#ChicagoFire 2.05: A power move

So we open with Gabby and Jay who are now clearly, um, together.  Jay says they need to tread carefully seeing as he’s undercover, or something like that.  I’m not really listening because it’s Jay!!!!!  And Gabby!!!!! Sexy times indeed.

CF 2.5.1

Shay wakes up in Dangerous Liaison’s apartment looking a little under the weather.  Oh dear, this doesn’t look good. (And what’s with the camera? Yikes.)

CF 2.5.2

There’s a scene in a coffee shop with Benny and Severide but you’ll have to remind me of the dialogue because I can’t remember a word of it.  Here’s why:

CF 2.5.3

Gail and Boden are going head to head again.  It seems that Gail wants to save House 51 but this means putting the Chief out to pasture.  In response to the suggestion of an early retirement, the Chief says: “Kiss my ass.”  You tell her, Chief! (I’m still not sure why does the Chief needs to go.  He’s Chief Awesome, after all!)

CF 2.5.5

Spellman’s been outed as the dobber and the 51ers are not happy.  Casey confronts him in the locker room but Spellman is cool with being the dobber.  I predict he won’t last long in the House.  No one likes a dobber, Spellman.

CF 2.5.7

Aww, Severide’s concerned about Shay after her MIA stunt the night before.  Shay promises to text him next time to let him know she’s OK.  Cute!

CF 2.5.6

Oh, this is gold.  Gabby’s telling Herrmann and Otis about the Arthur situation, that they need to play along with it for a bit as Antonio has things in hand.  They totes don’t believe her.  Herrmann’s face!

CF 2.5.8

Incident 1: A humongous tree has fallen on a house and there’s a baby and a woman trapped inside.

CF 2.5.9

Shay’s still freezing Dawson out so they work separately to assist the victims.  Gabby ensures that the baby is OK and Shay attends to the trapped woman whose jaw is broken.

CF 2.5.10CF 2.5.11

Poor Chief, he’s feeling a bit lost right now at the thought of losing his House.  Isn’t that the saddest face you have ever seen?

CF 2.5.12

Otis is behaving like a frat boy over living at Chez Shayveride.  After Shay unloaded on Otis in the previous episode, she is now ‘his girl Shay’.  Otis, you are adorkable but you’re not one of the cool kids so how about you just stick to being Otis?

CF 2.5.13

Chief Boden is still reeling after being asked to take volunteer retirement by Gail.  Back at the House, he unleashes the full force of his frustrations at Gail onto the fitness test that everyone has to take as part of the new wellness program.  Casey and Severide go to his office after this and Boden tells them about Gail’s move to push him out of the House.  Severide says “this is your House, defend it.”  You go, Severide! Mind you, I’m not sure the Chief has too much fight left in him *sniff*.

CF 2.5.16

Mills and Shay, as the wellness officers, have to conduct the fitness tests. Shay pulls a swifty and Mills ends up having to do Gabby’s.  They are adorable here and I see now how much better they are as friends. Shay’s distracted while taking Clarke’s blood (I think I would be too, he’s cute!) and Mills conducts Boden’s tests; the poor Chief is reaching the end of his rope, I think.

CF 2.5.17

The Chief doesn’t want to get rid of Spellman as we all know what happened last time he transferred a firefighter out.  Instead, someone posts a transfer form on Spellman’s locker.  You know, the pink form that we saw Otis fill out last season when he felt underappreciated at House 51? Get the hint, Spellman?

CF 2.5.18

Isabella’s visiting the House as Mouch reveals his campaign poster.  Sweet!

CF 2.5.19

While she’s there, Casey asks for her help in getting Heather transferred to a minimum security facility so she can see more of her children.

CF 2.5.20

Incident number 2 is pretty gruesome.  There’s a guy impaled on a rototiller in his front yard.  Shay muscles Dawson out of the way to attend to him.

