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AtPlenkov’s Annoying Crayon Diary and Storyboard: 3.4

****AtPlenkov’s Annoying Crayon Diary originated at H50 Sardonic**** By @AliciaGecko, @westy5oh and @Andrea_Briz This week’s Crime of the Week (COTW) started out quite simply, then headed in a different direction before wrapping things up neatly without leaving us scratching our heads and saying WTF? (Episode 3.2, I’m talking about you!) AtPlenkov’s storyboard gets slightly more […]

3.2 – Kanalua – (Doubt) – by @westy5oh

Kanalua (Doubt) Just where did Mom go? Cath wears some ugly footwear. The Crime of the Week is totes confusing. But the burning question is -WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICKENS?? I suspected that Joe White would reappear and throughout Season 3, would transport them from safe house to safe house, dragging out the mystery until […]

The Mom Files

Men are what their mothers made them. -Ralph Waldo Emerson You know, I never would have left the island, I never would have joined the Navy, or missed every holiday, every birthday, half of Mary’s life. The day that car exploded, that made me who I am. -Steve McGarrett I can’t wait for S3! Can’t […]