For those of you not familiar with H50 Sardonic Recaps  – which is where I met the best group of Psycho Internet Friends ever – here is an illustrated dictionary of some of the terms and abbreviations we use.  Because we are lazy.  And because I wanted to post more pics of Alex.

(Some of these are not specific to Sardonic only.)

FUCUPS – please comment if you think of any that I left out!


ACA: ALL CAPS AGREE– ‘Steve McGarrett is a BAMF.’   ‘ACA.’


ACDA:  ALL CAPS DISAGREE – ‘Steve and Lori would make such a cute couple.’   ‘ACDA!!!!!’

‘Get off me!’

ACAxBL2I&B – ALL CAPS AGREE x Buzz Lightyear “To Infinity and Beyond”:   ‘Steve McGarrett is HOT!’ ‘I cannot ACA enough, so I must ACAxBL2I&B.’


Alex’s 6:  Dat fine ass.

When I walk in the spot yeah, this is what I see ok. Everybody stops and they staring at me. Got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it. I’m sexy and I know it! Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.

BTTF:  Boulder To The Face – S1 – Episode Ma Ke Kahakai when McG gets whacked in the face by a boulder.

BUP/TBUP:  The Back Up Plan.  Where we were introduced to funny Alex, and Tractor Stan. And those abs.

Ride me, Stan!


COTW:  Crime of the Week.  Sometimes lame, sometimes convoluted.


C.nts:  What ESS calls us when we become too involved in plot.  Really…how can we notice what’s going on when Alex is in the scene?  Because we are c.nts!

ESS:  The majik table.  Because when ESS saw a pic of McG resting dat fine ass on it, she wanted to BE it. Also ESS – otherwise known as Alex’s biggest fan in the whole wide world.

Alex’s 6 and ESS introduce themselves.

Eyesexing:  What Steve does so well.

Eyesexing = instant pregnancy.

FKN KOALA:  When something is really messed up.  ‘I can’t access any pics of Alex because Twitter/Wordpress/Facebook/tumblr is being a fkn koala today. **Personally, I think this is way too harsh on cute little koalas.

This little guy is so cute. He wants to be Steve McGarrett when he grows up.

Flail:  Urban Dictionary explains it best:  the act of hyper speed talking about one’s fandom and/or obsession. Squeeling, clapping, gasping, obsessive behavior dizziness, speechlessness and random dancing are all symptoms.

FLR:   Fkn Life Ruiner.   Because he is.  If you haven’t met the man of your dreams yet, Alex is an FLR because he’s ruined you for any other man.


FOY:   Fountain of Youth.  Always ALL CAPS.  It resides in the Champ Box.

I wish my mum would arrange a play date with the FOY for me.

FOY FRAMES:  the Double Thigh Holsters. Framing the FOY so beautifully.

FOY Frames show up better on the TAN cargos. But I like the black ones better.

FUCUP:  Foy United Cuties Urging Pantslessness: First coined at Sardonic.

FWA:   Fkn Work of Art.   The new and improved  back tatt.

A masterpiece.

His Faaaaaaaaaace!His Faaaaaaaaaace!

Koala:  When something is messed up.  See FKN KOALA

LLWL:  Lying Liar Who Lies.  Usually directed  at AtPlenkov. eg ‘Alex will only miss one episode of Show when he gets treatment.’  Just for the record, Mr Plenkov – ten seconds of recycled footage does not constitute an appearance in Show.

LoHo:  Agent Lori Weston.  Somehow this got shortened from L to the G to LoHo (LOri from HOmeland Security.)

Poor, poor LoHo looks on as McCath gets it on.

Mc:  Used as a prefix for anything McGarrett related. (McAwesome, McGorgeous, McAbs, McScruff – do I need to go on?)

McNerd:  When someone asks a question, and someone else (most likely Infant) will go off and find the answer (plus heaps of extra information)

I’m gonna google this Alex O’Loughlin guy. He seems quite popular.

McG Spot: We’ve all got one!

MOONEY:  Moonlight fanatic.  Meeeeeee!


Mousey Mousey:  Any reference to Alex’s Libra Tampon commercial

NotMcG: Our significant others.  Not McG, yet we love them.

SHEILA:  Infant’s friend who hates The Oyster Farmer.  SHEILA got a shout out in 2:1 when McG was rocking the orange and doing push ups in his cell.  He loves the FUCUPS so much, he scrawled SHEILA’s name on his wall.

Special K:  Agent Jenna Kaye – Prairie girl, misguided LLWL, betrayer and bloody good throwing arm.  RIP.

