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Happy Birthday, Infant!

Happy Birthday to our resident McNerd and military/SEAL expert – @GLBali – aka Gracie – aka Infant.  Hope your day is totes awesome! Lots of love from Andrea and westy. x0x0 ***Warning: you will need to set aside ten minutes to view Gracie’s birthday present. And be prepared…the story and the video -they’re full of […]

Happy Birthday, Momo!

To one of the BEST photographers and crazy Canucks we know…hope your day is filled with enough wonderful things that you won’t want to put your camera down for a second 🙂 (All non H50 pics copyright of @heymomo) (H50 pics by @neropatti and bookemdanno.net) To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about […]

A birthday card for Momo

Happy, happy birthday to our Canadian mate – a top Sheila for sure! Hope you have a fantastic day. Love you heaps xxx (OK, so it’s not your actual birthday in Canada yet but it is in Oz, so happy birthday!) Please click here for the full pdf version of the card (best viewing!) Momo_card

Happy Birthday @Andrea_Briz

To a bonzer sheila – wishing you a day filled with love, laughter and cake. Lots of cake!  Thanks for finding us in AOLand. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, my friend. XOXO Here’s a little bromance for you 🙂

Happy Birthday, @AliciaGecko!

  Steampunk and crayons, the CLAW and the chickens Tats and Kit Kats, with these things she is smitten When I post on my blog, I can’t wait for her comment And that is the end of my #awkwardchickflickmoment Happy Birthday, Alicia! Thanks for being so clever, so funny, and so.bloody.awesome!

50 Shades of Steve

    To Justine – I hope you have a wonderful birthday, mate!  May all your dreams come true! Love you heaps! xxxx Chapter 1 Justine absentmindedly flicked through a magazine while waiting for Governor Denning to see her.  The Governor really needed some new reading material – she was pretty sure she’d read this […]

Hungry Eyes – The Conclusion

“Ess & Alex” pencil sketch by stephaniejane2.

Hungry Eyes

I’ve been meaning to tell you I’ve got this feelin’ that won’t subside I look at you and I fantasize You’re mine tonight Now I’ve got you in my sights With these hungry eyes One look at you and I can’t disguise I’ve got hungry eyes I feel the magic between you and I Ess […]

Gracie’s Birthday!

Today is Infant’s birthday.  Another year older, and yet…still an infant.  And we wouldn’t have her any other way.  So for you, Gracie…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!