how useless Adam is and hops in the driver’s seat.

kono kickass

At Honolulu International airport, F*ck You, Chuck Norris meets his limo driver, Michael Maki.  Chuck , who is pretending to be Mr Smith.  doesn’t like the look of him, quickly whacks him in the throat and throws him in the trunk.


It’s Pee Wee baseball time.  The Navy Brats vs Honolulu Shrimps – Kamekona is the ref, which I think is a slight conflict of interest seeing as the Shrimps are sponsored by him, but anyway.  Gracie Monkey is up to bat (I hope that’s a baseball term, because I know nothing about the sport.)  Cath is the coach of the Brats, and Danny is the Shrimps coach, with Steve as his assistant.   Naturally, the two coaches differ on how Monkey should bat.  After Steve displays some unsportmanslike behaviour and is told to leave by Kamekona, he receives a call about their latest case.

baseball 1

Max is examining the body of the limo driver.  He was beaten and tortured before two shots to the back of the head did him in.  I guess Chuck really didn’t like Michael.  Max sneakily hands Steve an envelope and when I see the range of emotions cross his face, I can’t help but be reminded of Ridge from The Bold and the Beautiful.  Except Steve is much better looking.

Of course we all know the envelope contains the results of the DNA test Steve ordered to determine if WF is his brother. I am saying, right here and now, if they are bros, I am not watching this show ever again!



Danny, being the good detective that he is, had noticed the hand off and questions Steve in the Marquis.  Steve admits that he had suspicions that WF and he might be half brothers, because WF is a sociopath and a terrorist and yet Mom is protecting him.  Danny has no problem at all seeing the connection.  (I loved this part!) Even though it seems there is no connection now – the test has proved that the problems between Steve and WF are not because Mom has a favourite son.

He offers an explanation that perhaps Doris is trying to make peace with WF to protect and save Steve, but Steve knows Mom too well (even though she fake exploded when he was 15. Or 16) and suspects that she is up to something.


Back in China, Kondam’s vehicle has broken down, and true to form, Kono gets it going again.  There is a tender scene where Adam tries to get her to leave and save herself, but she insists on staying and fighting the Yakuza.  #gokono

At Five 0 HQ, the majik table has been replaced and Chin is like a proud papa listing all the wonderful things it can do.  A lot of this goes over my head as I am so technology challenged, kind of like Danny.  Chin has ID’d the limo driver  – who has  history of drug charges – and says that Chuck had requested him by name, even though he was a first time user of the service.  Maki had confirmed the pick up of a John Smith, but when he didn’t check in with the company later, the manager tried to locate the limo using the GPS, but discovered that it had been disabled.

majik table

Chin reviews the surveillance footage at the airport to see if they can find out anything.  Billy Harrington (Cath’s ex) makes an appearance and tells Steve that he’s left the navy and offered Cath a job with the security company he’s setting up.  Apparently, Cath has forgotten to mention to Steve that she’s planning on leaving the navy.  Oops.  Billy reassures Steve that he has no plans to get between him and Cath.  I’m confused about Billy’s motive here – he says that Cath turned the job down, so why is he telling Steve about it if he’s on the up and up?  Steve tells Billy that he’ll talk to Cath about taking the job.  Oh, now I get it.  That’s what Billy wanted all along.  I think Steve just got played.

billy and steve

Chin has found footage of Chuck and Michael at the airport, sees that something dodgy happened at the limo and runs facial recognition on Chuck.  Uh-oh.  He’s not Chuck Norris, nor is he John Smith.  He’s Ray Harper, Texas Ranger.  The most highly decorated ranger. Ever.  Our boys are puzzled as to why he’s on the island and why he’s killed a limo driver.  They neglect to mention that Ray Harper is HOT!


Ray kicks the door in – McG style – on some big dude’s apartment, ties him up and says that Michael Maki has told him that this dude knows where Ray can find a guy and a girl he’s looking for.  Ray must be feeling peckish because he eats some peanut butter, even though it’s not the chunky kind, which he prefers. (Me too, Ray! And natural PB is so much better too!)

Cath has been summoned to McG’s office, where he asks her why she turned down Billy’s job offer. She tells him that because their relationship at the moment is great, she doesn’t want the new job to come between them.  Chin interrupts to say that Maki’s limo has been found, and Steve has to leave.