‘Take off your pants’

SBJ&TO:  Sweet Baby Jesus and the Orphans.  First said by Wee Jayne on Sardonic.  Used as an exclamation of awe or wonder.


Shopping in Bang-Cock:  What Cath does with McG.  And where she buys cute dresses.  In yer face, LoHo!

Toe Porn:  What makes Momo squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

TOF:  The Oyster Farmer.  Zzzzzzzzz.  Oh, sorry.  An Aussie indie movie much loved by 9 out of 10 FUCUPS. *yawn*

Ok, ok. There were *some* good moments in TOF.

TOFFY:  Someone who loves that boring movie.  (SHEILA and I are not TOFFYS.)

TPD:  Total Panty Destroyer.  aka Alex O’Loughlin.


TS: Tramp Stamp – the prequel to the FWA.

Unffffff:  When no words can describe him.

WhyIs:  The FUCUP lament.  Week after week, from episode 2:2 right through to episode 2:16, we asked ‘WhyIs LoHo?’  There appeared to be no valid reason to introduce her character, she performed tasks that any of the other Five-0s could do, she took screen time away from the team.  We were never allowed to get to know her and perhaps like her.  And then, THEN she exited show after revealing her feeeeeeeelings for Steve.  Oh, and the team.

Thanks to H50BAMF and AOL Rocks for pics.  And anyone else whose pics I used 🙂


  1. Picture dictionaries were always my favorite when I was a kid…. I see that hasn’t changed one bit!!!

    1. Pic Dics FTW!

  2. Loved it! Especially your captions, as per usual.

    Personal favourite is the gif of Cath opening the hotel room door, because it looks like he barks at her, like a dog. Which is exactly how I would want him to say ‘hi’ to me if I were letting him into my hotel room. (I would growl back. In case you were wondering.)

    1. Ha ha, Alicia! I really didn’t see the whole barking thing the first time, so I had to go back and look at that gif over and over and over and over. I think I see it now 🙂

  3. This is so perfect I could cry!!!

    I suggest also “shopping in Bangcock” which is what Cath does with McG. (and throws it in LoHo’s face in epi 16). Hehe

    1. Oh yeah and besides lol’ing (hard) at the “get off me” caption, I want to say my fave is of course when Alex’s bum and I first met. It was magical!!! And firm but squishy. You’re welcome.

    2. Updated 🙂 Your approval always makes my day 🙂

  4. Loved it and picture captions were great, but what´s up with that Mick pic!? Is his jaw hurt? Special love for Loho about to get that pineapple on her head and of course TOF log! 😉

    1. That Mick pic…he is showing me with his tongue what he wants me to do to him! I’m glad you like the falling pineapple, Paula – that’s my fave too!

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    toep0rn FTW!!
    I love this dictionary SO MUCH!
    So much it made people on the streetcar look at me funny for giggling…

    1. “So much it made people on the streetcar look at me funny for giggling…”

      How is this different from any other day, Momo? 😉

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Guilty as charged!

  6. Great picture dictionary!

    Ah, my favorite is the pic of McG and Danno in suits. I LOVE a man in a suit and it looks like McG is eyes.xing. Flails. FLR.

    1. I have so many favourites of McG that I can’t pick a favourite any more. It changes daily.

  7. spurschick · · Reply

    So. Much. Fun! The gif of him in camo makes me a little sad. 😦 This was before rehab and he just doesn’t look like he’s feeling well at all. I’ll just block that one out and focus more on certain screen grabs from TOF, which I haven’t seen yet.

    1. Awww, Spursy, don’t be sad 😦 That pic certainly is a lot different to his chipmunk cheeks now, but I just love his expression.

      And don’t rush off to see TOF. Trust me 😉

      1. Don’t trust her. I mean, after all – she admits that she LIKES KOALA’s!

        A TOFFY

        1. I love TOF and I luv DAT ASS… it!!!!

  8. Love the pictures and your captions. In honor of how much I did not like LoHo (caption for that hug “get off me”). Can you add WhyIs for her because it further questions her presence as in WhyIs the on tthe screen at all? That’s the only other one that came to mind.

    1. Done! WhyIs has been added. Don’t know how I forgot this one in the first place. Thanks, cvc!

  9. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    First off, on Monday night I went to visit my cousins, they are 5 and 4. During dinner the 5 year old boy jumped on his chair and started dancing around going “I’m sexy and I know it! Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.” I almost fell off my chair. It. Was. Hysterical.