CF 2.5.21CF 2.5.23

Ugh, he has four toes missing and Mills has to get out the heat sensor thingie to conduct a Toe Search.

CF 2.5.24

On the way back to the House, Gabby asks Shay if they can clear the air.  Shay says she’s just fine but her face says she isn’t.  And then a woman cuts in front of the ambulance and Shay follows her and tosses her drink through the woman’s open window.  Poor Shay is clearly not OK – possible PTSD after the Darryl incident and frosty relations with her bestie aren’t a good combo.  I’m giggling at Gabby’s WTF? face though, given the kind of stuff she’s pulled in the past.

CF 2.5.25

Scene of the episode: Clarke waits for a quiet moment to give Shay a pep talk *sniff*.  He understands what she’s going through as he is a former Marine and he lost a mate who couldn’t cope with what he’d seen in Iraq.  I loved this scene – Jeff Heppner, you have my attention!  I hope Clarke stays as I’m really starting to like him.

CF 2.5.26

The pink transfer forms are spawning!  They are all over Spellman’s locker!  He confronts the whole team and appeals to the two lieutenants for support.  But then they whip forms out of their pockets! Hilarious. Spellman goes to the Chief and he does the same thing! “Say hi to McLeod for me”, he says.  Yeah, baby!

CF 2.5.27

Oh my, we have more sexy times – this time it’s Zoya and Severide.   I don’t buy these two together but whatever.  And that scene was just a bit too, um, realistic for me.  Sheesh.

CF 2.5.29

Otis is having a fraternity party at Chez Shayveride to try to cheer Shay up.  Thankfully this means the Z-S scene is over.  Poor Otis, his parties aren’t exactly excitement overload.  Shay’s going to bed and Cruz is clearing out because HE wants to be the one having sexy times with Zoya.

CF 2.5.30

Otis to Mouch: “Living here sucks, dude, I got to get out.”  LOL!!!!!!!

CF 2.5.31

Sexy times between Mills and Isabella are interrupted when Mills calls her Gabby.  Ouch.

CF 2.5.32

Arthur and his pretend strong man, Jay, pay Molly’s a visit and demand more money.  Arthur resorts to smashing the liquor cabinet to make his point.

CF 2.5.33

Jay stands there smiling but later tells Gabby it was really hard for him.  I’m guessing it was pretty hard for Gabby, too, mate.

CF 2.5.34

Casey visits Heather in prison and she looks like she’s not doing too well.  He talks to her about requesting a transfer to a minimum security facility so she can see more of her children.

CF 2.5.35

Oh, I get it, Zoya wants to marry Severide so she can stay in the US.  That’s why she’s mad keen on him all of a sudden.  Because there’s no other reason why, right?  A mildly absurd conversation ensues as Severides gently nixes the idea of a green card marriage.  Alas he’s not such a good candidate for a boyfriend now.  Poor Severide, looking for love in all the wrong places.  Again.

CF 2.5.37

Gail and Benny have a corporate meeting beside the lake and this scene reminds me of why Chicago is on my travel bucket list.  But never mind all that.  Anyway, Gail wants Benny to take over from Boden after he voluntarily retires.  Really?  The 51ers will be dead keen on this turn of events.  Not.  And I’m OK with this story arc from a drama point of view but would a consultant really have the power to reinstate a retired firefighter?

CF 2.5.38

The fitness tests results are back and Mouch is pleased to find out that he’s not in as bad a shape as he thought.  Herrmann celebrates his good results by taking off his shirt which momentarily blinds me.  Woah, dude. Mills takes the Chief’s results to him which show high levels of protein that could be an indicator of asbestosis.  The Chief isn’t keen on hearing this news.  Poor Chief, it’s been a rough day for him *sniff*.

CF 2.5.39

Ah, here’s Amy, the realtor!  I wondered what had happened to her.  Shay’s at a party with her but she looks totes out of place and dead bored.  By some crazy coincidence, Dangerous Liaisons is also at the party and a Dangerous Liaison ensures in a nearby alley. I predict trouble ahead for poor Shay.