Outside, Danny finds his new car.  Before he knows it, Steve takes the keys off him and they drive off, with Danny calling Steve a jerk.  I have to agree here – he could have at least let Danny drive it the first time.  There is a conversation about Cath and Billy which I really have no interest in, suffice to say that Danny advises Steve not to let Cath and Billy work together.


The boys arrive at Tom Akuna’s house, where the missing limo is.  Tom has prior history on drugs and assault. They find fresh blood and a bag containing $75,000.  They run a search on Tom’s car.


In the cane fields of Waipahu, Ray is giving Tom a lesson on the rat population in the sugar cane.  He smears PB all over Tom because it seems that rats like it even more than sugar cane.  Tom caves  – as I would, because who wants to be eaten alive by rats. Especially if they’re pissed off because Ray brought smooth PB and forgot the jelly.  Tom tells Ray where he can find the two people he’s looking for.

A young man in a motel room dumps a pile of money on the bed to go with the other piles of money already on the bed.  He looks anxious and proceeds to light a cigarette with his gun when the door bursts open and Ray holds him at gunpoint demanding to know where the girl is.  Steve and Danny arrive and Ray, outnumbered, has to surrender.


The blue room is full of some serious hotness right now, although Ray has hat hair.  Steve sees a picture of a girl inside Ray’s hat.  Ray says he didn’t kill Maki or Akuna, and Steve demands to know where Akuna is.  Danny is questioning Carl, asking him about some unsolved robberies on the island within the last 24 hours – Carl fits the description of the perp.  He scrolls through Carl’s pictures on his phone and sees a pic of him with a young girl.  The same girl in Ray’s picture. Ah-hah…now we’re getting somewhere.

blue room

It’s Amanda, Ray’s daughter.  Carl had brought an unsuspecting Amanda to Hawaii to deliver a bag of cash ($75,000!) to some guys, but on the way to make the delivery, they were robbed. Amanda was taken and Carl was committing the robberies to try and come up with the replacement cash to get her back.  Ballistics come back on the bullet that killed Maki and when Steve finds out that Ray is telling the truth, he releases him so they can all work together to find Amanda.

They go to Akuna’s house, where they find him in the shower trying to wash the PB off.  He tells them where they can find Amanda.  Carl is wired up to go in and hand over the cash in exchange for Amanda.  McG tells him to saddle up, which Ray finds quite amusing.  So do I.  It turns out that the guy holding Amanda got a better offer and sold her.  There is a big gunfight and Ray manages to extract the information that his daughter is in a shipping container at Pier 39.

Ray and our boys go there, take down the guys guarding the containers and father and daughter are reunited.



It’s game 7 of the Pee Wee Baseball Championship.  Danny tells Monkey to go out there and have fun.  Steve tells Cath to take the job.  He’s comfortable enough with their relationship not to worry.  Monkey hits a home run.

home run

I liked this ep – it was fun.  I give it an 8/10.

Was Steve was a jerk for not letting Danny drive his new car?

Do you think Cath should have taken the job in the first place? 

Is the WF/Steve brother theory done and dusted now?


  1. Was Steve was a jerk for not letting Danny drive his new car?

    Well, yes… but he was always going to be, wasn’t he?

    Do you think Cath should have taken the job in the first place?


    Is the WF/Steve brother theory done and dusted now?

    Given that it is now canon, thanks to Danny, that anyone who supports this theory is insane, I’m going to go with ‘yes’, with an afterthought of ‘thank fuck’.

    1. Everything Alicia said.

  2. lunaterra12 · · Reply

    I was surprised Cath didn’t discuss anything with Steve. He would respect her wishes to make the final decision, but to blindside him was hinky. My opinion and it’s not hate, just an observation.
    I thought it was cute that Steve took the keys. LOL Danno has no control. lol
    Still need some answer for WoFat, but at least we know they aren’t brothers.
    I’m on narcotic pain meds so I apologize if this is garbled.I liked this ep.

    1. Hope you’re feeling OK *hugs*

      You’d think Danny would have seen that one coming, hey? Lol. He must have been too lost in admiration of the new car to remember that he never got to drive the old one ;-).

      And your opinion is always welcome here :-).

      1. lunaterra12 · · Reply

        Thanks Alicia.
        Maybe Danno secretly likes being dominated by Steve?