  10. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “McNerd: When someone asks a question, and someone else (most likely Infant) will go off and find the answer (plus heaps of extra information)”

    LOL. Is that your way of saying I talk alot?

    I was staring at that pic of him when he goes to Catherines hotel room and then noticed the one below it was him in the suit and then it was like what pic of him in cammies?

    “SHEILA: Infant’s friend who hates The Oyster Farmer.”
    LOL. I love that Sheila gets a mention. Steve did write her name on the wall after all. 😉 We should also clarica that Sheila is not her real name.

    “TOF: The Oyster Farmer. Zzzzzzzzz. ”
    ACDA!! 😉

    The last pic…yeah there are no words.

    Great job Westy!

    1. Thanks Infant! And the answer to your question is…..yes. 🙂

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply


    2. Did anyone notice that Sheila was spelled wrong on the wall?????? Anyone?

      1. Yeah I totally know how that happened. I remember putting that all together and wanting the letters to be centered & yet visible on either side of him… I was focusing on my composition & not my spelling… so I got mixed up.

        But yes this happened in stick universe not real life!!

        1. Awwww….honey I’m sorry…..I’m sorry I confused something I saw on my TV screen with one of your sticksteve! creations…..or wait maybe that is the highest compliment you have yet to receive? Your renderings are so life-like that Justine can’t tell the difference between them and what they were based on? I’m totally flying with that!
          Anyway Sheila doesn’t follow the “i” before “e” except after “c” rule so there!

          1. It is pretty much the highest compliment I have EVER received… EVER!! Did you like my “real life” collage I just made for you? And also for me, so I can remember spelling???

            1. spelling is my cryptonight…..true story.

              1. heymomo · · Reply

                This made me stop and laugh hysterically. NO LIE!!

                1. My work is done ;-P

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I like that it took allll this time for someone to notice. 😛 Also thanks for the inclusion of the right arm in the collage. 😉

          1. 😀 you are quite welcome and I mean it when I say: ANYTIME!

  11. The picture of the FLR in the suit! McG is EYES.XING everything in the room, making me FLAIL! SBJ&O!!!! If the LLWL’s and the hair/makeup poeple would stop being FKN KOALA’s and let the gray hairs be themselves – he would be even more of a TPD, if that’s even possible. He is like the Bermuda Triangle of hotness – THAT FAAAACE up top, THE FOY and ALEX’s 6 down below! And, trust – at the FUCUP convention – 2014, we would duct tape Westy and SHEILA and make them watch TOF until they surrender to the awesomeness and become TOFFYs . UNFFF.

    1. I love you.

      1. Real love? If so… ditto

        1. The realest.

    2. The only person who’s gonna duct tape me is my boyfriend, right after he points a gun at me. Then next week, we’re having take-out and giggling about it all. Our own little version of 50 Shades.

      1. 50 Shades of Yakuza lovin.

        Love you Westy, despite your lack of TOF LUV

        1. I think the FUCUPS used up all the TOF love…by the time I got around to seeing it, the Cup of Love was empty. Love you too!

        2. 50 Shades of Gley: A Guide to Yakuza Lovin’. !!

  12. annieoakley · · Reply

    Wait, what? There’s a FUCUP convention coming up? Have you decided where it’s going to be? Maybe in Bang-cock. Any other location-suggestions?

    1. Bang-cock. Or Phuket maybe? Or Treasure Island, Lizard Island, Gun Island, Cock a too Island, Snake Island (yes please!), Long Island, Bootie Island, Nob Island, Daydream Island. I could go on, but I’ll stop now. 🙂

        1. 2016 season 7…..A’s 40’s bday……we could all put on party hats, track him down, and throw confetti/panties at him!!!

  13. annieoakley · · Reply

    BTW – I’m currently on vaca with the family on Kauai – all the little touristy gifty places sell these signs that say “Mahalo – please remove your shoes.” All I can think of is scratching out “shoes” and writing in “PANTS”

    1. You HAVE to buy one!

  14. Sari (pngwengurl) · · Reply

    BEST. POST.EVER!! Especially for a techno-dinosaur like me. Now I feel like a cool kid!

  15. Hi, Westy, just discovered this after Alicia told me to check it out. Hilarious. Will have to study it closely so I can use the terms (correctly). My NotMcG will definitely think I have gone mad now 🙂 And my kids, who think I am, like, a total dinosaur….

    Love the Whyls, BTW. Totally agree with your explanation. Spent all of those eps desperately waiting for her departure so we could get back to normal. Total cheering in our house when she finally did.

