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#h50 – 4:02 – There’s No Kissing in Baseball

  A’ale Ma’a Wau (Fish Out of Water)   First – a huuuuuuge thank you to bookemdanno.net for capping this ep – even though she protested because the pics contain the UGLY CBS LOGO 😉 She saved me a butt load of work because I am the world’s slowest screen capper. I can’t thank her […]

Pt. 3 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Steve McGarrett’s cargo pants, Steve McGarrett’s T shirts and Alex O’Loughlin’s tattoos are the top three searches that bring people to this blog.  Whatever happened to Lori Weston (and who cares, really) follows closely, and Granny’s panties are pretty popular too. (That didn’t really come out the way I intended.)  Here, in no particular order, […]

3.6 – I Ka Wa Mamua – Page 2

Aha! This ep is totally channelling The Princess Bride! Danny’s telling the story to McG while they sit in the car. Even in the car, it’s still very sunny and bright. And yet, still so so blue: Turns out they’re on stakeout waiting for a guy who is bizarrely wearing jeans and a heavy jacket. […]

Pt 2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Looking for Steve McGarrett’s Clothes and Other Random Stuff So, it’s been a while since Part 1 and I thought since operation ‘Send Alex Your Granny Panties’ was posted, there might be some interesting search terms.  There were. Very interesting.   And quite disturbing, in an interesting kind of way.  But more on those later… (just […]

It’s a BAMF Birfday!

h50bamf: How could I NOT do this?? Happy Birthday BAMF Steve McGarrett (and Chuck Norris)!! #stevemcgarrett #chucknorris #alexoloughlin 1. Steve McGarrett likes his meat so rare he only eats unicorns. 2. When Steve McGarrett gives you the finger, he’s telling you how many seconds you have left to live. 3. Steve McGarret actually died 5 […]