Chicago Fire 2.04: A nuisance call

First off, I loved this week’s episode.  There was so much going on – intense rescues, lots of character stuff and a few interesting surprises.  To avoid a recap as long as War and Peace, I’m just going to summarise the main developments.

Chez Shayveride:

Otis is as happy as a kid in a candy shop about moving in with Shay and Severide, bless him.

ChiFire 2.4.2

He has a Battlestar Gallactica poster!  I LOLed at the look Shay gave Severide when he said that he loved the poster.  I have to admit though, I’m not sure how I feel about Otis moving in.  I love Otis and want to see his character continue to be developed but I’m kind of partial to Chez Shayveride with well, Shay and Severide living in it.  Their ‘at home’ scenes from last season were highlights for me.

ChiFire 2.4.1

Later, when Shay is trying to deal with a highly distressing incident from the previous shift, we see her at home getting tanked with Otis.  Just for a moment, I thought she was going to kiss him!  Poor Otis is way out of his comfort zone here; he’s not used to this kind of interaction with Shay.  Because he’s not Severide! Shay asks him not to tell Severide that she’s not keeping it together right now.

ChiFire 2.4 collage 4

The episode ends with Shay at a bar looking decidedly under the weather, a bit agitated and possibly about to pick someone up whom she probably shouldn’t pick up.  What happened to the realtor?  She seemed nice.  Poor Shay, she’s had a lot to deal with – the failed insemination attempt and Severide’s almost-baby and a tough day at the office that left her giving Dawson the frosty treatment (and rightly so, I reckon).  But well done, Lauren German – this was YOUR episode, baby!

ChiFire 2.4.36

Dawson and Shay:

Ambulance 61 is called to attend to Darryl, a diabetic and frequent ‘nuisance caller’.  Shay’s good with this guy – she’s concerned about his health and happy to play along with the banter.  Dawson’s in ‘heavy’ mode but Shay’s takes a gentler approach with him as the poor guy has a thing for her and is clearly just a bit lonely.  Then suddenly Darryl pulls out a gun, claiming that he can’t live without Shay.  Again, Dawson’s playing it heavy whereas Shay just moves towards him to coax him to give up the gun.

ChiFire 2.4.5

But then he shoots himself through the chin and the women are covered in his blood.  Wow, that was shocking.

ChiFire 2.4.6

Back at the House, everyone offers support but Shay keeps saying she’s OK.  Clearly she is not.  She talks to Dawson about ‘mechanical’ things to do with the ambulance as a coping mechanism and then is shocked to find what I think is brain matter caught in her belt. Yikes. She’s trying really hard to keep it together and I am really impressed with Lauren German’s performance in this scene.

ChiFire 2.4.7

Later, Dawson is in supervisor mode and she has a go Shay for not allowing her to handle the Darryl situation.  She starts off not blaming Shay for what happened but later she tells her that Darryl would still be alive if Shay had let her deal with things. Poor Shay, she’s got enough to cope with without all that and now things are decidedly frosty between her and Dawson.  I get that Dawson is the paramedic in charge but her reaction seemed a little harsh; mind you, I reckon Shay’s right on the money when she claims that Dawson’s making Shay the fall girl to cover for her own difficulty in dealing with what happened.

ChiFire 2.4 collage 1

Severide and Hadley:

Severide still thinks that Hadley is the arsonist so he and Capp follow him home and put a phone in his vehicle to track his movements.  Clever!

ChiFire 2.4.22

They follow him to a building on the dangerous buildings list. It turns out there is a fire there and the arsonist has rigged up yet another explosive device.  The firefighters search the building and then evacuate but Severide spots a guy who bops him on the head, forcing him to take off his breathing apparatus.  And then we see that it really is Hadley!  I must admit I wasn’t sure up until this point.  Severide tries to talk him down off the ledge but Hadley ends up engulfed in flames (because Hadley was standing on a pile of flammable material holding a container of accelerant which spills everywhere when Severide rushes forward after Hadley threatens to blow the place up).

ChiFire 2.4 collage 5

The firefighters can hardly believe that it’s come to this.