        1. Heh heh ;-). Either that or he’s just resigned to it by now :-).

  3. Great recap Westy! F*ck You Chuck Norris! #love

    Favourite moment of this ep: the shower scene. I had to pause it until I stopped laughing!

    Second favourite: Adam, when Kono says she can’t cook or clean, replying ‘well we’re in trouble because that makes two of us’. Sweetpea, she just caught your dinner, killed your bad guys and fixed your jeep and you think THIS is what means you’re in trouble??

    Least favourite moment: anything to do with Cath’s new job.

    Overall though, I really liked this ep. It was fun. The PB stunt was worthy of S1 McG, and with added bonus history lesson too!

    Plus: caramel pants! I can’t believe you didn’t even mention the caramel pants!

    1. I’m still mourning the demise of the black cargos.

      1. After all this time?

  4. great recap… if you’re so slow screncapper, use DVD video soft programs… just two clicks and you have screencaps in a minute without sweat! and finally I can start to trust Peter when he says “no obvious”…

  5. Nance1031 · · Reply

    Steve was a bit of a jerk for driving Danny’s car ( but it looks pretty friggin sweet to drive ). He was a much BIGGER jerk for kicking dirt on Kamekona and arguing about balls and strikes.

    I basically fast forwarded through the Cath/Billy stuff so I have no opinion.

    Steve/WF bros? Please Lord let it be over! Danny was so funny in that scene.

    Kono is my hero. That girl can do it all. But holy hell Adam is one useless piece of beefcake.

    1. Everything you said, Nance! I think I should have fastforwarded the Cath/Billy stuff too 🙂 .

    2. He’s SO useless! Imagine if Kono hadn’t decided to go with him. Would he have even made it off the boat (since Doris seems to have evaporated)?

      1. Nance1031 · · Reply

        He would have locked himself in the hold by mistake and starved to death. Either that or he’d slip off the gangway and drown. Useless!

        1. See, another example of how characters become way less interesting when they end up in a romantic relationship on this show. Adam was far better as bad ass Yakuza head – or whatever he was – and then he met Kono and broke out the candles and things have gone downhill since then. Same for Kono, really, who is much more fun to watch when she’s part of the team. And of course McG was far more interesting when the writers did more with his character than just focus on his relationship with his girlfriend.

        2. *snort* he so would!

  6. Awesome recap! I enjoyed seeing quirky Steve at the game, cap backwards, acting all “what what.” We don’t see much of that.

    Um, I feel myself asking WhyIsAdam? Does he need Kono to brush his teeth for him too? I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy a weekly Kono-Adam teary-eyed scene. It’s going to get old… fast.

    Billy clearly has an agenda and we’ll obviously see how that all plays out. Ditto on it being odd that Cath didn’t tell Steve that she was thinking about leaving the Navy. Kind of a big decision and one that you might talk to your bfriend about, IMO. Billy was obvi tickled that she hadn’t told Steve.

    The one thing that struck me out of all of that was Cath saying that she’d been in the Navy for half her life and was ready to see “what’s next.” Maybe she’s thinking about a real relationship and kids? Dunno… but that was my first thought. I imagine that we’re finally, hopefully, going to get to the “what the hell are we doing here” conversation. MBorth said that we would get to see McRoll “fall in love.” My money is still on her buying the farm. We can’t have a happy, blissful Steve for long now, can we? 😉

    And I will never look at peanut butter the same way again.

    1. WhyIsAdam, I have been asking myself this too. He must be a sh/t-hot businessman because… he can’t do a damn thing else.

      Yes, I may never eat peanut butter again… but the shower scene made me giggle so much that it was worth it :-).

      I don’t think they’ll kill Cath off now. I do think they’ll kill Billy off though.

      1. I doubt Cath will be killed off in the near future either but I don’t think Billy has a long shelf life.

        1. I think he’ll be killed off, then Cath will be running the security firm herself and helping the team out as a professional contractor. So she’ll still be working with McG but she won’t be working FOR him, she’ll be her own boss. I like this idea very much.

          1. We live in hope! I thought that’s what the writers would have done in the first place, when they decided to make Cath a regular character – give her a land-based job and have her work WITH the team. So yes, this is a really good idea and hopefully we will see Cath as a character in her own right with a legitimate reason to be involved in the COTW #eternaloptimist.