CF 2.5.40

Casey’s being adorable with the Darden kids again, this time playing a game of Risk with them.  They ask him if Gabby is his girlfriend as they think that she should be.  Yeah, boys, we think Casey thinks this, too.  Ben is ready to go back to House 51.  Awww.

CF 2.5.41

Otis is tired of the bar not doing well on top of the harassment from Arthur and he wants to sell it.  Zoya just wants a green card and has now moved on to Plan B, Cruz.  Oh, Cruz, settling for sloppy seconds AND a woman who only wants a ticket to stay in the US. Oh dear.

CF 2.5.42

Oh my, Game Day is on fire.  Otis, Herrmann and Gabby rush towards the fire.  Arson?

CF 2.5.43

The final scenes of the episode show Boden tendering his resignation and Benny telling Severide that he’s the new Chief of Not Awesome.

CF 2.5.44

The look on Severide’s face says it all:

CF 2.5.45

Oh no, the next episode is not on air until November 12.  That’s three whole weeks until we can see Severide being a HHF again.  Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Here’s the promo to whet your appetite:



  1. First comment, yes! haha! I love how when you do the screencap captions, the language you use makes it seem like you’re talking directly to somebody! haha! I think Zoya is a little more, let’s just say— desperate than we first thought. I think we will be seeing more of HHF before the next episode- what are pictures for? haha! I’ve got a whole folder of them on my laptop to satisfy my fangirl needs! haha Thanks for another great recap, hope to strike up a conversation soon! 🙂

    1. First commenter! Yay you! Glad you like the recaps. I hadn’t thought of the writers going down the green card route with Zoya. She’ll have a much better chance of convincing Cruz, I think. Poor Cruz.

      And, yes, I might sneak a peek at pics of HHF before the next episode airs. Just a peek, mind you 🙂 .

      1. I actually think Jesse sounds way cuter with his accent, and it seems to me, that when he’s talking fast, his Australian-ness slips through a bit too! 🙂 I find it adorable! I hope Clarke sticks around, I think Severide will come to like him. Wonder if he will ever have 4 people on Squad again… ie there could be a spot for Mills if things work in his favor! 🙂

  2. Great commentary as usual! I do not like the Zoya-Severide hook up at all. Especially since Cruz was so hot after her. I am liking Clarke too, I was hoping all along we wasnt the snitch. I like the Jay-Gabby pairing, but i think Gabby has alot of men in the wings. I dont think shes finished with Mills yet & there is always Casey. Decent episode. I love,love the whole firehouse working together to get Spellman out, shows how they work so well together as a group. Severide’s father coming in is going to be interesting, I hope it doesn’t last long, I want Chief Boden back ASAP. Thanks for a great recap. November 12 is too long!!

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by and commenting and I’m glad you like the recap. The Severide-Zoya thing came from left field a bit, didn’t it? I think I liked Clarke even when I thought he might be the snitch but I like him even more now. That scene with Shay was very nicely done. I think the ultimate plan is to have Gabby and Casey together but the writers will string it out for a bit longer yet. I can’t see Boden being ousted for too long but it will be interesting to see what happens when Benny shows up for his first shift!

  3. Did we just see Severide and Zoya having the big O? Because I don’t need that level of detail! #ew

    Great recap, and another new favourite episode of the season :-).

    Dawson and Jay, woohoo! She doesn’t waste much time ;-). I have a bad feeling about this though, I fear it’s going to end up as a ‘the strain of pretending we hate each other is going to ruin everything’ :-(. I hope I’m wrong because I really like them together :-(.

    “There’s a scene in a coffee shop with Benny and Severide but you’ll have to remind me of the dialogue because I can’t remember a word of it.”

    There was dialogue? 😉

    The Chief telling Gail to kiss his ass was pure class. She’s a devious cow. And yet, I still like her :-).

