Chicago Fire 2.03: Defcon 1

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So much going on in this week’s episode! Apologies in advance for the 46 – yes, 46 – screen caps.  But there were just so many incredible faces in this week’s episode that I had to capture them all.

Check them out:

Casey is having some dramas with Darden children minding.  The older boy, Griffin, is not happy about his new circumstances.

This is Casey’s serious face as he tries to make headway with Griffin:

ChiFire 2.3.1

Things are hotting up a bit between Dawson and her Nameless Bar Patron.

This is Dawson’s ‘I really like you’ face:

ChiFire 2.3.2

Poor Severide!  Shay mentioned their new apartment and the vacant third bedroom – and now Otis, Cruz and Mouch are fighting over who is going to take it.  Did anyone ask Shay or Severide whether they want any of these guys living with them?  Hilariously, Severide says: “This isn’t cheerleader trials.  You guys have got to work this out amongst yourselves.”  Uh oh.

These are the faces of three men dead keen to move into Chez Shayveride:

ChiFire 2.3.3

Severide tells CA he thinks that Hadley is the arsonist.  CA’s not buying it and doesn’t want to hear anything further about it until there is proof.

This is Severide’s tried and true ‘seriously, you’re not buying it?’ face:

ChiFire 2.3.4

Incident number 1: A car has gone through a guard rail and into the lake.  Severide’s suited up for the rescue.  I understand that Taylor Kinney learnt how to scuba dive for this scene.  Cool.

ChiFire 2.3.5

Wait, not cool.  The guy in the car doesn’t make it.  This scene is really well done but it’s very confronting for me as I am completely and utterly terrified of water.

Check out Gaby’s face as she realizes the guy isn’t going to make it:

ChiFire 2.3.6

Poor Mouch, he’s lonely since Mari left and that’s why he wants to move into Chez Shayveride.  Otis and Cruz seem like they are a bit lonely too.

This is Cruz’s face at the thought of all the gorgeous women he will meet if he moves in:

ChiFire 2.3.7

Mouch needs 200 signatures for his Union president nomination.  Gaby suggests he speak with her friend, Isabella, who has experience working with a Congressman in Washington and now she’s back in Chicago to set up her own political consulting firm.  Herrmann thinks it’s overkill as Mouch isn’t running for POTUS.  LOL! (This makes me think of 24 and the hilarious recaps I used to read on Television without Pity where they always talked about the POTUS and the FLOTUS.)  Shay just wants to know if Isabella is hot.  Sadly, she may be hot but she’s also straight.

This is Gaby’s face as she tells Mouch about Isabella:

ChiFire 2.3.8

Severide checks that Mills is OK with his father entering House 51.  Mills is not OK with it but relents when Severide explains it’s for the arson investigation.  Mills, stop being such a big baby.  Oh, wait, he goes outside and shakes Benny’s hand and says he can put everything behind them.  Well, sort of anyway.

Look at Severide’s ‘I hope there won’t be another bust up’ face:

ChiFire 2.3.9

OK, I know this next scene is supposed to be serious but I can’t help giggling.  Benny wants CA’s permission to investigate Hadley, saying he fits the profile: white, male, unmarried and lacks a stable personal relationships, comes from a broken home.  CA says that fits the profile of many of the firefighters in the department.  Including Severide himself.  Hehe!  CA is not happy to find out that Severide has already confronted Hadley but Severide says the ‘prove it’ response is pretty telling.

Severide’s pulling out his ‘this is my convincing argument’ face here:

ChiFire 2.3.10

Otis thinks there should be a contest to determine who gets the third bedroom at Chez Shayveride.  He suggests the Cinnamon Challenge but Mouch isn’t keen as it’s dangerous!

Check out Otis’s face at the thought of a cinnamon challenge! That Otis!

ChiFire 2.3.11

Dawson gently asks Mills how he’s going and then everyone notices that Benny is in the House.  Shay lets Severide’s suspicions about Hadley slip.  Mills doesn’t take it too well.

