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H50 3.22 Ho’opio (To take captive) – Page 1

This week’s episode covers some pretty serious territory – child abduction – and I came into it wondering how the subject matter would be dealt with in the Hawaii 5-0 context. There was a sense of ‘reality’ to the episode (missing from the last few, I have to say). This was reinforced for me as […]

In search of Alex: So near yet so far

Part 2 of my Hawaiian adventure is all about Hawaii 50 and my search for filming. Stumbling along some filming (and Alex!) was always going to be a bonus and I was determined not to let my fangirling overshadow our holiday.  However, I knew that episode 3.23 was being shot while we were on Oahu and I was […]

Two fangirls walk into an island

The H50 Champ Box proudly presents a fangirl story by @fangirlsage: What Andrea_Briz did not tell you about her trip to Hawaii was that the true highlight, outside of getting smiled at by Ian Anthony Dale, was getting to meet with a fellow fangirl:  me.  Live and in person. With shave ice. *** Let’s back up a […]

My Hawaiian adventure

I’ve just returned from a two week family trip to Hawaii and I thought it would be nice to share some of my photos, to showcase the beauty that is Hawaii. I know we’d all agree that Alex is part of the beauty that is Hawaii but I’m not sure even HE could compete with […]

3.19 – Hoa Pili (Close friend) – Page 4

Kono’s found a diving map with an area circled where Jason’s body was found.  So Jason must have witnessed something that got him killed.  You think? Chin’s found an empty drum that smells like Ecstasy which conveniently has a logo on it for Fong to analyse. It links the drugs to a Taiwanese cartel and […]

3.19 – Hoa Pili (Close friend) – Page 3

I guess this next scene is a chance to give Fong some screen time and to show how well he fits together with Kono.  It’s adorbs on one level – Kono and Fong look like they are auditioning for a spot on Myth Busters.  They have goggles on the top of their heads and they give a demo […]

3.19 – Hoa Pili (Close Friend) – Page 2

Next up is a cargument where Danny tells McG he’s an ‘enabler’ for encouraging Kamekona to go for his pilot’s licence.  He thinks Kamekona is delusional for wanting a helicopter business and he doesn’t think anyone would give Kamekona a licence.  Is that a joke about him being overweight?  Here I think the writers are […]

3.19 – Hoa Pili (Close friend) – Page 1

Thanks to for screencaps   This week’s episode opens with a man dressed in black boarding a rather nice looking boat.  For a fleeting moment, I think it is McG.  But no, there’s portentous, Bourne-like music playing although it’s not Matt Damon, it’s Betrayed Husband busting his wife and best friend in bed together.  I feel […]

H50 is more than just McGarrett: Gone but not forgotten (part 2): The Shelburne Suite

This week we are featuring the characters that are gone, but hopefully not forgotten, who are part of the Shelburne story.  This post comes with a disclaimer of sorts in that the analysis of the Shelburne story is based on the research that @AliciaGecko and I did for the Buster project.  If you’re interested in reading about […]

Memorable guest performers: Toast!

You all knew it was coming – Toast!  There’s no way he could be left out of our gallery of memorable guest performers.  No. way. We first meet Toast in episode 1.2 Ohana (Family) when the team is searching for a kidnapped NSA computer specialist.  They ask for Toast’s help – he’s a master hacker, previously known to Danny, and […]