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Reposted: Awful Hair, Ugly Shirts and Moobies – How Mick St John Turned Me

Ok, so I don’t know what happened to the original post.  Sometimes, WordPress can be a fkn koala.  And, being lazy, I didn’t have a Back Up Plan (heh.)  So I’ve had to wing it and rewrite some of this from memory, and I’m running late for work now so this is the best I […]

Interview With the Vampire: Pt 4 – The Dream Team

Mick’s solution to the problem of Lestat and Louis didn’t lie in a fight after all.  This, THIS was the only way… Meanwhile, Mick warms up while Louis and Lestat round up a team. Mick shows off his basketball skillz and the opposing team is getting worried. Lestat resorts to some behind the ball play… […]

Interview With the Vampire: Pt. 3 – BAMF-ires!

Previously, Mick has called Joesiff in to help out his situation with the two strangely effeminate vampires, Lestat and Louis. Both are vying for Mick’s attention – Lestat because he thinks Mick is hot, Louis only to make Lestat jealous. Mick ponders how to deal with the problem… and he and Joesiff decide that the […]

Interview With The Vampire: Pt 2 – Louis tries to make Lestat jealous; Mick has a Back Up Plan

We left Lestat trying to attract the attention of Mick.  Louis decides that two can play at that game, gets his hair did and goes all out in an effort to make Mick notice him, thereby hoping that Lestat will become insanely jealous.  Will it work? Will Lestat realize that Louis is the vamp for […]

Interview With The Vampire: Pt 1 – Louis and Lestat meet Mick St. John