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Guest recapper this week is @Andrea_Briz – who told me that her dream job would be as a TV/Movie reviewer. (My dream job would be applying cover up to the gecko.  I would be so bad at it that I would have to do it over and over and over again.)

Thanks Andrea for another different style to our Champ Box recaps!

Amazing gifs by the talented @neropatti

Sugar Daddy gif by lovablesinns on tumblr

Misc pics by bookemdanno.net

Note: I’ve posted as separate pages to allow you to comment on each page.

This week’s episode opens with a couple wandering around China Town and since this is Show, we know they are (a) going to discover the COTW or (b) be involved in it. The woman (Girlfriend in Green, or GinG) suggests they go for a psychic reading but the bloke (Boyfriend in Blue, or BinB) is totes not interested. But they go in anyway. The first card that comes up is ‘the fool’ and there’s lots of eye-rolling discussion between GinG and the psychic reader which is essentially aimed at BinB (the fool, of course!). And, hey, it’s Bai Ling, who’s rocking the psychic reader role. BinB has his back turned and he’s texting so we know he’s not into it. But I give him props for multi tasking as he’s still coming in and out of the convo. Way to go, BinB, you might be a fool but you can do more than one thing at a time! (McBriz, take note!)

While Bai Ling is beautifully turned out as a psychic reader, I am having a little trouble making out what she’s saying. But the general gist of it is that the death card is drawn so we know something nasty is on the horizon for GinG and/or BinB. I love it when GinG is all, ‘you mean a metaphorical death, like the end of something?’ but Bai puts the kybosh on that idea and tells her that death is death. Period. (Or full stop, depending on where you live.)

We cut to the Madsen Estate Practice Field and I’m thinking that this is a really long Show opener. Where’s the theme song? Hope we don’t need something more than the crayon drawings of @AliciaGecko and @westy5oh to understand what’s going on this week. Anyway, GinG, who’s now in red, is getting a horse ready for polo practice. I am thinking about the death card and now there’s portentous music playing so I’m sure that death is coming to someone pretty darn soon but alas, it’s just the BinB (still in blue!) being a tool and scaring his girlfriend. Tool.

Still no theme music so I am STILL waiting for the death card prophecy to come true. Meanwhile, BinB is practising polo on a lovely field with a gorgeous ocean backdrop that I am soaking up; also, happy music is playing so I absolutely do not see what is coming next. I mean, I expected to see death but not this, so I will write it in caps: BinB IS DECAPITATED!!! I’m watching this episode with my daughter and we both gasp and grab for the rewind button at the same time. Did that actually happen? BinB rides through the goal and instead of scoring, he loses his head, which is sliced clean off by garrotting wire. Garrotte 1; BinB 0. We finally get the theme music not before we see BinB’s head lying on the grass. Wow, this one even tops the End of March!

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  1. BinB was SUCH a tool. And he couldn’t have tacked up the horse himself? Lazy ar*e.

    I jumped out of my seat (well, off McGecko’s lap) when he was decapitated! And it turned out you needn’t have rewinded it, because Show gave us a flashback. Thanks for that Show. Really, once was enough. #ewwww

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      You really need to get a second chair. Unless the point is to sit in McGecko’s lap…

      1. It is v comfy, but it has a habit of suddenly becoming v uncomfy. #oversharing

        1. How very rude of McGecko 😉

  2. Even though I knew it was coming, the decapitation was pretty damn entertaining. I mean, wow, what a way to go! I was sad for him for a second but then laughed at his head bouncing on the greens & then spent the credits discussing with Mr JK about how come in this day & age of incredible CGI & other assorted special effects, decapitated heads look exactly like what they really are… rubber masks over a styrofoam manequin.

    1. I love that you were sad for him for a second. I was.. “meh”

      1. I was wondering “How long till McRoll?”

      2. I’m always sad for a *second!* I mean… it’s a person. A fake fictional person who I’ve known for 2 minutes, sure….

        1. Know what you mean. The decapitation was pretty out there and even though BinB was a tool, it was a pretty shocking way to go….

    2. LOL. I didn’t really notice as still reeling from the decapitation itself. We were expecting BinB to die of course but didn’t anticipate it being that way!

  3. spurschick · · Reply

    The moment at my house…

    Show: *slice – followed by head rolling on ground*
    Me: “SWEET!!!!!”

    And for the record, the DEATH card does not mean DEATH. Don’t be giving Tarot readings a bad name, Show.

    1. I thought the decapitation looked pretty cool too. Someone in the writer´s room like severed body parts. We´ve had them since season 1, don´t think other cop shows have quite as many.
      And other shows have always taught the death card does not mean death but a change, and can also be for the good. So this was a bit silly. Btw I couldn´t make out what the Bai Ling was saying either, very strange accent and mumbly….

      1. Paula, so glad it wasn’t just me who couldn’t understand what Psychic Bai was saying….

        1. When she mumble mumbled something and BinB said ‘I heard that’, I thought ‘I didn’t. Could you tell me what it was?’

          1. Mwaahhhhhh! I rewound several times, for the purposes of the recap of course, and still couldn’t make it out. Still, she looked pretty in her Psychic Reader costume…

    2. I think Bai Ling was perfectly cast…….I’m so happy they didn’t give her a serious role.

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      I may or may not have yelled at the TV about the Death card thing…

    4. Perhaps Psychic Bai missed that part of Tarot Card Reading 101?

      1. I was thinking maybe they just wanted to show her as a really bad psychic? She did think Danny and Kono were together…

        1. But think what GREAT HAIR their many, many children will have!

  4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    You hit rewind? For reals? I cringe at that sort of stuff because ewwwwww no! I’m still happy they got rid of Max trying on that dudes skin like it was a glove from the opening credits.

    1. I cringe at it, too, Gracie, but we just wanted to see what ‘happened’ as it was so darn quick! I was weirded out more by the Max and the glove thing – agree that banishing it from opening credits was a good idea.

  5. ” who told me that her dream job would be as a TV/Movie reviewer. (My dream job would be applying cover up to the gecko. I would be so bad at it that I would have to do it over and over and over again.)”

    Westy, that cracked me up! I’m such a nerd, though. Gecko Make Up Person sounds way cooler 🙂

    1. I think Westy might be on to something here. This is what’s happening, isn’t it? The last thing the director says before every shirtless scene is “Look, we don’t have time for you to do it AGAIN. That’ll just have to do.”

      1. And the H50 set is really croweded on those filming days.

    2. If Westy´s doing the gecko cover-up, I would gladly handle the back tatt, I´ll probably have very shaky hands anyway, I need a bigger canvas to work on 😀

  6. Oops, ‘crowded’ not croweded’.

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