ChiFire 2.4.29

Later, Severide is having a quiet beer with his Dad, who implores him to make sure he’s never the prey.  Because, you know, there are predators out there.  I have to say that Treat Williams is incredible in this role and he’s perfectly cast as Severide’s Dad but I can’t quite make up my mind about him.  Is he a bit dodgy, or what?

ChiFire 2.4 collage 6

Dawson and Jay:

Jay turns up at Molly’s but Herrmann’s gate keeping and he sends him packing.  (Aside: Herrmann asks Zoya what ‘vodka’ is in Russian and she says ‘vodka’.  Hehe.) I love that Herrmann – not the biggest bloke in town – goes in to bat for his friends and family.  He’s awesome when he’s being fierce.

ChiFire 2.4.3

Later Herrmann fills Antonio in on the Jay situation and Antonio agrees to look into things.  He tells Gabby that there’s something she needs to know about Jay. I love this brother and sister, they are wonderful together and any episode with Antonio in it is fine with me.  (I can’t wait for Chicago PD to start!)

ChiFire 2.4.26

So then Dawson goes to Jay’s house and bangs on his door until he answers.  “You’re a cop?” she asks.  Yes, I was right!

ChiFire 2.4.35

Dawson and Casey:

Dawson and Casey are still doing the friends-zone thing.  Casey’s on hand to support Dawson who’s struggling with Jay’s betrayal in this episode and also later when she is left reeling after the Darryl incident.

ChiFire 2.4.4

Jay calls Dawson but she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say.  She’s minding the Darden boys and while she’s on the phone, Griffin falls off the monkey bars and hurts himself.

ChiFire 2.4.20

Casey understands that it was just an accident and doesn’t blame Gabby.  Because they’re mates, you know. Later he’s totes adorable with Griffin when he asks Casey to sit with him until he falls asleep.  Awww.

ChiFire 2.4.34

Mouch and Isabella:

Isabella is shadowing Mouch for his campaign, to take some ‘day in the life’ pictures.  Mouch thinks he possesses ‘an everyman’ quality.

ChiFire 2.4.30

Isabella has organised a ‘meet and greet’ at the local recreation centre and it’s going well until Hadley shows up to spoil the party.  He’s not happy that he didn’t have Union support when he was transferred out of House 51.

ChiFire 2.4.12

Boden and Gail McLeod:

Boden’s not happy that Gail is interfering with the Hadley investigation and questioning his leadership.  He gives the Chief Fire Marshal a full-dose of Chief Awesomeness.

ChiFire 2.4.9

But later Gail calls him on this and there’s more of these two butting heads.

ChiFire 2.4.13

Benny Severide, what are you up to?  He goes to visit Gail to ostensibly lends his support to the House but later eludes to it being a ‘problem Chief’ not a ‘problem House’. This reminds me of what Steph said in a comment on an earlier recap about how the problems Gail listed with the House on her first visit were all down to Severide – HIS SON!!! *snorts*.

ChiFire 2.4.21

Mills and Clarke:

OK, first up I’m liking Mills more this season than I did the last one.  He seems to sense that Clarke is a stand up guy so he asks him to a game of pool.  As one does. Clarke says he WAS asked by Gail to dob on House 51 but he refused.  He was a Marine and Marines don’t dob on their mates, right? Interesting.  Who’s the dobber then?

ChiFire 2.4.23

Later Mills finds the other firefighter who has been transferred to the House making a dodgy phone call.  I can’t even remember his name, he’s been so under the radar.  I think it’s Spellman but that makes no never mind because I’m guessing he’ll be given the heave-ho shortly.

So this is the face of a dibber dobber?

ChiFire 2.4.31

The House:

Mills and Shay are ‘volunteered’ as reps for the new Wellness Program. They are so funny when they have to explain to the team what the program is all about and how they all need to be more health conscious.  Vouchers for Salad King if you pass the fitness test! Herrmann being Herrmann wants the vouchers and when Mills looks in his binder for the push up requirement for a ‘man of your age range’, Herrmann jumps on a desk and starts actually doing push ups.  Hilarious!

ChiFire 2.4 collage 2

What happens when you’re really keen on a certain parking spot:

The incident with the car teetering on the roof of a parking structure after crashing through a barrier is incredibly well done.  There are two women trapped by falling debris in their car down at street level directly under where the other car is teetering.  I understand that Taylor Kinney actually performed this stunt and I’m way impressed.