    The transfer forms almost had me crying (and at one point, spitting cordial at my screen, because I’d just taken a mouthful when Casey and Severide took theirs out and it nearly went everywhere) with laughter, and then sealclapping because it was just.so.funny.

    I can’t believe how much I am liking Peter Mills again this season. When he wound Gabby up about the stool sample! I loved that bit, I like them being friends, they’re cute together. But ouch, when he called Isabella ‘Gabby’. I cringed for him.

    Heather in jail, yeah it’s hard (that is kind of the point), but she drove drunk and she killed someone. And not a-couple-of-glasses-I-really-thought-I-was-under-the-limit drunk either, she was full-on wasted. I expect her friend’s parents are missing her a hell of a lot as well. (I honestly did try to be sympathetic because of it being the anniversary and all that, but my heartstrings are resolutely untugged. She should be counting herself bloody lucky she didn’t kill herself as well, frankly. Ooh, I’m a coldhearted bitch, aren’t I?).

    Zoya, what the hell? She didn’t really think Severide was going to go for that, did she? But poor guy, he just can’t catch a break, hey? Everyone always seems to want something from him.

    “Herrmann celebrates his good results by taking off his shirt which momentarily blinds me.”

    LOL! I did not see those guns coming, I have to say!


    Dangerous Liaisons (heh) looks all kinds of bad news (“it’s OK, I’m a photographer”, what the hell? THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT OK!!). I have to say though, I don’t blame Shay for ditching Amy because she was dull as ditchwater. I’m not surprised she looked dead bored. Dangerous Liaisons is scary, but she also looks WAY more fun!

    I think Clarke talking to Shay was my favourite scene in this ep. Comes to something when the newest guy in the house is the one who’s actually trying to help her, doesn’t it?

    Benny is completely delusional if he thinks this is a good idea. I mean, look what they’re doing to Spellman and that was just their opening salvo! “Chief of Not Awesome” is about right. And Severide didn’t look exactly thrilled about it, did he?

    I can’t believe they’re making us wait three weeks for the next episode! F/ckers.

    1. nance1031 · · Reply

      I totally agree with you about Heather. She knowingly drank and drove. I get that Casey wants to make things easier for the boys, but teaching them that you can get away with murder (well manslaughter) just because you have had a rough go of it doesn’t make it right.

      I am pretty coldhearted when it comes to people breaking the law and being held accountable for it. I am ok with Heather staying in jail for a while. To your point- jail is supposed to be hard, it is a deterrant so that you realize that actions have consequences.

      1. ACA with the Heather thing although I do like that she accepted responsibility for what she did. Nothing can change the fact that she drove drunk but it was a stupid mistake and she’s paying for it now. I imagine being in jail is no picnic no matter what the level of security. I’m just wondering where this is all going because I’m not sure Casey will be guardian for the whole 15 months. So far this season we’ve seen little of him outside of caring for the Darden boys. It’s cute but I’m kind of over it (cold hearted I am too!).

        And it’s an interesting issue to consider given what Cruz did last season for his brother. The message from all that seemed to be that his remorse was enough but I am still not sure where I stand on that one.

        1. You can’t blame Casey for being a little out of it, this is a huge adjustment that he must get used to- I think we need to give him at least until episode 2×07 (since 7’s a lucky number) until we can start judging his parenting skills. I think it would ruin the boys to have any other guardian. At least they trust Casey! I think CF should let him run free with his accent! haha that’s the only thing i’d change!

          1. I think he’s doing a fine job of caring for the boys. I was thinking more about the development of his character and the role in the show as to whether the writers will keep him as guardian for the whole 15 months and focus on this so much. That would take up pretty much the whole season and they may want to show other things happening to him. But I guess he can still be guardian and have other aspects of his life and his character in general developed.

            1. i can’t help but think what’s gonna happen when Heather gets out

    2. I agree- i think that this whole pretending thing between Jay and Gabby will end up doing more harm than good

      1. You are probably right. Added to that is the PD spin off series starting after Christmas and I’m not sure whether the writers will go for a ‘crossover relationship’ between Gabby and Jay.