This is Shay’s ‘oops, I shouldn’t have said that’ face:

ChiFire 2.3.12

Casey is called to Griffin Darden’s school because he’s in trouble for punching another kid.  CA, under pressure from Gail, isn’t too keen on Casey coming in late to shift and then taking off for some personal time.  Clarke notices the exchange between Casey and CA so you can bet he’s passed it on to Gail McLeod.

This is the face of a dibber dobber:

ChiFire 2.3.46

The school principal is not too happy with Casey’s care of the Darden kids and he’s going to call DCFS if Casey isn’t up to it.

Then Dawson pops in – just like that –  and pretends to be Casey’s girlfriend to get the principal off his back.  Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

Just look at Casey’s faces here as he marvels at Gaby in full force:

ChiFire 2.3.13

ChiFire 2.3.14

Gail’s at the House to question the Chief about Hadley’s transfer and she calls into question his leadership.  She points out that he let Hadley’s unacceptable behaviour go unreported and now he’s accused of being an arsonist.  Ouch. Her face says it all:

ChiFire 2.3.15

Cruz is getting more and more suspicisous of Clarke.  He invites him – and his wife – over to Molly’s.  Clarke conspicuously notices Casey’s return from his personal time out.

We do find out something of Clarke’s personal life here – he asks Capp to remove his wedding ring for him as his wife left him recently.  Ouch.

ChiFire 2.3.16

Ambo Convo number 1: Dawson’s telling Shay about the ‘pretending to be Casey’s girlfriend’ thing and she’s totally fine with it.  Shay thinks that Dawson is totally into Jay.  Right, we know Nameless Bar Patron is called Jay!  And I love Gaby’s happy face:

ChiFire 2.3.17

Incident number 2: Shay and Dawson are called to assist man who has had an unfortunate accident with a nail gun.  Ouch!  Dawson asks the guy’s mate to cut the board he is attached to but the poor guy can’t stand the pain.  Shay takes over with the saw.  Just like that.  Awesome!  Her parting shot: “Oh, and you guys should be wearing eye protection.”  Gotta love that Shay.

This is her ‘girls can do anything’ face:

ChiFire 2.3.18

Herrmann’s got a beer tasting stall set up outside Molly’s.  Cruz is flirting with Zoya (check out his flirty face).  Otis tries to set up the Cinnamon Challenge.  Mouch is out.  It all fizzles anyway as Otis has bought cumin not cinnamon!  That Otis.

ChiFire 2.3.19

It’s Mena Suvari!  She is Isabella, Gaby’s friend, and she’s going to help Mouch with his Union president campaign.  She’s impressed right off the bat with Mouch’s firm handshake.  Because, you know, he wipes his palms on his pants before he shakes!

ChiFire 2.3.20

Mills notices how lovely Isabella is and then notices how happy Gaby is with Jay. This is Gaby’s second ‘I really like you’ face of the episode:

ChiFire 2.3.21

Uh oh, Game Day has shut the beer tasting down because Herrmann has broken happy hour laws.  There are happy hour laws? Herrmann’s going to go to ‘defcon 5’ with Game Day except that Otis reminds him that this is actually the lowest level.  LOL!

Check out their faces in this scene!  Priceless.

ChiFire 2.3.22

Benny’s helping Shay and Severide move their stuff into the new digs.  Benny says he wants to help his son with the arson investigation and lend support after the Renee thing but Severide’s not buying it (see, that’s his ‘I’m not buying it’ face).  Turns out Benny is on a break from his wife at the moment.  Ahhh.

ChiFire 2.3.23

Oooh, things ARE hotting up between Gaby and Jay!

ChiFire 2.3.24

Check out her dreamy face:

ChiFire 2.3.25

Isabella has set Mouch up with an online profile!  Adorbs.  And he just got retweeted.  I like Isabella – look at her ‘retweeting’s a cinch’ face.  She’s picked up that Mills is keen on her but then realises that he’s Gaby’s ex-boyfriend.  But it’s OK, Gaby’s cool with it.