ChiFire 2.4 collage 3

Whew, that was a full-on episode but the best of season 2 so far in my view.  What did you think?


  1. Julia (MAJOR CF Fangirl!) · · Reply

    AMAZING RECAP! I swear, it started with 202, being my favorite, then 203 came on, then that was my favorite now 204’s my favorite! I agree best episode of season 2 so far! Love the faces, as usual! 🙂 I love the little Australian bits you put in there! haha, ‘mates’ love it! 🙂 I am excited to see if we get anything more from Hadley… will be die, or come back to haunt everybody?

    1. And ‘that makes no never mind’! #love.

    2. Thanks Julia and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yep, definitely the best episode of the season so far for me and I think I’d put it up there with the best of the series. I’m not sure what will happen with Hadley. I don’t think he died in that fire so we’ll have to wait and see! I was not sure he was the arsonist until the last minute. What did you think?

      1. Julia (MAJOR CF Fangirl!) · · Reply

        I will admit- i was sure that the arsonist was him- after the premiere- i actually made a list of possible suspects and he’s been #1 since September 25th! 🙂 That was cemented after he torches Mills’ diner, because no one else would have a reason to target both Mills and Severide. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of him- or at least Severide trying to kick his a**. I have to say- 204 is defiantly one of the best in the series! 🙂 My list now goes 101, 202, and 204

        1. I only figured Hadley for it after the Mills diner was targeted because, as you say, it seemed like him given that he was after both Severide and Mills. You might be right about Hadley coming back.

          Mon amour (1.02) is on my list of favourites. That final scene with HHF and Georgie gets me every time. Oh and 1.19 too for the feels and 1.23 because I love Antonio and Voight.

          1. 1.02 *sniff* I sobbed like a baby at the end of that one *sniff*

            1. Julia (MAJOR CF Fangirl!) · · Reply

              Me too- If Severide gets emotional- it’s quite a sight! I mean he never gets like that- so if he does, then all the fans will! 🙂 Such an amazing actor!

          2. That’s when it hit for me too- and then when HHF confronted Hadley and Hadley replied “I guess you better prove it” I knew who out arsonist was- I mean who else says that in the type of smug tone he used if they aren’t the perpetrator! If he survives and goes to jail- my gut tells me we’ll be seeing some jail visits in Severide’s future! You don’t think they’d let Hadley walk- i mean if they did that- he could just come back and have a 2nd reign of terror! Oh lord!

  2. Holy Smokes that was an intense episode! So much going on. Awesome recap! Thanks for this.

    I was totally fooled into think Clark was the “dobber”. Oh Dick Wolf you are a sneaky bugger!!! I should know better.

    That Benny is NOT a nice guy! What the heck is trying to do to CA? I am unclear as to his motive on this. What good does destroying the Chief do for Benny?

    Shay was top notch in this episode. So many feels…she broke my heart. Awesome job by LG. I hope she and Dawson can get their friendship back, those two are the heart of the show for me.

    Excellent episode- the show is getting better each week.

    Oh and BTW- I would like to be next in line to have Casey hold my hand (among other things) whilst in bed.

    1. “I would like to be next in line to have Casey hold my hand (among other things) whilst in bed.”

      ^^^ Truth!

      1. *gets in line*

        ACA about Clarke not being the dobber. Nicely played, Show, nicely played. I guess we still don’t know for sure, do we? Although I don’t think it’s Clarke now.

        Good questions about Benny and I have no idea of the answers. As you say, what’s he trying to achieve? And I still don’t quite get the rift between CA and Benny. Mama Mills was separated from Papa Mills when she began seeing Boden.

        Lauren German just keeps getting better as Shay. She really knocked it out of the park in this episode. For the first time ever, though, I wasn’t on Dawson’s ‘side’. I get that she was traumatised by the call out too but not such a good move to put the blame on Shay. They have different approaches and who knows whether the more forceful one would have worked.

  3. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    Can’t wait until Severide Jr figures out what the old man is up to! Great job ladies!