            1. It would be nice to make her have real purpose. I am tired of her in between role. Either supporting character that we see every so often OR proper member of the team. Now, she just shows up to wear ridiculous backless outfits. And squeal at her boyfriend for “letting” her do what she wants.

    2. WhyIsAdam? Indeed. We could just put a picture of him in the corner, because he is cute as shit, and then send her back to work with her ohana….which is feeling less and less ohana-ish as the episodes go by. Sniff.

      1. That’s how I feel – what happened to the team ohana? Gone to the same place as the Manual on How to Write Good Female Characters, I guess.

  7. OK, here goes:

    I liked this episode just fine. I didn’t go ‘wow, that was amazing’ but it was more like a usual H50 episode and at least it made sense, unlike last week’s.

    Kono was incredible and Adam was well, not. I care loads about Kono and love it whenever she is on screen but Adam is hopeless, just hopeless. And he’s the head of… What’s he the head of again? Anyway, at least he didn’t break out the candles so for that I am thankful.

    Danny was fabulous in this episode. He had the best lines. I loved the car convo about the WF brother thing.

    The standout of the episode for me was Ray Harper. He was beyond awesome. And hot, as Westy said. The peanut butter thing was priceless and (ACA with Alicia here) reminiscent of S1 McG which makes me lament the loss of S1 McG even more. As spurschick said, I will never look at peanut butter the same way again.

    Brace yourselves, I’m going to vent about Cath. Again. I’m sorry, but what on Earth are the writers doing with this character? The scenes involving the job decision thing made my toes curl. Why didn’t they use the screen time to show Cath and McG having a mutually respectful conversation about a HUGE decision SHE is making. I would have preferred the discussions with Billy and Danny to be left out of it and Cath and McG work through the issues with this decision. To have her throw her arms around her BF because he ‘allowed’ her to take the job at the end was awful. I also don’t understand why she never mentioned to McG before that she was thinking about leaving the Navy. I presume one doesn’t simply ‘just leave the Navy’.

    That said, I am hoping the new job does for the character what I thought the writers would have done in the first place when Cath became a regular in S3. A land-based job should give her a purpose, other than being the GF of the world’s worst BF, and allow her to work with the team in a legitimate way.

    As for McG, bad sportsmanship at the baseball game, mate. I didn’t find this funny at all (and as the parent of an elite 15 year old baseball player, I see this enough IRL) even though I think humour was what the writers intended. If they’d left it at the line about McG knowing nothing about baseball, it would be have been fine. Because that WAS funny. Ditto for the car driving thing. Why do the writers persist with this behaviour? I don’t like My McG when he behaves like a jerk.

    Oh, and haven’t the bad guys heard of PayPal or bank accounts in the Cayman Islands? Sheesh, that’s a lot of cash to be moving around like that.

    1. Nance1031 · · Reply

      100% agree.

      This evolution of McGarrett away from a big damn hero to a boorish a$$hat makes me sadder than sad.

      On the upside Tim Daly was fantastic. He is a Texas Ranger I’d watch!!

      1. Sadder than sad just about sums it up 😦 .

        IKR, let’s all petition the network for a Harper: Texas Ranger show! I’d watch that for sure.

        1. They could bring out a range of peanut butter as a tie-in!

          Oh wait, maybe not… 😉

        2. Yeah, I hate that we were supposed to think that McG is such an upstanding guy for encouraging Cath to take the job. Why was he the one who granted her permission AND why did they characterize Cath in such a way that she would require it? THAT’S pretty boorish.

          1. Boorish is a good word to describe McG these days.

    2. The hug at the end made me want to learn how to make gifs just so I could rewrite it as him being her sugar daddy and telling her she can buy herself a diamond bracelet or a pair of shoes or some sh/t like that. Because really. She’s grateful for his permission? What the actual fuck?? He should be grateful she’s still talking to him, with that patronising attitude.

      (yes, I know I censored ‘sh/t’ but not ‘fuck’. I’m annoyed).

      I have SO MANY issues with this treatment that I don’t even know where to START.

      The men spent about four times longer talking about Cath’s career than she did, as if it was something for them to decide and then inform her of whether she was allowed to do it.

      Danny’s attitude was completely self-contradictory – if she’s the best thing that ever happened to Steve, she’s not going to cheat on him, is she? And how fucking insulting to suggest that if Billy wants it, it’ll be there on a plate, as if it’s his decision whether they have it off or not. Does Cath not have a will of her own? How about a little trust here? Or is Billy, like McG, that guy from high school who knows how cute he is and won’t take no for an answer?