    3. Yep, I think it was The Big O. A little too much detail for me, too.

      LOL, I have no idea what Benny said to HHF in the coffee shop *sighs*.

      “Kiss my ass” was epic CA. You have to give props to Gail for the way she coolly put the Chief out to pasture. She didn’t even bat an eyelid. She could have been talking about what she was having for lunch not someone’s future.

      I love that the transfer forms are pink! The looks on Casey and HHF’s faces when they whipped theirs out of their pockets was gold.

      Peter Mills is a huge improvement on the Season 1 Version. The stool sample joke was funny but the poor guy must have been thinking about Gabby still when he was with Isabella. That’s New Relationship 101 stuff, avoiding the use of your ex GF’s name. Oh well.

      The marriage thing was a bit bizarre, I agree. But if you’re going to marry someone just to stay in the country, it may as well be someone who looks like HHF, right? Poor guy, when will someone want him just for him? Renee treated him like an attractive accessory and I didn’t like that at all.

      Dangerous Liaisons looks like a whole lot of dangerous fun and Dull Amy doesn’t really seem like Shay’s type anyway.

      The Clarke scene hit me with the force of a sledgehammer because he’s been so quiet so far and we didn’t know much about him He’s been keeping a low profile and the writers had us thinking he was the dobber but suddenly he comes up with those heartfelt words to help Shay. Loved it.

      Chief of Not Awesome is going to have a tough time of it, I reckon. The 51ers all love Boden and they won’t like that he’s been pushed out much less replaced by Benny.

      The next episode looks EPIC!!! I’d calling it as on a par with 1.02 which will always be one of my favourites.

  4. I loved the scene with Clarke and Shay! I almost shed a tear! I’m loving Clarke now- and jumped to conclusions way to quick about him! I am proud of my arsonist suspicion I made, I was right about that! Hadley was always on the top of my list! Now, what is this ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ thing, I’m confused! 😦 This was a great episode, and I think I may be as distraught as Shay waiting for November 12th to come around!

    1. I believed every word that Clarke said. Great scene!

      Dangerous Liaisons was a 1988 historical drama film based on a French novel and play. It was nominated for a few Oscars including Best Picture, I think. (Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer starred in it.) It’s basically about 18th century naughtiness amongst the French aristocracy just before the French Revolution.

  5. nance1031 · · Reply

    Excellent recap- as always 🙂 Clarke and Shay in that PTSD scene were fantastic. I am super happy to see Clarke being a stand up guy.

    Did you notice how Dull Amy put her hand over Shay’s glass when she went for more wine? Not cool!!!!

    Zoya is a bit of a sneaky snake eh? I have a feeling Cruz is going to get suckered into a green card marriage.

    If they make CA sick I am going to be royally pissed off. Poor Chief- you are right, his “sad face” was the sadddest face ever.

    Benny-boy now I see your end game and I do not like it one bit. Severide’s face at the end of that scene summed it up perfectly. Good job HHF.

    I am thinking that Arthur set Game Day on fire to frame Otis, Hermann, and Dawson. This is not going to go well for the folks at 51.

    It’s going to be a long 3 weeks

    1. Good idea about Arthur- I would find that not surprising if that turns out to be the case. I can’t see Cruz as married, nor can I see Severide as ever getting married. Maybe Casey though… (not to Zpya of course, but to someone…) Do we really think that Shay is coming down with PTSD?

    2. Yeah, Dull Amy’s wine blocking move was not cool. Obviously she thought Shay was drinking too much, and she was probably right, but that is NOT what you do to another adult.

      1. Dull Amy! ACA about the wine. Fine to want to help Shay but that’s not the way to do it.

    3. Arthur as the Game Day arsonist! Good idea.

      I hope CA not’s sick either. That sad face cap was quite enough to be dealing with.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz agrees to the green card marriage.

