H50 4.06 – Kupouli ‘la (Broken)

There will be a lot of screencaps in this recaps because this episode was seriously beautiful *sigh*. Thanks to bookemdanno, as usual. Mwah!

Yay, Rocky Horror! Three seconds in and I love this episode already. Max and Sabrina are at a party with lots of people who are singing ‘let’s do the Time Warp again’ while not actually… doing the Time Warp. Is doing the Time Warp not a thing anymore? I feel old.


If I didn’t already know Max was Keanu Reeves in Little Buddha I would be completely mystified and I’m not sure who Sabrina is supposed to be (um… Dorothy’s shoe? Best guess) but she looks lovely.

Then a guy covered in blood appears who is even worse at the Time Warp than the partygoers, but obviously he is Not Very Well because he starts attacking people, including Max, and then bites someone. Ew. A cop comes out of nowhere – at first I thought he was just in costume, like in Buffy but no, he really is a cop (although I like my version better) and he shoots the guy twice in the shoulder.


The credits cruelly get our hopes up because Kono is not actually in this episode at all.


Cath’s costume is ‘Woman Who Goes Out Jogging On Halloween Because Her Ex-Boyfriend Got Killed And She Thinks It Was Her Fault Even Though It Totally Wasn’t So It’s ALL TRICK YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS’ or something.




McG thinks it could use some work. Funny! Then they have a strange conversation in the kitchen where McG tells her that she has to stop punishing herself for Billy’s death and has a point because a. it wasn’t her fault and I don’t really get why she thinks it is, and b. judging by the condition of her arm, it was months ago.

Then Cath says that she’s finding it hard because she’s missing the Navy and McG almost completely ignores this and says she has to find something to do with her time so she can move on from Billy’s death. Like she’s a widow. It’s weird.

Then Chin turns up on a motorbike wearing a leather jacket and guh, was I saying something?


OMG, Max made his own costume! And thinks the crazy guy is a zombie because he tried to bite Max when Max was giving him CPR. Chin gives this theory the side-eye, as you’d expect, but then Max comes over all funny, thinks he’s been infected, and faints.

Halloween must be very surreal for ER people.

Ah! Bitey is on drugs and Max was exposed while performing CPR. OK, that makes sense (apart from making no sense at all, because why was Max giving CPR to someone who was conscious enough to try and bite him?) and Bitey is a doctor at the hospital! He was drugged with something called scopolamine which is used in robberies because it makes its victims highly suggestible but too much of it causes violent psychosis.

Time for some completely pertinent screencaps:



Yeah, Danny, you know that’s really bad for your neck. Let me give that a rub for you ;-).

Can we just not mention the toilet paper subplot? I don’t get it. Is it supposed to be funny? I’m just going to be pretend it didn’t happen.

So they’ve found Bitey’s car in the middle of nowhere and wonder what on Earth it’s doing there but then a party bus pulls up and the driver asks if they’re there for the party, because… does he think they look like they’re there for the party? Because no.


They arrive at the party and Danny says ‘I never understood what it is about Halloween that makes girls dress the way that they dress’ and ooh! I know this one! It’s patriarchy! The system which defines roles in society along strict gender lines and peddles the message that the primary role of women is to be attractive because otherwise they have no worth! The system reinforced by the portrayal of women in popular culture such as, say… a TV show that has almost no recurring female characters at all and writes the few it does have as women who value their relationships above their careers! Just to take a totally random example.

(Seriously, was this line a piss-take, or are they genuinely this oblivious?)

Danny says he’s grateful for this, which… can we have Danny back soon please?

They get taken to the guy who’s in charge of the party:


(he’s the one in the frilly necktie. No, to the left. No, your other left) who tells them that the doc was at the party but left with a masked someone three hours before he arrived at the screening.

Chin’s at the hospital because Bitey’s keycard was used to gain access to the morgue after he left the party. The morgue guy says he asked to see the file for someone called Lisa Mills but when they go to check her body, this is happening:


Eek. The morgue guy makes Chin open the drawer. I fistbump my screen. But it’s OK! The body is there. Well, most of it, anyway.



The masked guy attacked Bitey again when he walked out and nicked the head. Lisa Mills died two days earlier in a car accident, but previously she’d gone missing for a month before turning up with no memory of where she’d been.

Aww, Max and Sabrina are cute! Max wants Sabrina to kill him if he gets turned into a zombie but she says she wants him to zombify her so they can eat brains together forever.


Aww! Also, if anyone hasn’t seen Warm Bodies, watch it, it’s adorable.

Chin finds a hidden camera in Lisa’s car um… there might have been some words after this…


And there might have been some more words after this…


And then this happened and I forgot how to word…


And then this happened and I forgot to care that I’d forgotten how to word…


For once, clarica FTW! So, cameras in Lisa’s car and apartment, and there’s also heavy breathing on the answerphone. When they trace the call they find a tunnel, which Danny won’t go into because he’s claustrophobic. Is this a thing now, every Halloween we find out something Danny’s scared of? First it was ghosts, then birds, now confined spaces. He’s going to be a basket case by season ten at this rate.