      Then there’s the way Danny described Cath in the context of why Billy might want her to work with him: beautiful, intelligent, sexy, attractive. Yes, she is 75% sex appeal and 25% brain. QE fucking D.

      But of course, what was I thinking? This is Show, where the female characters’ boyfriends are more important than their careers. Of course she would pass up a role that is perfect for her and has come along at exactly the right time on the off-chance that her boyfriend who treats her like a convenience might not be pleased. Silly me.

      And since I’m ranting: shorts that barely cover your arse are in no way suitable attire for coaching a sports team comprised of children, Show. I notice that the men’s shorts were down to their knees. Quelle surprise.

      *rant ends*


      I really loved this episode otherwise. Honestly!

      1. ^^^^THIS^^^^ Alicia, you are on a roll, and I ALL CAPS AGREE!

        1. GROUP *FISTBUMP*!!

      2. Nance1031 · · Reply


      3. Hear me roaaaaarrrrrrr!

        Your comment pretty much sums up our conversations since the episode aired. Before you and I even discussed it, I was watching it going ‘why is Cath taking a backseat in this decision?’. And the more I thought about it, the more I felt what an insult it was to her integrity that she’d take the new job and shove McG over for Billy. And like you, I kept thinking that if McRoll is supposed to be the epic romance of the century that we are expected to believe, then why is this even an issue? It only showed me how poor the communication is in this relationship.

        1. Nance1031 · · Reply

          The one thing I find interesting is did it occur to either McG or Billy that Catherine may want to do something completely different for her career? If she has been in the Navy for half her life maybe, just maybe, she has dreams outside intelligence gathering.

          Of course Show would never allow her to express such self possessed ideas. Instead she waits patiently in her short shorts until her boyfriend tells her it is ok to take a job.


          1. Good point! It would have been funny if she’d been rolling her eyes at their masculine pigheadedness, while quietly filling in her skydiving instructor application form.

            Although hard to see how they would fit that into the COTW, admittedly…

      4. YES!!! This!!!!

        Also, damnit why did Danny have to be so stupid during the Cath cargument? It was a little OOC & a lot sexist that conversation. Ugh.

        And (beside the point, I know and it is Hawaii, so dress codes are a little different) but I was bothered by her weird backless outfit in the office. She looked gorgeous in it, FYI, but they dress her like a club girl not a decorated Navy officer. Rwoar!

        As you said, just about everything about the treatment of Cath this episode was abhorrent.

        1. That Hawaii is laid back and sunny and beachy isn’t the point. It’s like that where I live too but I don’t wear beach clothes to work and nobody I work with does either. It’s about the appropriateness of the situation. And the clothes Cath wears do not scream kick ass Naval officer to me.

          1. She’s teaching children. That’s really all there is to it.

            The backless top in the office just made me think that I am far too old to understand fashion.

            1. ^^ that was about the shorts. Obvi.

              1. And my last sentence was a general comment about how Cath is dressed. Like you said, there is a gap between where they are pitching the character and how they are writing her and the clothing choices don’t help matters.

                ACA about the teaching children thing. I sit through baseball training sessions and games all the time and no one who has coached or been team manager for my son’s teams has ever dressed like that. And I live in a REALLY HOT place. (Which reminds me, it’s supposed to be 34 deg C today. Yikes!)

            2. You know, oddly, the shorts don’t bother me as much as the backless top. I think it is because there is A LOT of that in Hawaii and it was sports and etc. But the top in the office that got me. Poor taste.

              The thing is we are watching a show and costumes matter; that is why everyone loves the fingerless shooting glove or the cargo pants or Danny’s ties. They are a part of the storytelling and character development since we only have 43 minutes to get to know everyone, not like in real life. So it matters what she was wearing because of the story it tells. And the story: Cath = Little girl.

              Rant over. Go check out Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style posts if you want to really see how costume designers use the costumes to tell stories. http://tomandlorenzo.com/2013/06/mad-style-in-care-of.html

              1. Wow! That is amazing! I never really notice costumes with that level of detail but I imagine subconsciously some of it sinks in. Thanks for the link :-).

