3.4 – Popilikia – (Misfortune) – Page 2

When we return from the theme music we see this:

That was soooo worth waiting for. That faccceeee! I am knocked over by Alex’s ability to look beautiful no matter what the situation. I am sure I look really dorky when I am asleep.

So this scene is totes making me forget about the Headless Horseman (it’s OK, I can call him that as Danno does, a wee bit later on). Then suddenly McG is up and at ‘em (and briefly shirtless, but we must take what we can get, hey?) as he hears a noise downstairs. What is wrong with the security in this guy’s house? Didn’t he have a fancy system installed after the General Pak incident in season 1? Anyway, Cath must have had a sleepover which is OK, because, you know, they have a thing, right? This scene is actually kind of cute because it seems ‘natural’ and I just like way Cath is being written, plus there’s a familiar playfulness about their relationship that is nice to watch.

So McG is playing the hero and Cath calls him on it. I’m girl-crushing on Cath right then as she tells McG to stop being a caveman after he instructs her to stay upstairs where it’s safe. Oh, that’s right, he wasn’t around in 3.1 to see her awesome ninja skills in action. They both end up going downstairs to investigate, McG with a gun (and his guns) and Cath with a baseball bat. Whoa, look out intruder! (Aside: I only noticed Cath’s expression on the second watch, when McG pulls her back to make sure he goes downstairs first. Check it out if you didn’t notice. It’s a classic!)

It turns out the intruder is McMom. Oh, dear. McG’s face is pure gold at this point, though (his ‘what the?’ face is brilliant). I have to say that Show is doing a bang-up job of making the audience dislike McMom How else could she be played? We have to dislike her, right? Anyway, she’s standing in McG’s kitchen making eggs for breakfast. Hey, Westy, she’s making eggs! No flowery dress though. I was scanning the kitchen in this scene for the TMNT lunchbox but was totes disappointed. Perhaps that’s in next week’s episode.

Anyway, WTF IS McMom doing just turning up like that and cooking breakfast? McMom, I do not heart you at all! McG asks her where she has been for the past few weeks. Good question, McG, but I want to know where she has been for the past 20 years! Despite the absence of a flowery dress, McMom is acting all Mom-like and it’s freaking me out. The woman is a nutter if she thinks she can just waltz in like that. Have to say, though, I do love the McMom line, “Stop playing with your gun and come and have breakfast”. Hehe. And the way McG says, ‘Mom’, like he’s a little boy again. It’s funny in an absurd kind of way.

There’s a seriously awkies moment with Cath before she makes an excuse about a ‘briefing at the base’ and then skedaddles. I thought Cath was on leave but never mind the finer details. She’s savvy enough to get out of there and we’re treated to another classic McG face as Cath does said skedaddling.

To McG’s credit, he has a slight case of aneurysm face as he tries to get some answers from McMom. McMom’s bags are in the dining room, as if she’s just coming to stay for a bit like a normal mother and I marvel at her ability to travel light – 20 years worth of your life in a couple of bags? I totes need to have a clean out at my place! Anyway, there’s no time for a family reunion as McG is called to the crime scene. I breathe a sigh of relief as McMom’s presence is making me twitchy.

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  1. Cath was completely lying when she said she had a briefing at the base, LOL – and Steve knows it! Also, the “Yeah, Cath, how do you take your eggs?” comment was a joke too. I love it!

    1. Ha! He was so trying to score points because he could tell she was about to bail on him!

      1. I thought it was hysterical when he asked “how do you take your eggs?”, and if moms a super spy…..shouldn’t she know that?

    2. spurschick · · Reply

      “I like my eggs in your son’s pants.” Boom.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Spursy FTW!!

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Ha! Sheila asked me if Cath really had a briefing at the base and I said theoretically she could. I mean yeah she could be land based now and that would explain why she was sticking around but in this case, no, Cath is a LLWL, but for good reason.

      1. Thanks for that McNerd! First time watch, when I was too busy taking notes to actually watch it, I’m like, ‘but she’s on leave?’ And then I’m like ‘oh, it was a joke’. Duh. Actually, that whole scene is hysterical. McG’s face was saying ‘but you’re on leave!’ and I was soooo waiting for him to call her on it. Clever girl, she got the heck out of Dodge. I’d do the same….

        1. “and I was soooo waiting for him to call her on it” – And Steve was smart enough not to actually call her on it. Lol.

          1. Yeah, but he was seriously tempted LOL. That faaacceeee…….

        2. It was a strategic retreat for certain.

  2. I feel I should be making some proper observations here, but all I can come up with is:

    1. Michelle Borth is so graceful.

    2. The neck vein is pulsating. Shall I say that again? Pulsating. (You’re welcome.)

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      I appreciate that Cath had messy sleeping hair, and that she wasn’t wearing any makeup.
      Of course, still hot 🙂

      1. Absolutely. I’d probs end up flat on my face if I tried to get out of bed like that.

    2. Yes, please. I want your ‘proper observations’ 🙂

      1. Honestly cannot remember what they were. I blame the neck vein.

  3. McG did look very pretty sleeping up there…

    1. Which is funny to me that he was lying there all perfectly, even if a bit if a bed hog..because IRL I bet he sleeps with his mouth open and snores like nobody’s business.

      1. With as many times as his nose has been broken?? You are ABSOLUTELY right!! 😆

      2. *dies laughing* He probs does. Will stick with the fantasy though as sh/t, I have enough snoring to deal with IRL 🙂

  4. Great recapping, Andrea.
    McG did look lovely asleep.
    Why is Cath wearing a bra in bed? I take mine off as soon as I get home! I’m sure she had a bruise on her thigh too.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      She did have a bruise on her thigh. I spotted it too. And part of me was all, hey Michelle might be as clumsy as me. Unlikely. 😉

    2. Thanks, MJ! (only noticed the bruise second time around, actually)

  5. spurschick · · Reply

    I’m so in love with that first scene. I do remember McG sleeping on the other side of the bed in S1, so I’m flagging Show on inconsistency. And don’t tell me that it doesn’t matter!!! Who here can’t sleep unless it’s on a specific side of the bed (assuming that the other side is occupied)? ME! At first I was miffed that they had clothes on, but I’ve come around to it being sweet that they were actually sleeping. I have expected McG to call Cath “coward” as she walked away from the kitchen.

    So now that Mom is moving in, what does that do to sleepovers?!

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      They collapsed on those sides of the bed after the sexytimes. Too exhausted to switch sides.

    2. I sleep whichever side of the bed is closest to the bathroom. Truth.

      1. I sleep whichever side of the bed is furthest from the door, in case of intruders in the middle of the night. McGecko is old-fashioned like that. Bless him.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Does McGecko have a younger single brother who wants to move here? 😉

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            I’ll take an older single brother…

  6. Mom said she will find her a place of her own, so only temporary visit in Casa de McG. I love that Doris is making both Steve and Cath act juvenile 😀

  7. Westy, that last gif – pure gold. I love that faaaacceeee! The eyebrows!!!!!

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