    1. Ooh, yes that’ll be fun, won’t it? Watching Severide having to choose between the Chief and his dad! *makes popcorn* 😉

      1. Thanks, Karin. I’d buy tickets for that one, too. I think HHF is a little unsure of his father anyway – to me he looks at him sometimes like he’s trying to size him up. He has fierce loyalty to the Chief though so it will be interesting to see how all this is played out.

      2. Julia (MAJOR CF Fangirl!) · · Reply

        I don’t think Severide (Kelly) would like having his dad as chief, considering that he barely can stand him now

        1. Who knows what Benny is up to. I can’t figure him out 🙂 . Treat Williams does a bang up job in the role, though, and I totally believe him and Taylor Kinney as father and son.

          1. Julia (MAJOR CF Fangirl!) · · Reply

            I think that is the point behind his character- no one is really supposed to be able to 100% figure him out. I don’t even think Kelly can understand him! I can’t wait to see the father/son dynamics play out over the season!

            1. Agreed!!!! It should be great viewing and I’m so pleased that S2 is shaping up so well already.

              1. Julia (MAJOR CF Fangirl!) · · Reply

                It should make for a great storyline! 🙂 I don’t know why- but I super excited to see what becomes of Hadley… I can only imagine…

  4. Great recap! Antonio’s face in that screencap! Perfect :-).

    I loved this episode so much! Hermann doing push-ups was brilliant. I was surprised that the arsonist turned out to be Hadley, I thought they were going for misdirection on that one (although the misdirection actually turned out to be Clark… so is that a misdirection within a misdirection, because I was misdirected about which storyline the misdirection was coming from? Oh, it’s all gone a bit Inception and it’s far too late in the evening for that), and I wasn’t surprised but am still pleased that Jay is indeed a cop. They’ve introduced him so well, because I didn’t like him at all at first but now that I know it was an act I’m totally on board! I like them together. Also, he is EXTREMELY cute.

    Poor Shay in this ep :-(. She was fantastic, a great ep for her. She seems lonely, doesn’t she? She can’t talk to Dawson or Severide because they have their own things going on and she isn’t all that close to anyone else. And she’s been through so much lately, she had her heart broken by Clarice and she loved Clarice’s baby but will probably never see him again :-(. I hope there’s something really good for her at the end of this storyline.

    Otis is adorable, as ever. His face when Shay started crying on him! After he’d been bragging to Cruz about how amazing it was to live there!

    I can’t figure out what Benny’s up to either. Does he want Severide to get the Chief’s job? And ACA, Steph said that HIS SON was the problem! The nerve of him!

    They’ve really pulled Peter Mills back, haven’t they? I liked him a lot in this ep. It showed how he’s still young and maybe a bit naive (it didn’t seem to have occurred to him that Clarke might be lying – although I don’t think he was – until Hermann pointed it out) but that he didn’t like the atmosphere the rumours were causing in the house and tried to do something to deal with it.

    Gail and the Chief were fabulous as ever. I love their dynamic.

    I’m with you, best ep of the season. Until next week 😉

    1. I love Antonio! I can’t wait to see him and Voight in action in the spin off.

      ACA about the push ups AND Herrmann coming on strong with Jay even though he’s like half his size #love. I wasn’t sure about Hadley either but perhaps that story arc is not over yet. I like that Clarke is not the dobber because I’m kind of intrigued by him. Also Jay – I’m kind of sorry I knew that he is going to be in CPD but I’m still glad he’s been revealed as a cop. I think he’s cute too!

      Poor Shay 😦 . She does seem lonely – tough for her to have two such great friendships but not have the support she needs right now.

      That’s so true about Otis – he thinks it’s party central at Chez Shayveride and now he sees that it’s not always like that. He thought he was going to have fun getting tanked and talking about Battlestar Gallactica and next minute he has a sobbing woman in his lap!

      Maybe Benny does want the chief job for his son. I can’t work him out because I get a dodgy vibe off him but I’m just not sure and then I think about what Voight said to HHF at the end of last season. IKR, it’s a problem house because of Kelly Severide!!! LOL!!!

      I’m so glad I don’t find Mills so petulant now. He was my least favourite character last season but he’s redeeming himself for sure. He tried to do the right thing by Clarke and I liked that.

