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Westy and McG’s Grand Day Out

As we’ve said on this week’s recap, Andrea’s been in my neck of the woods for the last week and we were lucky enough (this, because we live on opposite sides of the world) to spend most of the weekend together. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Westy […]

Steve’s Search for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

So I was having this conversation about Mother’s Day presents with my fellow Aussie @OzSunset on Twitter a couple of days ago… As Junk Kicker (@h50junkdrawer) can attest, sometimes a seemingly random comment can trigger a blog post. And I got to wondering…what would Steve give Doris for Mother’s Day? ******************* Steve has a dilemma.  […]

We Love A Man In (Lots Of Different) Uniform(s) – Part 1

I did promise that I would do it with McGarrett very soon, and I decided to do it with McGarrett in uniform because… well, because. Getting down and dirty in the pilot (oh, yes please): Still in the pilot, but scrubbing up nicely *flail* *flail* *flail*: 1.02 – the scene that ripped out our heartstrings and […]

H50 Rewind and Reboot: A Retro-spective

Here’s a little something while we wait for the redo of the original ‘Hookman’ episode.  No offence to Jack Lord fans, but I have to say he doesn’t even come close to our McG in the hotness or BAMF stakes.   I’d like to see the battle of the pompadours between JL and Danny.   […]

I Have Far Too Much Time On My Hands (a Danny Williams Appreciation Post)

So in last Monday’s ep, Danny said – and I think most people’s reaction to this was pretty much ‘eh, what?’ – that he still hates Hawaii. Presumably he was saying this for the judge’s benefit because we know that this is not strictly true. There are lots of things Danny likes about Hawaii. Here […]

A Message from Steve

some gifs and pics by @neropatti, others-source unknown. Let me know if you recognize one of your pics and I’ll credit you.

Happy New Year! – Steve Throws a Party

Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year.  To old friends, and new friends – I hope 2013 brings you health, wealth, happiness and love. Thanks for stopping by the Champ Box in its first year – hope you continue to visit 🙂 Pictures used by @neropatti, AOLR, H50 Undercover. If I’ve used your […]

Mele Kalikimaka – Steve and Danny Go Christmas Shopping

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve –  December 21st has come and gone, and the world is still standing, Steve wakes up early and decides he’d better get some Christmas shopping done. Luckily, he’s put some thought into present-buying this year, but after a busy day fighting crime in Honolulu, can he make it to […]

Five-0 FREEZE!

It’s strange how one little comment can give you an idea.  In the latest recap, Infant wrote this: Chin yells out “Five-O! Freeze!” and I wait for the day when someone yells out “I don’t know what that is!” Alicia then commented that Five-0 Freeze sounded like an ice lolly. And so this was born…. […]