Back at HQ, Cath’s got some information on the Yakuza from a friend in the FBI (presumably she and this friend’s boss go way back and the boss is totally cool with it).


Chin asks if Steve knows but obviously not, since he’s apparently forgotten that Kono’s even gone. It has to do with money-laundering. Whatever. I’ve lost interest in this storyline. When is Kono coming back again?

McG finds someone in the tunnel and does his usual ‘announcing presence from half a mile away to give them a good headstart’. You’d think they’d have learned by now. They catch the guy (who is the Useless Newbie from Scrubs! I can’t remember his name! Sorry) and find out that the same thing happened to him as to Lisa: kidnapped, drugged, cameras. He tried to cut an imaginary implant out of the back of his head.


Too much X-Files will do that to you.


It’s OK, I didn’t need my ovaries.

I love this scene with Max! McG’s little shake of the head after the McNerding, Danny and Chin waiting patiently for the version in English and then “covered with cysts. That’s weird” bless. The cysts were caused by toxoplasmosis which (fun fact!) is usually caught from cat poo. So if you’ve ever cleaned out a cat litter box, you might have had it (it causes mild flu-like symptoms). And if a pregnant woman catches it, it can cause birth defects, so pregnant women aren’t supposed to clean out the litter box (which is pretty much the only good thing about pregnancy. Apart from the baby at the end, obvi). But that can’t be what happened here because the level of parasites in the victims’ systems meant they must have been infected deliberately, so someone’s conducting human experiments DUN DUN DUNNNN. Just in case anyone watching is unsure of what that means, we get treated to a lovely shot of someone cutting into a brain. Show, you are so good to us *retching sounds*.

Good heavens this is a busy episode. I’m enjoying it a lot :-D.

Time for another completely pertinent screencap? I think so!


The team are trying to think of a link between Lisa and Demps (?), but Max comes up with the goods: they both had MRI scans as children which showed a smaller than average amygdala (the place in the brain where the parasites like to hang out and make cysts). Children who are aggressive and antisocial tend to have smaller amygdalae – so someone is trying to reform problem children and Max thinks he knows who it is!


It’s a guy called Dr Ellery who had been working on this very angle until just before Demps was abducted, when he moved to Hawaii. They check out his house but he’s not home.

Oh, here are the Yakuza people. And who is this in the bikini, sarong and wig? It’s Cath, exploiting her sexuality to get the information she needs instead of using her giant brain. I can’t imagine why girls dress like they do at Halloween *eyeroll*. I have to say though, this scene in the lift was tense because I kept thinking they were on to her. But no, they leave the lift and Cath gets a fingerprint off the floor button (this is rather clever, I like this).

Here is a picture of some brains:


Or, possibly, three different pictures of one brain.

Pertinent screencap time!




Back at the absent doc’s house, the boys have found that the ruffly-necktie’s son was also a delinquent whose small amygdala made him an attractive proposition – they go so see the ruffly-necktie, who is drinking from a heavy cut-crystal tumbler and when he doesn’t tell McG where his son is, McG casually knocks the glass from his hand and it breaks into a billion pieces. LOL!


What happened was: the father paid the doc to move to Hawaii to inject parasites into his son’s brain to cure his delinquency. Wow. I’d say his delinquency probably owes more to having a f/cktard for a father than it does to having a small amygdala. And it was all worthless because it doesn’t work anyway, Lisa died because a cyst burst in her head, but because the father doesn’t know that (and because the doctor is completely unethical and hasn’t actually told him) the doc’s going to inject the son RIGHT NOW!! Oh no!

But it’s OK! When they get to where the doc is, they find that the doc is not, any more. As in, he’s dead. Go Necktie Jr! Necktie Jr is freaking out – not unreasonably – and attacks McG – again, not unreasonably – but McG gets him in a headlock and says ‘shhhh it’s OK’, which I hope he doesn’t try on the baby next week.

Monkey is the toilet paper vandal, which causes Danny to make this face:


Which is about the best that can be said for that storyline from where I’m sitting.

Chin tells McG what Cath found and McG does an admirable job pretending he hadn’t forgotten about Kono completely (and Fong is back next week, so he needs the practice). And McG can’t say squat about Cath being involved because, as she reminds him, it was his idea so he just says ‘so what’s the plan?’ – which presumably means they’ll be going to Hong Kong to rescue Adam and because it’s Cath’s plan, she’s going to be in charge! Can’t wait!







  1. This was so much fun to read. Even more fun to look at the screencap breaks. Thank you.

  2. Fantastic recap, Alicia! Full marks for the pertinent screen caps.

    I give this episode 10/10 for The Pretty. It sure was a feast for the eyes.

