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3.18 – Na Ki’i (Dolls) – Page 1

Hey, it’s Westy.  Seems like ages since I did a recap (or since I sweet-talked Alicia and Andrea into becoming my minions and doing all the hard work!)  In fact, it’s ages since we had a new episode to watch. As I know absolutely nothing about roller derby and have never watched Dog the Bounty […]

Pt. 4 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

It’s time for another installment of the search terms people use which bring them to the Champ Box.  The most popular searches continue to be for Steve McGarrett’s cargo pants, Steve McGarrett’s tattoos, and yes – is Lori Weston returning to Hawaii Five-0.  There are clearly some die-hard Lori fans out there who just won’t.give.up. […]

Happy Birthday, Infant!

Happy Birthday to our resident McNerd and military/SEAL expert – @GLBali – aka Gracie – aka Infant.  Hope your day is totes awesome! Lots of love from Andrea and westy. x0x0 ***Warning: you will need to set aside ten minutes to view Gracie’s birthday present. And be prepared…the story and the video -they’re full of […]

3.15 Hookman Page 4

Danny and Steve oversee the extraction of the Killer’s car from the bay while Chin and Kono process the scene with the poor painter’s body. Luckily for the plot, the killer left behind his hand and arm, still in a death grip on the wheel. This of course leads Steve directly to the answer. He […]

3.15 Hookman Page 3

Max is on scene, confirming Steve & Danny’s hypothesis that Our Dumb Dead Friend’s wild shooting didn’t kill Ookala and Charlie arrives (yay, Charlie!) to help Max determine where the bullet came from. They trace the bullet back to the City’s Pension Board, where they find a conspiracy to kill off old police officers before […]

3.15 Hookman Page 2

Kono goes to visit Charlie Fong who points out the neat way the killer writes his letter “O.” (Wait, what, the O? But what a coincidence! That’s the letter we just saw carved!) However, he proceeds to say it’s basically useless information unless the killer has written ransom notes before. Or perhaps etched them in […]

3.15 Hookman Page 1

Hi everyone, Assistant Editor JK here! Feels so strange to have an episode without a Hawaiian title, doesn’t it? Well this is certainly a one-off, and that makes it special and I am so honored to be recapping this ep for Westy’s Champ Box! The episode begins with a funeral… for whom we never learn, do […]

We Love A Man In (Lots Of Different) Uniform(s) – Part 1

I did promise that I would do it with McGarrett very soon, and I decided to do it with McGarrett in uniform because… well, because. Getting down and dirty in the pilot (oh, yes please): Still in the pilot, but scrubbing up nicely *flail* *flail* *flail*: 1.02 – the scene that ripped out our heartstrings and […]

H50 Rewind and Reboot: A Retro-spective

Here’s a little something while we wait for the redo of the original ‘Hookman’ episode.  No offence to Jack Lord fans, but I have to say he doesn’t even come close to our McG in the hotness or BAMF stakes.   I’d like to see the battle of the pompadours between JL and Danny.   […]

Pt. 3 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Steve McGarrett’s cargo pants, Steve McGarrett’s T shirts and Alex O’Loughlin’s tattoos are the top three searches that bring people to this blog.  Whatever happened to Lori Weston (and who cares, really) follows closely, and Granny’s panties are pretty popular too. (That didn’t really come out the way I intended.)  Here, in no particular order, […]