ChiFire 2.3.26

As expected, the House is in trouble after Casey left shift for personal reasons.  So now they have to file a request and allow time for a relief to be brought in if they want to leave mid-shift.

This is what the Chief thinks of filling out paperwork:

ChiFire 2.3.27

Otis is also in strife for the Cinnamon Challenge and gets a full blast of CA-ness.  No one knows where to look.

This is what the Chief thinks of the cinnamon plan:

ChiFire 2.3.28

And this is Otis, rethinking the cinnamon plan:

ChiFire 2.3.29

Go, Herrmann!  He’s venting about the snitch and he looks pointedly at Clarke.  He’s just putting it out there, you know, but the tension is rising.

ChiFire 2.3.30

Then Hadley turns up!  Wearing a smug face  There’s more tension, broken only by a call out.  Surely Hadley’s the arsonist and evidence will be uncovered soon?

ChiFire 2.3.31

Incident number 3: The fire is in a structurally-unsound house and then a man comes flying out of one of the top windows.  He asks the team to find his girlfriend who is still inside.  Severide and Capp have gone upstairs but the girlfriend is in the basement.  Casey and Mills go into the basement but the fire worsens.  They find the victim but she needs to be brought out of the building on a ladder through a window and then Mills and Casey come out too.

ChiFire 2.3.32

Casey spots Hadley amongst the crowd watching from across the street.  Severide loses his cool and several bystanders are filming the altercation on their phones.

This is Severide losing his cool:

ChiFire 2.3.33

Awww, it’s Casey and the Darden kids again, preparing to visit Heather in prison.  This is his reassuring face:

ChiFire 2.3.34

It’s pretty scary for the poor kids, as you would expect, and they’re really pleased to see their mother.

ChiFire 2.3.35

Check out Casey’s face here:

ChiFire 2.3.36

Shay’s talking Severide down off the ledge re the Hadley thing.  He wants to go full on but she cautions him to let the proper authorities handle it.  Severide, you’d be lost without Shay!

ChiFire 2.3.37

Otis takes things to defcon 1!  He’s called the Fire Marshal to report Game Day for an over capacity crowd.  Go Otis!

And look at the defcon 1 faces:

ChiFire 2.3.38

Oh, poor Cruz.  He’s been flirting up a storm with Zoya who tells him he’s adorable but then she goes off with Severide! (He got his car fixed already?) I felt really sorry for Cruz here.  It must be tough to compete with someone who looks like Severide.

Cruz goes from this:

ChiFire 2.3.39

To this:

ChiFire 2.3.40

Awww, more Casey Awesomeness with the Darden boys.  He promises not to go anywhere.

Those ice creams sure require some serious concentration:

ChiFire 2.3.41

Otis is going to replace the Cinnamon Challenge with the Cracker Challenge but Cruz doesn’t care as his heart has just been smashed into tiny pieces.  He’s out.  So Otis is moving in with Shay and Severide?

This is Cruz’s brokenhearted face:

ChiFire 2.3.42

Aww, Isabella’s tutelage is working and Mouch is gathering the signatures he needs.  Mills and Isabella are flirting.

See, this is her flirty face:

ChiFire 2.3.43

Arthur turns up for his 1%.  Nice, Show, continuing a story that was set up last season.

ChiFire 2.3.44

Arthur’s not happy with his measly share and outs Jay as his ‘assessor’.  So now Arthur wants more money.  Poor Gaby, she’s having trouble processing Jay’s betrayal.  She sends Jay packing.

This is her angry face:

ChiFire 2.3.45

So, my theory is that Jay is an undercover cop because I am sure this guy is in the spin off Chicago PD series.  My guess is he is trying to bust guys like Arthur and is pretending to work with him to extract more money from Molly’s in a kind of a sting operation.  But we shall see.


