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In search of Alex: So near yet so far

Part 2 of my Hawaiian adventure is all about Hawaii 50 and my search for filming. Stumbling along some filming (and Alex!) was always going to be a bonus and I was determined not to let my fangirling overshadow our holiday.  However, I knew that episode 3.23 was being shot while we were on Oahu and I was […]

Two fangirls walk into an island

The H50 Champ Box proudly presents a fangirl story by @fangirlsage: What Andrea_Briz did not tell you about her trip to Hawaii was that the true highlight, outside of getting smiled at by Ian Anthony Dale, was getting to meet with a fellow fangirl:  me.  Live and in person. With shave ice. *** Let’s back up a […]

My Hawaiian adventure

I’ve just returned from a two week family trip to Hawaii and I thought it would be nice to share some of my photos, to showcase the beauty that is Hawaii. I know we’d all agree that Alex is part of the beauty that is Hawaii but I’m not sure even HE could compete with […]

On Koalas, Unicorns and Grumpy Cats.

  We’ll be back soon. Love to you all! ❤     Thanks to for screencaps

Sassy In Her Smarts (Happy International Women’s Day!)

  Show and women. Hmmm. It’s a tricky one to tackle because Show isn’t very good at women. It tries, bless it, but it usually gets it just a bit… off. But it’s a day when we celebrate women, so let’s celebrate the times Show got it right. Or at least, the times I think […]

Operation SAY GP – Part 2

********************************* There was a young lady called Tink Who said to her friends, with a wink ‘Let’s buy some big knickers, And adorn them with stickers Poor Alex won’t know what to think!’ * So she went to the store without fail To buy those big knickers on sale Decorated with glitter Her friends all […]


For those of you not familiar with H50 Sardonic Recaps  – which is where I met the best group of Psycho Internet Friends ever – here is an illustrated dictionary of some of the terms and abbreviations we use.  Because we are lazy.  And because I wanted to post more pics of Alex. (Some of […]

Wanna send Alex ur Granny’s panties?

After Alex’s recent revelation that his fans send him panties – some clean, some NOT (WTF women of the world??)  Justine wants to organise for all FUCUPS to send him some big old granny panties.  Clean.ones. Must be new. This page is for you to nut out the details. Me – I may not be […]

The Oyster Farmer (TOF)

I’ve always held the opinion that Australian movies are either very good or very bad. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. I can’t remember ever watching one and thinking ‘that was ok.’ Some I’ve watched and thought ‘wow, that was brilliant’ and some I’ve watched and thought ‘WTF were they thinking?’ My biggest […]

Alex is SO not a Bomber’s Fan….

This pic proves it. I found it on the internet, so it must be true. Alex shows Gracie just where his Aussie Rules loyalty lies. And why wouldn’t he support the Mighty Eagles, the greatest Aussie Rules footy team evah!