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Excuse Me, But Your Gender Bias Is Showing.

Please check your privilege here. If you’re not sure what that means – and it’s highly misunderstood and gets a bad press that I don’t think is entirely warranted – it can be summed up as follows: Elvis checked his privilege before it was cool. So, it’s That Post You’ve All Been Dreading! I’d been […]

When We Differ

“That was excellently observed’, say I, when I read a passage in an author, where his opinion agrees with mine. When we differ, there I pronounce him to be mistaken.” – Jonathan Swift It’s been an interesting weekend here at the Champ Box. One of anger, hurt and tears. One that led me to question […]


Well, it’s been a Chinese curse of an interesting week, hasn’t it? We debated writing a blog post but we couldn’t think how to approach it or even what we hoped to achieve by it, so in the end we decided that staying out of it was the best plan. However. This morning I saw […]