  1. Main takeaway from this episode: Shay needs to use power tools once an ep. Minimum.

    Otis leaning over and saying ‘you know that’s the lowest level?’ and then Hermann telling him to shut up was hilarious! I love Otis, he’s been one of my favourite characters from the start. And he has a beautiful smile.

    I am SO hoping you’re right about Jay, I thought there was some real chemistry there and he didn’t seem smug when he left the bar. And poor Dawson :-(.

    Respect for Peter Mills went up a notch. I mostly liked him in this ep (being all put out over Gabby and Jay when he’d just been perving at Isabella was a blip, but he recovered well…).

    Casey in the prison *sniff*.

    And at the school… it was a cute scene but I would have liked to have had Casey handling it himself. It was a bit ‘oh, these is a child-related issue, obviously we need a woman in here to sort it out because women know about kids and men don’t’.

    Dibber dobber! Haven’t heard that one in a while :-).

    1. That’s a vote from me for Shay and power tools. Loved that scene, especially when she told the two guys to wear eye protection. #shaylove

      The defcon stuff was funny. I hope I picked the screen cap that best showed the bit you mention – Otis just leaning in a bit and telling Herrmann that it was the lowest level. Gold. Otis is really coming into his own and I like that he’s more a part of things than he was at the very beginning. And, yes, his smile is lovely.

      I hope I am right about Jay too! I like him despite his dodgy behaviour thus far. I agree re the chemistry with Dawson. Her face lights up when she sees him 🙂 .

      Good point about Mills – he did handle the situation with Dawson and Jay quite well in the end. I don’t want him to be petulant all the time because I kind of liked him at the start of season 1. I just don’t think he’s the best match for Dawson.

      Casey was pretty awesome all round in this ep. But I totally see your point about the school thing. As I was watching it, my first thought was that the principal was a bit hard on Casey given that you’d have to expect some fallout with the boys after all that’s happened to them. But then he changed his tune in an instant, after Dawson showed up. So yes, it would have been good to see Casey handling it himself and not falling back on the old ‘women know how to deal with kids better than men’ thing. Dawson’s got Antonio’s kids whom she spends time with – remember the pictures of them in her flat – but she’s not a parent herself and anyway I had no clue what I was doing (still don’t really) when I became a parent.

      Dibber dobber – you say that too? ‘Snitch’ isn’t a word we really use here but dobber sure is!

      1. We say ‘dobber’ (you can also dob on someone or dob them in, which both mean to snitch. We don’t really use ‘snitch’ except in a Quidditch context) but I’ve heard ‘dibber dobber’ – probably on Australian soaps :-).

        I liked Mills at the start as well, hopefully they’ll get back to that. I don’t mind having someone who stirs things up a bit, but they have to be likeable (like Gail). He just became annoying.

        Yeah, there’s no reason Gabby would have known what to say. Casey’s the one with the experience of being in that situation, after all. It was good that she was there to show that he wasn’t trying to do it by himself from a practical perspective (given the nature of his job) but it made him look inept because he’s a man, which is just as sexist and annoying as saying a woman can’t do something.

        1. We use ‘dob’ in the same way and LOL, you probably did hear dibber dobber on an Australian soap 🙂 .

          ACA with your point about making Casey look inept and it definitely is sexist and just as annoying as saying a woman can’t do something because she’s a woman. Sure, his job makes it hard to care for the boys but he’s quite capable of figuring things out for himself. And yes, he’s been through this situation so he’s better placed to understand it than Dawson is despite her being pretty good with kids.

  2. This was a busy ep! The action sure doesn’t drag, does it? I’m glad we got resolution as to why Jay was snooping in the cash register, but poor Gabi. To have that happen in front of everyone, how embarrassing for her. If/when Jay arrests Arthur for his crooked ways, I hope she can feel better about herself. She was used, absolutely, just not in the way she thinks.

    1. Busy indeed! I liked it, there was plenty going on but it didn’t seem too crowded. It’s good to see the writers building on things that happened in S1 but also bringing in new stuff.

