Happy birthday to our Champ Box sister, Alicia, who is celebrating a very important birthday on November 4. Alicia, we love you to bits – you make us laugh, you make us think, and you make us feel part of a very special friendship.  And you’re just as awesome as the women we have featured […]

There will be a lot of screencaps in this recaps because this episode was seriously beautiful *sigh*. Thanks to bookemdanno, as usual. Mwah! Yay, Rocky Horror! Three seconds in and I love this episode already. Max and Sabrina are at a party with lots of people who are singing ‘let’s do the Time Warp again’ […]

Sorry this is a little late, I haven’t been well but I got there in the end :-). We’re in Hong Kong with a street magician who has the mystical patter down pat but unfortunately his tricks are lame and obvious, according to the onlookers (actually, they do have a point) – but then he […]

Kupu’eu – (Fallen Hero) All pics by bookemdanno.net. I really owe her a drink 🙂 I’m not going to do the usual recap for this episode. I’m a little short on time and to be honest, I didn’t think the COTW was that great.  It did set up the whole Billy thing, but other than […]

So we open with Gabby and Jay who are now clearly, um, together.  Jay says they need to tread carefully seeing as he’s undercover, or something like that.  I’m not really listening because it’s Jay!!!!!  And Gabby!!!!! Sexy times indeed. Shay wakes up in Dangerous Liaison’s apartment looking a little under the weather.  Oh dear, this […]

Once again, we have to thank bookemdanno.net for the pics.  And also Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the extra ones. This week you’re stuck with me, Andrea_Briz, for the recap as Westy’s not been well.  So join me in sending her virtual hugs and cups of soup and get well soon wishes. The procedural: In keeping with […]

We’re in Stockholm, where the Red Man Group are handcuffed to briefcases, wearing incongruous flat caps which don’t match their power suits, and taking the subway. Because this is Television Europe, people don’t think there is anything strange about this and try to dance with them. I’m from Actual Europe and I think: weirdos. A […]

First off, I loved this week’s episode.  There was so much going on – intense rescues, lots of character stuff and a few interesting surprises.  To avoid a recap as long as War and Peace, I’m just going to summarise the main developments. Chez Shayveride: Otis is as happy as a kid in a candy […]

Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko (The Truth Within) Once again, I have to thank bookemdanno.net for the pics.  She saved me from a long, laborious process yet again ❤ Mrs Van Horn is looking very alluring  while making a fruit salad, and hoping that Mr Van Horn is horny.  By the looks of the house, this […]

This recap brought to you by a South-Eastern Australian Merlot. And jolly nice it was too.     The episode starts with your typical truck driver, driving his truck, as truck drivers do (I have no idea if this is actually a truck. Over here it’s a lorry but that probably won’t mean anything to […]