        2. It was completely OOC because when has Danny ever tried – or even wanted – to tell Rachel or Gabby what to do? He’s just not that guy. If anything, it’s the women who are in charge of their relationships with him. And it’s a little hypocritical of him to be running Billy down, given the end of S1. An man trying to persuade his ex-partner to sleep with him even though she’s in a serious relationship with someone else? Yes, Danny, tell us how out of order that is, do.

          They were both OOC over this. It hurts to hear Atplenkov’s sexist attitude coming out of the mouths of characters that I love.

          1. “They were both OOC over this. It hurts to hear Atplenkov’s sexist attitude coming out of the mouths of characters that I love.” >> ACA!

            There are lots of OOC moments these days in Show. Or perhaps I just don’t like the direction the writers are taking the characters in – I don’t know, they all seem a bit unrecognizable to me *sniff*.

  8. Forgot to say awesome recap, Westy! Loved it.

    I sure hope the brother thing is DEAD and BURIED. Like you, I’m not sure I could cope if it turned out to be true.

  9. “I hear he’s pretty good with duct tape, though. ” ROFL!!! He was definitely the spoiled rich kid who doesn’t know how to do anything. And hiding while Kono saved him from the bad guys? *shakes head*

    Thanks for the detailed recap. I really hope the WF as Steve’s brother idea is truly over with. I’m still holding onto my idea that McMom infiltrated the Yakuza by getting the job as Wo Fat’s nanny. That was her cover, and she got intel from WF’s dad because he would never suspect her that way. That would explain the weird relationship without becoming a soap opera.

    Yes, Steve was a jerk for not letting Danny drive the new car. But it made for a funny bit in the show, the way he grabbed the keys.

    I can understand Cath being concerned about Steve’s opinion on the job, but I don’t get why she didn’t discuss it with him. Talk about it, people! Would he have even known if Billy hadn’t told him everything? And I agree with you:Steve got played.

    1. “I can understand Cath being concerned about Steve’s opinion on the job, but I don’t get why she didn’t discuss it with him. Talk about it, people!” >> Yep!

      Take out the scenes with Billy and Danny discussing Cath’s future with McG and replace them with Cath and McG having proper conversation about this huge decision. Of course he’s entitled to an opinion on it and may have misgivings but any relationship worth it’s weight would involve communicating, as you say, about something like this not the woman waiting around for the man’s approval. Sheesh.

      1. Well, exactly. I told McGecko before I got my hair cut off, not because I needed his approval but so it didn’t come as a shock (it was a lot of hair). What was Cath going to do, just come home one day and say “Did you remember to bring your thigh holsters home? And by the way, I’m not in the Navy anymore. Oh, and we’re out of milk”?

        1. Yep. As per uge, it was the execution of the idea that went horribly wrong. I get that they had to set up the change to what Cath is doing professionally, but not like this writers, not like this. Sometimes I think Show should just stick to blowing stuff up and having McG dangling suspects off buildings :). THAT they can do well.

  10. Great Recap Westy! For me this episode was all about “Hey Stupid!” and that’s it. I just wasn’t feeling it. McG has become pretty unrecognizable to me lately is part of it I think. Grover’s “crazy” stunt, undressing to approach the hostage takers and in this ep Ray with the Peanut Butter, just seems like…. is EVERYONE a crazy person? I thought that was McG’s “thing.” No, now it’s just finding new & different ways to shoot people = his “craziness.” *shrug* It’s just not that interesting to me. We’ll see Grover a few more times probably but Ray never again, so who cares that he’s all “outside the box?” Crazy in-flight-magazine-reading-badass? Who cares? Not me.

    1. I wasn’t feeling it either. And you nailed it: McG wasn’t recognizable.

      Bring the old McG back!

      1. I second that.

        1. Thirded.

          “now it’s just finding new & different ways to shoot people = his “craziness.””

          I would third, fourth AND fifth this if I could.

  11. Westy, great recap. So funny. I liked this line, a lot: ” I hear he’s pretty good with duct tape, though. He seems pretty sad about his uselessness and I’m hoping he’s not going to start crying again.” What a loser.

    Also, while the baseball could not have been less realistic (Grace DID NOT hit a homer), I enjoyed seeing Monkey and seeing Steve and Danny out of HQ. PS–You are right. Kamekona shouldn’t be the ump!