      I figured Jay for a cop, only because of the spin off, but I didn’t make the connection to Arthur at all. Nicely played, Show. You are right, it was very embarrassing for Dawson to have that happen in front of everyone. I wonder if the relationship will keep going? Jay sure has some explaining to do though! I still think there is chemistry between them so we shall see. I guess this story arc will also create other links (besides Antonio) to the spin off which I think doesn’t air until your mid season? Is that right?

      PS: I hope we see Voight again soon!

    2. Maybe if he grovels enough, she’ll forgive him? *hopeful look*

      1. Let’s hope so. I am dying to see him explain it all to Dawson. That should be interesting. Her angry face was well, very angry.

  3. Also — Otis has the *best* smile, and I really love how Cruz’s idiotic “residual tail” theory of the benefits of rooming with Shayveride got thrown back in his face in a big way, not that I liked how hurt he was, because it was sad, I think he really did like Zoya, and I’m sure Zoya and Severide are NOT going to be a couple, but just the idea that he would be happy with Severide (or Shay’s) sloppy seconds was just not worthy of him (or anyone).

    1. Otis does have a lovely smile and I love that he’s smart (defcon 5 is the lowest level!) and also a bit devilish. Poor Cruz – you are so right, his residual tail theory backfired big time. My heart went out to him, though, when he saw Zoya go off with Severide, just like Otis’s face when he took a shine to Tara and then saw her zone in on Severide. I thought I read somewhere that there is relationship stuff for Cruz and Zoya this season so maybe they get together eventually. I hope so because I don’t want to see his little heart shattered too much. His face *sniff*. And yes, it is sad to think of anyone being happy to settle for the sloppy seconds of The Beautiful Ones. (I bet Severide just wanted some fun with Zoya as he’s having a rough time over the arson thing and Renee too I suppose. But she abandoned her post – the bar got busy after Otis snaffled the Game Day customers and she just took off! Tsk tsk. But then, it is Severide we are talking about, right?)

      1. Um, Cruz killed someone last season, I’m happy with karma making him wait a bit longer.

        *snort* serve beer or get in a car with Severide? Ooh, that’s a tough one… 😉

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          Yes, he let someone die last season, that’s true, but I still feel sorry for him, I can’t help myself.

          Yep, I bet it took Zoya all of a nanosecond to choose Severide over serving beer.

          1. I feel sorry for him, but it does seem too soon for him to be getting the girl. Heather’s in jail and he didn’t even lose his job in the end. Nah, he can suffer a little longer (I am so mean!).

            1. You meanie! (kidding) I can’t quite explain why I am OK with Cruz. I didn’t like what he did last season, of course, and I wish there’d been consequences for what he did (besides him dealing with the guilt) but I don’t know, of the things I didn’t like about last season (Tara and Shay baby story arcs for example) the Cruz issue is not such a big thing for me. That sounds terrible because he allowed Flacko to die which was totally against what he’s been trained to do.

  4. I love this show, so many good looking men. haha
    Cannot wait for tonights new episode!

    1. Hi Sophia, welcome to The Champ Box. Thanks for commenting. It’s a tough job looking through the screen caps each week to pick the best ones. Not! I’m looking forward to the next episode too. Check back in a few days and we’ll have the recap up.

    2. Hi Sophia :-).

      I’ve just watched this week’s episode, now I can’t wait for this week’s recap so I can start talking about it! What a great episode! 😀

  5. Awesome recap- thanks for doing this. Not much to say on this episode- I loved it 🙂 Casey just makes me happy.

    I found it funny how uppity Clark got about Hermann’s snitch accusation I mean seriously dude- you ARE the snitch. Dial down the self-righteousness or someone may think you doth protest too much!

    1. Nance, it was a good episode, I agree. Casey was all kinds of awesome.

      I see your point about Clark but he’s in a tough position – he doesn’t really want to be a dobber/snitch, I reckon, but he’s been forced into it by Gail. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    2. Forgot to say thanks! Glad you liked the recap 🙂 .

    3. I love Casey *sigh*.

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