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#ChicagoFire 2.05: A power move

So we open with Gabby and Jay who are now clearly, um, together.  Jay says they need to tread carefully seeing as he’s undercover, or something like that.  I’m not really listening because it’s Jay!!!!!  And Gabby!!!!! Sexy times indeed. Shay wakes up in Dangerous Liaison’s apartment looking a little under the weather.  Oh dear, this […]

Chicago Fire 2.04: A nuisance call

First off, I loved this week’s episode.  There was so much going on – intense rescues, lots of character stuff and a few interesting surprises.  To avoid a recap as long as War and Peace, I’m just going to summarise the main developments. Chez Shayveride: Otis is as happy as a kid in a candy […]

Chicago Fire 2.03: Defcon 1

Screen caps this week are brought to you by So much going on in this week’s episode! Apologies in advance for the 46 – yes, 46 – screen caps.  But there were just so many incredible faces in this week’s episode that I had to capture them all. Check them out: Casey is having some […]

Chicago Fire 2.02: Prove it!

Screen caps by who amazingly makes them available the day after the episode airs in the US! Yay! Renee’s back!  She totes excited about the baby kicking.  Severide, on the other hand, is not. Casey is babysitting the Darden boys and he has his hands full. Gaby comes over to help.  Awww.  It looks […]

Chicago Fire 2.01: A problem house

It’s sunny in Chicago again!  We’ve gone full circle with the weather.  It’s a bit windy though. (Sorry, actual weather fascinates me because where I live it’s hot and then it’s a bit less hot and then it’s hot again and that’s basically it.)  Anyway, Shay and HHF (Handsome Heroic Firefighter, our name for Severide) are having […]