      Gail is such a tough one as I admire Michelle Forbes in the role and enjoy the dynamic with the Chief, as you said, but she’s got her sights set on House 51, hasn’t she?

  5. This was another fantastic episode! I will have to amend my previous statement though not all the problems in House 51 are Severide anymore. Hadley has been made into the Chief’s problem – but if I recall, Hadley only started in on young Peter Mills once Severide started showing PM favoritism and help on getting into Squad, which Hadley probably never had a helping hand like that. So maybe everything is still Kelly’s fault, after all. 😉

    1. ACA, it was indeed a fantastic episode. Yep, everything is still Kelly’s fault 🙂 . You are right, Hadley only behaved the way he did towards Mills after Kelly made him his new pet project and I can see why that got to Hadley. Of course it doesn’t justify what he did, no way, but still and all. Our Kelly is all kinds of flawed, isn’t he? But that’s OK 🙂 .

    2. I don’t think it is fair to say that this is Severide’s fault at all. He only showed Mills favoritism because Mills was working super hard to complete required training for Squad, and Severide most likely sensed his potential to become a great firefighter. I still feel he has potential, and hope we get to see him become a member of Squad.

      1. Don’t worry, we’re only joking 🙂 .Of course what Hadley did to Mills and then later as the arsonist is not Kelly’s fault as such but what happened was because of Hadley’s reaction to Kelly’s favouritism towards Mills. I think Kelly took an interest in Mills partly because he can see his potential and partly because he felt a bit guilty after the trouble Benny caused in the House over the Mama and Papa Mills and Boden Triangle. It’s just amusing that Benny is pointing the finger at Boden for poor leadership when Benny himself created drama in the House and his own son is a bit of a drama magnet. One of the problems from last season was the Tara thing but Kelly didn’t create it, he was just at the centre of it, if that makes sense.

        1. I think as well that Hadley (unjustly) blames Severide for not standing up for him after the ‘mutt’ incident because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. I’m not sure about the favouritism – I thought they were just playing pranks on Mills (as they did with the car window) because he was going to be joining their team, like a hazing thing (that’s right, yes?) but the prank that Hadley played revealed something rather unpleasant about his character. He said something similar about Mouch, that Mouch should have defended him, but what he did was indefensible. If Mouch had defended him, he probably would have ended up being fired with a note on his record saying that it was because he racially abused the most junior firefighter in the house. He doesn’t see that they did him a favour, he just thinks he’s hard done by.

          ‘Drama magnet’ is the most perfect description of Severide. Poor Severide! As Sophia said on one of the earlier recaps, something’s always going wrong for him! The perils of being the hero ;-).

          1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

            Yes, true, Hadley probably thought he had more of a right to be on Squad because he’d earned his place whereas Mills was just a newbie. The car window prank was quite amusing and I don’t think Mills minded too much (sort of part of the territory) but the Mutt thing was going too far. Remember when Hadley was called on it, he couldn’t quite see what the problem was as he’d suffered similar as a candidate. So I guess that added to his anger. Capp didn’t seem to mind Mills so much but Hadley perhaps found him a threat or just didn’t like Severide’s interest in him.

            I find the drama magnet thing fascinating because he’s so darned handsome and heroic (hence the HHF) but something’s always going wrong for him as we’ve said. You’d think he’d lead a charmed life but he doesn’t.

        2. I know you’re joking! haha! 🙂 I think Benny is one of the stems to the problems 51 had last year, but I don’t think Kelly felt ‘guilty’ persay when he starting helping out Mills. I think he always knew of Mills’ potential, and in a way was ‘afraid’ to support him earlier, for fear of being (for lack of a better word) made fun of by his team, or bugged by Casey. Mills really deserves to be on Squad- even with Clarke, he only has 3 members- i think He’d do even better with 4!

          1. Good points 🙂 . If I’m remembering correctly, HHF really starting supporting Mills around the time Benny and the Chief were having dramas over what happened with Poppa Mills. Benny created the situation by bringing the past out into the open and I think HHF felt a bit sorry for Mills, after what was revealed about his father. I agree that he sees potential in Mills and it must be hard for Casey to have members of his team go over to Rescue (i.e. Vargas) so HHF probably treads carefully when it comes to seeing potential Rescue candidates in the Truck guys.