    So far this season, I’ve quite enjoyed the procedural part of the show (much better than last season) and this episode was no exception. Max was awesome throughout the episode and the ‘dumbing down’ scene was pure gold. Also, please bring back Sabrina!

    I had the same reaction as you to the party scene. This comment earns a FTW in my book:: “They arrive at the party and Danny says ‘I never understood what it is about Halloween that makes girls dress the way that they dress’ and ooh! I know this one! It’s patriarchy!” Roaaaarrrrrrrrr!

    Also, the toilet paper thing was a bit random and kind of weird, like lots of the ‘character’ stuff this season. I think Scott’s face in the cap you chose pretty much sums up how I feel about it.

    Something’s missing for me in the show these days (besides Kono and Fong!) and I think it’s that the spark has gone from the McG and Danny relationship. I just don’t feel it like I used to and this episode felt a bit flat for me in that department. Mind you, the sense of Team Ohana isn’t there for me in general but perhaps it will return when Kono does.

    ACA with your comment about the weird conversation between McG and Cath at the beginning of the episode. I don’t get why she’d feel guilty over Billy’s death either. And what’s happened to Billy’s company? Can’t Cath take over and run it herself? You know, like she’s a real, independent person with skills and abilities and the determination to do something for herself? Having said all that, her bikini-wearing operation at least resulted in McG taking a smidgeon of interest in Kono. And about bloody time too *claps hands*.

    1. The spark *is* gone. That’s it. That’s exactly the problem. I miss the McDanno bromance that bordered on homo-erotic subtext. Because then, they actually liked each other. Now, we are back to barely tolerating each other. And that’s what leads to sexist Danny conversations about women.

  3. Great recap!! Pertinent screencaps are pertinent. And oh so yummy. McGarrett in that white t-shirt? Um… yeah… was there more to the show? I guess there was. The cotw was interesting and I loved DJ Qualls short appearance. Max was adorbs (but when is he not?) and him and Sabrina making zombie baby plans is my new favorite thing. Though it does make it all the more obvious (to me anyway) that real chemistry can’t be faked or forced. I feel their relationship, of which we’ve seen in a total of two episodes, more than I do the Steve/Catherine one, which has been pushed on us since season three. I will say though, they’ve done a decent job this season making the Steve/Catherine relationship feel more like a real one.

    As for the episode, I will be forever disappointed that we didn’t see Max/Sabrina and all the dancers really not actually doing the Time Warp properly. I mean, they got the rights to use the film, Max is singing along with it, it’s not like they didn’t know what they were watching.

    Things I loved: this episode really had a little of everything and I think fans of all characters (even Kono/Adam) should be mostly happy. Yeah Kono wasn’t seen, but there was some mention of her predicament and a build up which should lead to her return home. Some really great McDanno moments which made this fangirl very happy. The morgue assistant refusing to open the door literally made me lol. That would so be me.

    Things I didn’t love: Cath feeling all weepy and guilty over Billy weeks(? based on the completely healed scar on her arm) later. Sorry Show, I might feel… well something, if you had given us time to actually give a damn about him. As it is, he’s really a non-character not that far removed from a victim of the week. Plot fodder to get Catherine on Five-0 (I still believe that this will be happening, and soon). Which, even putting aside my feelings about the actress/character, just no. Instead of letting Catherine be her own person and finding her own way, she’s going to be “saved” from her now pointless/jobless existence by her not-boyfriend. Sigh. I can’t decide if atplenkov and Show hates women or if he really thinks this is what being a strong woman is.

    Nitpicky but… Steve and Danny have only known each three years, not four like Steve says. On a related note, I really hope we learn how/why Danny is claustrophobic. I sense a story there like there was with his dislike of swimming.

    Often times when I’m reading various reviews and comments on the web, I’m left wondering if people are somehow watching a different version of the show than I am. For example, I saw someone on Tumblr say that Catherine has been kicking patriarchy in the balls this season. And I really, really wanted to ask them why they thought this but… I get enough shit for my supposed Catherine/Michelle hate without “asking” for more by pointing out all the ways she’s not doing said kicking in the balls.

  4. Great recap, Alicia!

    Patriarchy FTW! Wait. That’s not right. But. Yep, that’s what’s going on, Danno, that makes women dress slutty and you be patronizing as shit.

    I thought the COTW was good, especially for a Halloween episode, which I usually hate. Fun way to get Max in costume and to have him talk about zombies. Chin was looking hella good–save the aloha shirt–and frankly, I haven’t laughed as hard this season as I did when Max was dumbing down his explanation. “That’s weird.” (Although, I actually think they are all brighter than they make them look when they are listening to Max. I hate smart-shaming. Is that a thing?) The case was interesting, and watching McG console the victim reminded me of the old, kind McG.

    Thank you for a couple of lovely Danny shots, though this episode made me wonder if his P’dour has fallen a little bit. His head hasn’t been looking quite right…

    All in all, nicely done, kiddo! (And Happy Birthday!)

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