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#H50 – 4.04 – Runaway bride

Once again, we have to thank bookemdanno.net for the pics.  And also Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the extra ones. This week you’re stuck with me, Andrea_Briz, for the recap as Westy’s not been well.  So join me in sending her virtual hugs and cups of soup and get well soon wishes. The procedural: In keeping with […]

Pt. 4 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

It’s time for another installment of the search terms people use which bring them to the Champ Box.  The most popular searches continue to be for Steve McGarrett’s cargo pants, Steve McGarrett’s tattoos, and yes – is Lori Weston returning to Hawaii Five-0.  There are clearly some die-hard Lori fans out there who just won’t.give.up. […]

Mele Kalikimaka – Steve and Danny Go Christmas Shopping

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve –  December 21st has come and gone, and the world is still standing, Steve wakes up early and decides he’d better get some Christmas shopping done. Luckily, he’s put some thought into present-buying this year, but after a busy day fighting crime in Honolulu, can he make it to […]

3.6 – I Ka Wa Mamua – Page 3

Danny goes to a smoking ruin of a house with – eww – a charred torso on a stretcher outside. Is there NO dignity anymore? (and one day, I WILL get around to dropping Mentoes in a soda pop. Possibly when I have a bigger garden.) Max is doing a Body Part Jigsaw and awww, […]

The Mom Files – 1:4 (Spoilers for episode 3:5)

Mom is cramping Steve’s style.  Or is she? Maybe Mom wants some Joe White time, and needs to get rid of Steve. Will Steve turn into a creepy, unmarried middle-aged son who never leaves home and looks after Mom when she’s old and infirm? And if you’re wondering when Mom and Steve got a cat, […]

3.5 – Mohai (Offering) – Page 1

Oahu October 31 An HPD officer is cruising in the sticks when he hears a call on the radio about a pedestrian disrupting traffic. The pedestrian appears intoxicated and is without pants. Women everywhere are secretly hoping that McG had a few too many Longboards and is wandering the streets. Nope – not this time, […]

3.4 – Popilikia – (Misfortune) – Page 5

The final scene for this week is set at Kamekona’s yet again. Kono, Danny, Chin and Cath are enjoying some of KK’s fare when McG and McMom pull up. This scene is very well done and Alex is terrific at conveying the emotional turmoil that McG is currently experiencing. That faaacceee! McMom asks McG what […]

3.4 – Popilikia – (Misfortune) – Page 1

Guest recapper this week is @Andrea_Briz – who told me that her dream job would be as a TV/Movie reviewer. (My dream job would be applying cover up to the gecko.  I would be so bad at it that I would have to do it over and over and over again.) Thanks Andrea for another […]

3.3 – Lana I Ka Moana – (Adrift) – Page 3

Catherine, having left the harbour meets with Kono at Headquarters, concerned that the boys are three hours over due. All Catherine knows is that Steve was taking Danny to a spot where and his dad used to fish. I love that Steve continues to share these places with Danny, even if the most disastrous things […]

3.2 – Kanalua – (Doubt) – by @westy5oh

Kanalua (Doubt) Just where did Mom go? Cath wears some ugly footwear. The Crime of the Week is totes confusing. But the burning question is -WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICKENS?? I suspected that Joe White would reappear and throughout Season 3, would transport them from safe house to safe house, dragging out the mystery until […]