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Caption Crossover: Spies Like Us

Episode 1.6, and Kono’s surfing mentor has been murdered… goodness, this seems like a long time ago. I completely ruined the Big Reveal for McGecko by yelling ‘HERCULES!!!’ at a crucial moment after I had spent the whole ep saying ‘God, who is he?’ at random intervals. Poor McGecko. What he has to put up […]

Caption Crossover: Raging Bull(horn)

We’re in S1, episode 8 this week. Danny’s friend and former partner Meka has been murdered and he’s understandably a little agitated. McG and his as-yet-underdeveloped people skillz are not helping. Plus, he’s always cool, calm and collected, whether he’s having a stand-off over a Blue Hawaii or throwing someone in a shark tank. McG […]

Caption Crossover: The Next Generation

(I’ve decided to start giving these titles of films or other shows, just because I don’t really think there’s such a thing as too mashed-up. Wish I’d thought of this last week. I could have called that one The Back-Up Plan. Dammit.) Back in the pilot again (I might just work my way through chronologically, actually, […]

Caption Crossover

  Thanks to for screencaps   Welcome to our new Caption Crossover theme where we wilfully, shamelessly, recklessly mess up captions and pics in search of FEEEEEEELINGS!! We kick off with a classic moment from the pilot. Danny and McG have only just met. McG’s pulled rank on Danny already by getting the Governor […]