    I will reply to everyone else’s comments, but I was actually really annoyed with this episode. My favorite part? When Tim HarperDaly was talking about mongeese and sugar cane. That was all very clever. Second favorite? Chin looked cute as hell, despite the dumb Hawaiian shirt and got to ride his bike again. Go Chin!

    1. LOL, that was NOT a home run for sure. But kind of cool for me to find out the baseball scenes were filmed at the fields at the base of Koko and because we climbed up there on a Saturday morning, we saw kids in the car park heading to their games and we could just make them out from the top!

      1. I know nothing at all about baseball – why was it not a home run? *confused*

        1. It’s just that her swing was wimpy and the ball leaving the bat was not going to make it that far. Typical acting problem; it’s like when they don’t show an actor’s hands when they are “playing the piano.” Sometimes it’s really obvious that the actor doesn’t really know how to do the thing they are portraying.

          And Briz, I know! I yelled, “Koko Head!” when I saw it in the background. Cool, isn’t it to have been there?

          1. Ah, got it!

            I saw a perfect example of that recently, in Stoker (which is a very odd film and not my usual thing at all) – the main character and her uncle were playing a piano duet and quite obviously she could play but he couldn’t because the camera kept panning from her face to her hands but never did the same with him… 🙂

          2. When I watched, I rewinded my recoding to watch her “hit” the ball. Not sure if they brought in another kid for that swing, or did a CGI baseball or what, because yeah, it was pretty unconvincing, lol.

            1. Totally a ‘just like a piano playing actor who can’t actually play the piano’ thing. And, yes it was a wimpy swing.

              Yeah, Sage, totally cool to realize I’ve been there. Actually, we spend quite a bit of time trying to work out where filming took place when we watch the show now.

    2. And talking about Adam being a loser (yeah, I’m not done with this clusterf/ck yet) – about five minutes ago he was the badass head of the Yakuza. Then he fell in love with a kickass woman. Now he’s a helpless joke.

      Moral: don’t fall in love with a kickass woman or you’ll become less of a man and then people will laugh at you. Instead, fall in love with someone who appears to be kickass but is in fact a doormat. Then you can be magnanimous about her life choices and people will admire you for it, like you deserve a fucking cookie or something just for being a decent person.

      Wow, it’s been nearly a week and I am still SO mad about this.

      1. Word.

        Actually, I feel this so emphatically, I want to give it a “word to your mother”.

      2. Brilliant. And so true. I especially like this bit: “Then you can be magnanimous about her life choices and people will admire you for it, like you deserve a fucking cookie or something just for being a decent person.” That about sums up the whole sorry mess of the episode when it comes to Cath and McG. I’m still smarting over this too. Pick up your game, Show. Please.

  12. You know what I am realizing? Two things:

    (1) I wish there were kissing in baseball. Could make it more interesting.

    (2) There are so many ways to watch a show (read a book, watch a play, etc.). Some fans get into the world of the show, and take the writers/production office out of it. They are able to react to the characters in the world as they are. Some of us, and by us, I mean me, watch the show and see the puppetry behind the scenes. I am aware that my anger is not specifically at Cath or MB, say, but the way the writers write her and the messages that writing and characterization is sending. Whether those messages are intentional or not is, to my mind, irrelevant, but they are still damaging.

    On this topic, though, some shows have both characters in a well-desgned and appealing world AND well characterized portrayals. (Harry Potter, Buffy, Pushing Daisys, I’m talking to you!) Is it so wrong to want both?

    1. ACA! I should clarica too, that I am cross with the writing and not with the characters (because, um, they don’t exist so how could I be?) or the actors, who are just saying what’s in the script and doing a damn fine job of it. Hearing Cath say she’d passed up an amazing opportunity because she didn’t want to potentially (potentially!) upset her boyfriend was just as painful as Danny’s “we’ll get her a job” (FFS) because her character should never, ever say that. Cath is supposed to be a strong woman, there’s no way she would do that in a million years.The way they’re pitching the character and the way they’re writing the character aren’t close enough, they’re telling one thing but showing something quite different.

      And ACA about the messages as well – the scenes with Adam are most likely not meant the way I see them at all, they’re just supposed to showcase how badass Kono is because she can’t have much screentime at the moment – but I *am* seeing them that way which means something has got lost in translation. And because this show’s track record with gender issues is so exasperating, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore. If it’s on this show and it looks like sexism, I assume it is.

