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H50 3.24 – Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care) – Page 3

31. They convince Rafael to let them help him get his son back in exchange for information about the attack. He tells them that it will be in San Francisco but he won’t tell them anything more until his son is safe. Then they have to hustle him out of the building because the Feds […]

H50 3.24 – Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care) – Page 2

17. One of the missing phones (oh yeah, the killer nicked the Feds’ phones, I forgot to say. Soz) made two calls to a house in Waipahu after the plane landed, so they go in with thigh holsters and Kevlar-a-go-go, but the house belongs to Rafael’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son – and the […]

H50 3.24 – Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care) – Page 1

  Slightly different format for the recap this week (I’m a little short on time and I didn’t want to scrimp on the screencaps 😉 ). Off we go!   1. Oh wow, the sneak peek was the opening scene! Didn’t see that coming. 2. Even this many Useless Coppers are no match for McG […]

3.23 – He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business) – Page 4

Tyler Cain returns to the tower and negotiates with Steve to exchange Mom for the microfiche, in his office, in five minutes. When he gets there, Steve has a cosy little fire going in the waste paper bin.  Cain mentions that he was going to call the police, but he sees they’ve already arrived.  Which […]

3.23 – He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business) – Page 3

Steve heads back to Mom’s where he insists that he’s going with her to recover the microfiche.  Because ‘three retirees, launching a covert op? How do you think that’s going to go down?’  I’m thinking that Steve is just a little bit ageist. He also tells Mom that he’s lost her once – he’s not […]

3.23 – He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business) – Page 2

Steve arrives at Mom’s house and confronts her with the FBI evidence.  Busted! Mom seems very keen to get Steve out of the house for coffee, when Steve hears a noise and discovers Mom’s mission control centre.  Mick, the boyfriend/PI and Wade (remember Wade – he helped rescue Steve from North Korea. Remember North Korea? […]

3.23 – He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business) – Page 1

Hey, it’s Westy here.  Sorry for the late recap! All pics by Two black clad figures are being chased through a field by a security guard.  Having seen the Ninja promo pics for this episode, I mistakenly think it’s Steve and Mom running.  The guard falls into a hole  and injures his knee.  The […]

H50 3.22 Ho’opio (to take captive) – Page 3

Moving forward with the case, Chin is looking at security camera footage from around Ella’s house and he notices that one particular car keeps coming back into view. I think that’s not so unusual as I get lost all the time but actually, it turns out to be Fake Police Officer Helen Cantera (again, this […]

H50 3.22 Ho’opio (to take captive) – Page 2

Kono has the HPD file and it looks like Amanda’s abduction was suspected as being part of a child trafficking operation. But if she didn’t ever leave the island, then what happened to her? Meanwhile, Kono is at Adam’s house snooping around trying to find evidence of what he’s up to. What kind of relationship […]

H50 3.22 Ho’opio (To take captive) – Page 1

This week’s episode covers some pretty serious territory – child abduction – and I came into it wondering how the subject matter would be dealt with in the Hawaii 5-0 context. There was a sense of ‘reality’ to the episode (missing from the last few, I have to say). This was reinforced for me as […]