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Happy Birthday, Alicia – 29 again!

Happy birthday to our Champ Box sister, Alicia, who is celebrating a very important birthday on November 4. Alicia, we love you to bits – you make us laugh, you make us think, and you make us feel part of a very special friendship.  And you’re just as awesome as the women we have featured […]

A Fangirl’s Lament (Happy Birthday Andr3a!)

  A birthday poem for our FUCUP poetess and blogazinemistress!     A Fangirl’s Lament (with apologies to Alfred Noyes) I remember there being a time when I wasn’t a fangirl at all. (As an adult, I mean, and too ancient For posters pinned up on the wall.) When I could walk into a shop […]

The big finale to “Things that make @glbali happy pt II” for her birthday #alexoloughlin

Originally posted on H50BAMF Tumblr:
Last year the tradition started with this: Things that make @glbali happy for her birthday post. This year, if you happened to follow my twitter feed, you’ve seen this year’s posts: Well, all good things must come to an end….for THIS year!! We conclude this year’s festivities  with a…

A birthday card for Infant

Happy birthday Grace! We hope you have a wonderful day.  Lots and lots of love from The Champ Box Crew, Westy, Alicia and Andrea xoxoxo. Please click here for pdf (much better quality!) birthday card best view

Happy Birthday, Infant!

Happy Birthday to our resident McNerd and military/SEAL expert – @GLBali – aka Gracie – aka Infant.  Hope your day is totes awesome! Lots of love from Andrea and westy. x0x0 ***Warning: you will need to set aside ten minutes to view Gracie’s birthday present. And be prepared…the story and the video -they’re full of […]

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Happy Birthday Westy)

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Ah, but you (if you are a Moonlight fangirl extraordinaire) might be saying, “Mick’s birthday isn’t February!” And to you I say, “shush, Mick’s might not be but Stick!Mick’s? Yes it is.” Thanks Westy, for being an inspiration and a friend! I smile every time I…

Happy Birthday to @westy50h!….It’s Lions and Tigers and Oz, Oh MY!!

Originally posted on H50BAMF Tumblr:
Not really, it’s more like… Roos and Koalas and Alex O’My!!! Happy Birthday to one of the funniest blogger chicks around! …click and scroll…   From all your crazy friends: ESS, Alicia, Grace, Steph, Deb, Rainy, Justine, Momo, Kim and Wee Jayne.

Happy Birthday Westy, from Mary Jane

A naughty birthday limerick!

A birthday card for Westy

Happy birthday, Westy!  We hope you have a fabulous day.  With lots and lots of love from Andrea and Alicia xxxx Please click here for better quality image: Westy’s card

Happy Birthday Westy!

Happy Birthday to our lovely, wonderful friend Westy! Alicia’s note: For anyone who, like me, isn’t familiar with Australian Rules Football, Andrea has helpfully provided some explanation so you’ll know what on Earth is going on. (Although on the basis of that second pic down alone, I’m considering getting into it. Also, I have had […]