      1. ACA to your comment on the gap between the pitching and the writing. That’s what’s so frustrating about it all because I’ve never had a problem with McG having a girlfriend but the way Cath is being written is so jarring. She was set up to be a certain way and the writers just haven’t followed through with this characterization. Actually, they generally have a problem with the follow through on this show. Sigh.

        1. *cough* Buster *cough*

          1. Yes, well…. My poor little Buster-soul is damaged beyond repair *sniff*.

            And don’t get me started on the NotMention following episode 2.10. Westy will never recover from that one. And I’m with her on that score.

    2. I am 3000000% in love with your #1 and I haven’t even read your #2 yet.

  13. evowoman88 · · Reply

    When I loved this review, I can’t even imagine how a site filled with H50 haters still watches the show enough to post screenshots…

    1. Hi evowoman, thanks for stopping by. I’m not really sure if you’re referring to THIS site in your comment, but please don’t use the word ‘haters’ here. Such a misunderstood and overused word, don’t you think?

      1. evowoman88 · · Reply

        I’m sure that you would not be happy if I used other rude words to voice my opinion on the site you got your screenshots from. That site is one of the main reasons of many people quitting Twitter. I’m still confused why people would take the effort to watch a show that they don’t enjoy anymore.

        1. I’m sure we wouldn’t. Thank you for that at least.

          You and I see the twitter fandom very differently. From my perspective, the main reason many people have left (certainly the reason I don’t spend as much time on there as I did) is the tendency of some fans to go after other fans for making any negative comment about the show. People don’t feel they can say what they think so they don’t say anything at all. And yes, ‘that site’ (who does have a name, by the way) might not think the show is perfect but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy watching it. And if you really want an answer to your question, might I suggest tweeting it to her instead of posting it on the recap for last week’s episode, where she won’t even see it?

          You haven’t come here to talk about the episode like the rest of us but to criticise a fellow fan because you don’t approve of the kind of fan she is. Thing is – and Westy tried to say this nicely but it obviously didn’t come across – we don’t allow commenters to attack each other on our blog. I don’t like censorship but that doesn’t mean I won’t delete comments if I have to. We’d love to hear your opinion of the show but your unfavourable opinion of other fans is something you need to not talk about here. Thank you.

          1. evowoman88 · · Reply

            You know, I have asked them. And I’ve never gotten a reply. Nor have I EVER attacked someone on H50. Other than the fools in elected office or people who steal from the disabled.

            I miss the fun chats of first season, even if we don’t agree. Sadly, looks like it’s gone away. I’ll just shut up.

            1. So why start now? And why start here, more specifically?

              “Even if we don’t agree” is the absolute pertinent phrase. We used to be able to disagree. Now, not so much. Maybe if people felt free to say what they thought, it would be more fun. Who knows?

              1. evowoman88 · · Reply

                Because this post got marked as Spam and I didn’t see it until now?

                Because seeing the site that caused much of the fighting on Twitter and Facebook being thanked makes me remember how many people left social media because of all the stupid fighting?

                Because I’m amazed that people watch I show to do nothing but complain?

                I love Star Trek. Grew up watching it. And I stopped watching it because I HATE Voyager. That show, to this day, is a joke. And those are my kind words. But I stopped watching because I didn’t like it.

                OK, I’m off on a tangent, but maybe it explains where I’m coming from. We can definitely agree to disagree on this.

  14. (replying down here before it gets too vertical)

    Really? I love Voyager (although I’m primarily a TNG girl). I find Janeway slightly annoying sometimes and some episodes are a bit ‘out there’, but that’s never stopped me from watching.

    Here’s where I’m coming from: whether someone watches the show or how they watch it or what they say about it isn’t any of my business. We’re not answerable to each other. The problems only started when one section of the fandom decided that no-one was allowed to say anything that they didn’t like, and another section of the fandom responded with a collective ‘up yours’ (not unreasonably). That’s just how I saw it, of course. We were criticised because I didn’t like 3.20 and we lost some good friends over that. So I’m probably biased.

    It takes more than one person to fight so if you’re going to blame this person then you have to blame a lot of other people as well. But yes, we will have to agree to disagree because I really don’t want to get into that here. And we’re not going to refuse to talk to anyone just because other fans don’t like it, I’m afraid. If someone goes out of their way to do a favour for us, we’re going to say thank you. We’re polite like that :-).

    1. High fives to you for this. Well said

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