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Memorable guest performers: Toast!

You all knew it was coming – Toast!  There’s no way he could be left out of our gallery of memorable guest performers.  No. way. We first meet Toast in episode 1.2 Ohana (Family) when the team is searching for a kidnapped NSA computer specialist.  They ask for Toast’s help – he’s a master hacker, previously known to Danny, and […]

Memorable guest performers: The amazing Tzi Ma

This week we are back in season 1, in episode 1.14 He Kane Hewa’ole (An innocent man).  We are featuring the incredible performance of Tzi Ma as Mr Chi, the father of Han Chi.  Han is killed when the car he is driving – which contains a severed head in the trunk – crashes during […]

Memorable guest performers: Morty

This week’s memorable guest performer, Morty, appeared in a recent episode, 3.7 Ohuna (Secret).  Actually, this episode is FULL of great guest performances but we’ll feature them in separate posts down the track. Now I’m a bit biased here as I loved this episode.  If you’ve read the recap I wrote for Westy’s Champ Box, you’ll see […]

Memorable Guest Performers: Julie in the Jungle

This week’s memorable guest performer post is from episode 1.16 ‘E Malama’ (‘to protect’).  Julie Masters, played Mariana Klaveno, is a key witness in a case against the leader of a major drug cartel, Aaron Brenner.  Julie has been placed in a federal witness protection program and is being kept hidden in a safe house in the jungle […]

Memorable Guest Performers: Patty Duke

A new feature of The Champ Box this year will be our weekly post featuring notable guest performers. Sometimes guest performances are phoned in, others are brilliantly executed to work alongside the main cast for a truly memorable episode.  We will be highlighting some of those memorable performances, both from well known actors and those not-so […]