            1. I agree wholeheartedly with that! But i must say, I think HHF went after Mills as a potential new Squad member a little because he wanted to get on Casey’s nerves, which he does quite often! I guess you’re right in saying maybe HHF felt a little bad for Mills, because remember how he blew him off a few other times before all the Poppa Mills drama surfaced. I think its mostly because HHF saw potential in Mills as a great Rescue Squad addition, remember how he never was really open to the idea of Vargas joining… wonder why?

      2. Hi Julie! Yeah, Andrea is right about me — I’m just teasing about Severide because we all do love him so much. The pain medication is shared blame with him & Shay but that’s about it. He was the victim with the sexual harassment claim for certain. With Hadley, it is more complicated. Because like McLeod is blaming the Chief for not knowing better about Hadley, Severide, as Hadley’s direct superior, will blame himself for not knowing. I think he’s even said something like that how he should have seen it. Now, no one is really blaming Severide for Hadley’s bad acts, but Severide may blame himself, because he is a Big Damn Angsty Hero, and that is what those guys do, they take on more responsibility than they should, and that is one reason why we love them so much!

        1. I wish Kelly would have been able to find solid proof before he went to Boden, but I wish Boden would have been more open to Kelly’s suspicions. He kinda just blew Severide off, and I think that’s what made Kelly take matters into his own hands.

          1. Yep. Kelly’s good at taking matters into his own hands – the Hadley and Tara situations are examples of this 🙂 . You can’t blame the Chief in a way, though, because to accuse another firefighter of being an arsonist, especially after what happened at House 51 with Hadley, is a huge call. Boden would have wanted some evidence, I suppose, before he acted on it. Kelly had already pointed the finger at that arsonist guy (the one his father had investigated) and he turned out to be innocent. Mind you, Severide was right in the end, with both Hadley and Tara!

            1. exactly my point! Severide is usually right about these things, but his cockiness makes it hard to see that all the time! His character is so amazing though- that it’s very easy for me to see past all that! 🙂 You guys gonna join in the twitter fun later? the CF cast is livetweeting! haha Jesse too!

          2. One of Kelly’s strengths is his intuition but he needs to work on his patience sometimes! But I suppose, if he did, the plot would be moving a lot slower!

            1. oh agree 100% I think Severide’s willingness to go all out and rescue someone is part of what makes his character so unique and amazing! truly a HHF! 🙂 I think if he stopped to think about all of his actions, we wouldn’t have much of a plot! He’s my favorite!

        2. “Big Damn Angsty Hero” is a perfect description! I bet he does feel guilty for not seeing it before AND for not realising that perhaps in helping Mills get on Squad, he had put Hadley’s nose out of joint.

          And, yes, we love Severide to bits, that goes without saying 🙂 .

  6. So Shay… that girl at the bar may as well as had TROUBLE tattooed across her forehead, huh? I’m worried about Shay!!

    Dawson really handled that conversation with Shay badly. 😦 I actually think, looking back on her interactions with her brother, with Shay, with PM, with Jay and with Casey… Dawson is a BAD communicator! 😆

    (ps what I put on Alicia’s SHIELD post goes here as well — I had no idea this post was out here, sometime this week my WP settings for the Champbox were changed… user error I’m sure I just have no idea how!)

    1. That woman in the bar does indeed look like trouble. Poor Shay, she’s on a downward slide right now. Nothing happened with the realtor, I guess???

      I agree that Dawson handled that conversation with Shay badly. They were both in shock after the Darryl incident but blaming Shay for it was not very helpful.

      1. yeah I know what happened to the realtor?? that girl looked nice! *sigh* Poor Shay.

    2. I’m worried about her too :-(. She spent the whole of last season helping Severide with his problems and now there’s no-one helping her with hers :-(.

      LOL, I hadn’t thought of that but you’re right! Dawson needs some people skills training to work on developing the filter between her brain and her mouth :-D.

      (WordPress is a koala! I got the emails so it’s obviously just messing with you 😦 )

      1. No one is helping poor Shay! Another thing for Kelly to feel guilty about later on. 😦

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