      1. I would actually hate to see anyone get married, besides Casey. He’s the only one I could ever see getting married on this show. I hope no one falls into the Zoya trap, because that is just a bottomless pit! Just apply for another visa girl!

        1. Not sure what the rules are like in the US these days but is it as easy as marrying someone to get a green card? Not sure how hard it is to have a visa extended.

          1. i don’t even know and i’ve lived her for 16 years! LOL maybe i’ll do some digging for y’all later

  6. “realistic” oh boy was it ever 😯

    1. yeah- I love Jesse! His accent is amazing! haha! 🙂 He’s a great actor too! 🙂 I wonder what will become of Shay if she officially gets diagnosed… Honestly that wouldn’t surprise me because that scene with Daryl was very graphic. (Although, the behind-the-scenes pics of how they did that scene are super cool! Shay had a smile on her face while looking at the set-up they were using!) ha! I hope we can see our Shawson ship get back together- i don’t like the tenseness. Too bad Shay is gay, because Clarke would be a catch! 🙂 haha lol

      1. This is may be my Australian-ness showing through here, but I think Jesse sounds way better using his natural accent.

        It’s my understanding that Shay’s downward spiral continues for quite a bit of the season so she may end up being diagnosed with PTSD. You can’t blame her for that, though, as I can’t imagine dealing with what happened to Darryl.

        I hope Shay and Dawson are back to being BFFs soon, too.

        Clarke is lovely, isn’t he? I wonder if he is going to become a permanent fixture in the House? There’s a spot free, I suppose, with Hadley gone now.

    2. LOL!!! I was struggling to find the best way to describe it 🙂 .

      1. There was so (too?) much kissing in this episode!! For all the episodes with NONE, I think they could have spread out (ha!) the sex scenes a little more.

        1. Just posted a new story to fanfiction, for any of you who like to read! Andrea told me to let her know when it went up! 🙂

      2. There was so (too?) much kissing in this episode!! For all the episodes with NONE, I think they could have spread out (ha!) the s.x scenes a little more.

  7. Also Jesse Spencer’s eyes in that scene with the Darden kids? Gorgeous. That green T-shirt made his eyes POP.

    1. Truth. I still have trouble thinking of him as anyone other than (a teenage) Billy Kennedy. He’s all grown up now *sniff*.

  8. I’m finally catching up on your recaps since I finally got to watch all 5 episodes yesterday. Yes all 5 in one day! I decided to try this show last season to see how LG would do. I was never a fan of her character on H50 but I absolutely LOVE Shay. Actually I appreciate all of the characters on this show, even the ones I’m not fully sure of yet. I’m talking to you Benny…What’s your end game? And you Zoya…Severide isn’t going to marry you but I wouldn’t rule out Cruz if I was you.

    I really enjoy your recaps although the one thing I didn’t like was when you pointed out the next new episode isn’t for a number of weeks. 😉 Had I known that yesterday I might have paced myself instead of binge watching 5 episodes.

    1. well now you have an excuse to rewatch them all again in like 2.5 weeks, to prepare for what being called “a very powerful episode” I binge watched 18 episodes, back to back for 17.5 hours one day in June! it was amazing! 🙂

    2. JDD, so nice to see you here *waves*. Glad you are caught up on season 2. ‘Binge watching’ – LOL! ACA with your comment about LG. I did a double take in the pilot because I wasn’t a Lori fan at all but I soon grew to love Shay. LG does a brilliant job and deserves all the accolades she is receiving for the role (not to mention kudos for surviving the H50 sh*tstorm). I have no idea what Benny is up to either and I agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz jumps into the green card marriage.

      I know, how are we going to survive for three weeks without a new ep?

      1. even for Cruz, I wouldn’t like that marriage scam! he deserves better!

  9. We all love HHF here right? Andrea said I could post my newest story here, and I’ll tell you, HHF is in for some wild things! There are perks to being my favorite character! haha!

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