    1. Hi Andrea, glad you found the Champictionary! You’ll be a FUCUP before you know it 🙂

      1. Think I am on my way to FUCUP status? Is there some sort of initiation into FUCUPhood that I need to go through?

    2. FOYeur · · Reply

      Andrea, did your family just dislike her of did you hear what others where saying before you saw her? (in other words were you influenced before hand or did you just not like her performance or her character?)

      1. Good question, F. I remember now that when S2 started, we were a few weeks behind the US so I’m sure I’d read negative comments about Lori (on imdb, I think, which I now try to stay away from). But I know my kids (huge fans of the show) hadn’t read any of the comments but we just didn’t like her from the get go. Reasons: pretty much the same as Westy outlined above – the character was poorly written (didn’t ever do what she set out to do which was keep an eye on the team) and worst of all, she totally messed with the team dynamics. Too much of the writers shoving her front and centre for our liking. Less screen time for Kono, who doesn’t get much as it is, and way too much less of the bromance. Like for example the episode where McG does that charity fight – Lori was all over him when it should have been Danny stressing about him getting hurt. I am still completely at a loss as to why she was introduced as she served no real purpose and like Westy said, she did stuff other team members can do and we didn’t get to know her at all and then she made a lame (but welcomed) exit. One of the main reasons why we like the show is the ‘ohana’, the Fab Four and their support for each other, and of course the funny antics of Steve and Danny. Having Lori totally messed with that. I also think there was zero chemistry between Alex and Lauren German and also with Lauren and Grace/Daniel/Scott. That’s why I hope the writers don’t make the same mistake with Catherine – Lori kind of ruined S2 for me and I am hoping for a better S3. We like the other characters – Joe, Max, KK and I liked Jenna even though she turned out to be a baddie. But I like them because they have a part to play and they don’t mess with the Fab Four.

        There endeth the sermon! (hadn’t planned to write that much but once I got started, I just kept going LOL).

        1. I just always wonder about it. I was greatly infuenced but I went in with an open mind and thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt.
          The only other influence I had, was that I saw both Grace Park and Lauren as guest stars in “Human Target” and I loved Grace in it but not Lauren
          I never saw Battlestar Gallactica, so Grace was a new face to me – And I think she has done such great work with Kono, even with the little screen time she gets!

          1. Interesting. My beef wasn’t with the actress so much as the character. I kind of felt sorry for LG as she seemed to be getting some very negative reactions to her role (and to herself as an actress). Can’t say she did much for me as an actress, either, but my main problem was with the character herself. I had never seen Grace Park nor Lauren German in anything prior to H50. I watched the original Battlestar Galactica (oh dear showing my age now…. but hey I was VERY YOUNG when it was on) but didn’t see the remake with GP. Love her as Kono, though.

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              I’ve watched the original BSG. 🙂 I’ve also seen the re-imaged BSG. It took me episodes (and episodes) to stop seeing Grace Park BSG SPOILER WARNING as Sharon the cyclon….

              Interestingly in BSG she played a character that was originally a guy and well the same has happend with h50. Yay for shows getting with the times and having more females in the main cast.

              1. “I’ve watched the original BSG” When it was on originally? Prob not, Infant LOL. I had a major crush on Apollo, who was played by Richard Hatch. Ah, the good old days…..

                Yeah, agree, the women in tv shows are much more front and centre and less for decoration than they used to be. And more BAMF, too!

                1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                  Richard Hatch came back for quite a number of episodes in the new BSG. I like the new Apollo better. 😉

                2. The original BSG was a regular Friday night thing for me. Captain Apollo was one of my first major TV crushes. Of course, I was only like two years old then 😉

                  1. Me, too Westy! And, yes, definitely only like 2 years old then 🙂 Also liked Logan’s Run and remember watching Buck Rogers and Space 1999. Yesiree, those were the halcyon days of sci fi tv….

  16. Sari (pngwengurl) · · Reply

    Well, I can think of one initiation that we’d all like to participate in. The line forms behind me ladies! But until that time, welcome aboard. BTW, my not McG and kids think I’m totally bonkers too!

    1. I like the way you’re thinking, Sari! And thanks for the welcome. Actually my family members are all big Alex fans (NotMcG even liked ML) and we always support Aussies doing well on the world stage. But the whole blogging thing has my NotMcG a bit puzzled. What does he know, hey?

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        Tell him, it keeps you young and in touch with the world!

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