#h50 – 4:03 – What’s in the Box?

Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko (The Truth Within)

Once again, I have to thank bookemdanno.net for the pics.  She saved me from a long, laborious process yet again ❤

Mrs Van Horn is looking very alluring  while making a fruit salad, and hoping that Mr Van Horn is horny.  By the looks of the house, this couple is loaded. There’s a little bit of sexy talk, then they adjourn to the outdoors where she pushes him into the pool, and just as she is about to disrobe and join him, BANG!BANG!BANG! and she belly flops into the water.  As Mr VH screams out her name, the three masked intruders shoot him too and he’s also now floating in a pool of red.  Now they really are loaded.  We hear the sound of a baby crying.


Steve wakes up alone and goes looking for Cath, who is pensively gazing out to the ocean.  Today is her last day, and she’s worried about leaving the navy.  Steve gives her a pep talk telling her it will be difficult, but she’ll handle it fine.  It doesn’t bother him that she’ll be working with her ex. (Yeah, right.)  Cath calls him a liar, liar pants on fire, and he admits it, but says he trusts her and that’s all he needs.  I’m going to admit that I’m not a huge McRoll fan, (eek! my Twitter following has just plummeted) but I like this scene.  It’s tender and full of pretty.  Steve’s guns are impressive.



Steve, Danny and Chin (and what looks like pretty much most of HPD) are at the House of Horn, where they discuss how the elaborate security system was bypassed by the shooters.   The place looks pretty torn up, but obvious expensive items have not been taken.  Danny hears a baby crying, and rushes past an HPD officer and picks her up to comfort her.


Max is speaking ze German on the phone, because there’s more to him than meets the eye.  He’s negotiating on Steve’s behalf to buy a special gift for Cath’s retirement.

Danny: Oh, that’s nice. You got a personal shopper now.

Steve: Why you gotta be like…what, are you jealous now?

Max: The request was more akin to a  favour solicited by one BFF to another.

Danny: Oh, you guys are BFF now, I didn’t know that.

Steve and Max: BFF Boom!

Danny: I think that’s adorable, cute.

I love this entire scene.  Love.it.


Max reports that there were three shooters, then they are interrupted by Alani, Mrs Van Horn’s sister who has come to see her.  She’s believable in her grief (unlike a lot of S1 guest stars who didn’t look that upset that their loved one had died.)  Steve and Danny have on their compassionate faces.

Chin tells Danny that Kono and Adam have made it to Hong Kong.  Danny says that HPD are rounding up all of Michael Noshimuri’s known associates (did I hear wrong or did he really mispronounce Michael’s last name??) and that K and A should be safe for now.  He tells Chin to keep his chin up and they discuss the evidence on the case so far.

All the Van Horn valuables will go to Hewitt – Phillip Van Horn’s brother – the black sheep of the family who has spent his trust fund  and is now broke.  His personal access code to the security system at the house was used to bypass the system.  Steve and Danny visit Hewitt’s hotel room where he is playing #sockgame with two ladies *cough* and discover that he sold his code to some guy for $15,000.  He doesn’t know the guy’s name, but remembers what he looks like.


And now we come to the cargument.  Danny is still rabbiting on from last week about how Steve shouldn’t LET Cath work with Billy.  LET.Cath.  I’m not saying anymore.  Ok, I lied.  According to Danny and the law of nature, if a girl rabbit and a boy rabbit are stuck in a cage for a long time, something will happen.  Going on this assumption, Cath’s entire naval career would have been full of ‘somethings’ due to the large amount of boy rabbits in the navy. I’m rolling my eyes a lot at this conversation.  And waiting for some serious discussion on the comments 😉  I’m wondering if Danny is speaking from personal experience…but not sure if it was Rachel with a boy rabbit, or himself with a girl rabbit.


Back at HQ, Chin discovers the only item missing from the House of Horn is a  150 year old scrimshaw (I had to google what that actually is) which is also the least valuable item on the insurance list.  The artifact is inscribed with the crest of the Royal League, an old Hawaiian secret society no longer in existence.  Phillip’s great-great-grandfather, Jonas Van Horn was supposedly a member.  Not much is known about the society, but Chin reluctantly thinks he knows someone who can help.


The boys make their way to the basement of Jerry’s house.  It turns out that Chin and Jerry were at band camp together.  Chin looks a little sheepish at this point.  He asks Jerry about the Royal League and Jerry responds that they were like the Hawaiian Illuminati.  When shown a picture of the scrimshaw, Jerry exclaims ‘Holy Fox Mulder, this could be the key!’  The key to a 700 year old priceless treasure – the Medici rings, stolen in the late 1800s.  Jonas Van Horn and several members of the Royal League were rumoured to have smuggled the rings back to Oahu, but no-one knows where they are.

Duke calls with the information that due to Hewitt Van Horn’s description of the buyer of his security code, they have a match with a Griffin Moore, who has a previous history of counterfeiting and art fraud, among other things.  They locate Moore’s hideout, and discover plaster, modelling clay and the ashy remains of someone who had been shot in the back of the head.  Is it Moore? Have the three masked men eliminated him so they can find and keep the Medici Rings themselves?


Cath is clearing out her locker and has a little cry.  This is a great scene – she’s taking a huge leap, leaving the only career she’s known as an adult, and embarking on a new journey.  She leaves the locker room and is greeted by her colleagues and Billy, who has organised a farewell cake.

cakeBack at HQ, Steve and Danny find Jerry posing as a tourist at the statue of King Kamehameha. He tells them that some letters written by Jonas Van Horn to a Daniel Frost were recently stolen from a museum in Florence.  He had a friend send him some scans of the letters, which Jerry thinks contain some kind of code.  It turns out that Daniel Frost was an apprentice to Thomas Gould, the sculptor of the statue of the king.  Jerry believes that the rings were smuggled out of Italy in the statue.

Steve’s theory that Moore was creating a fake statue to swap with this one has some big holes in it.  He says that Moore couldn’t get inside the real one without being seen.  (So how the heck is he going to swap them without being seen??)  Anyway, Jerry quickly discounts that by saying that the original statue was on board a ship that sank and and that this one currently on display is the second statue.  The first one was recovered and is now on display on the island of Hawaii.  Kamekona flies them all there, and Steve calls Cath to ask for a…..favour!  Seriously, Steve?  On her last day?  He asks her to try and decrypt the letters.


At the North Kohala Civic Center on Hawaii, Steve is busy smashing the statue, which is made of plaster so we know it has already been replaced as the real statue was cast in brass. At HQ, Chin has surveillance footage of a stolen city maintenance truck.  They discover that the truck was stolen before the murders, but Griffin Moore is not amongst the three men in the footage.  Max tells them the remains discovered at Moore’s hideout were in fact those of Moore.  Chin runs facial recognition on the three men.  Max is carrying a box, and beckons Steve into the office.  He has managed to source a limited pressing of…something, which is Steve’s gift for Cath.  I love this exchange where Steve finds out how much he owes Max ($1326.41!) and Max wont let him have the gift until he pays in full.  Chin comes in to say they’ve got a match on the three suspects.  One is Ellis Gregory, ex-British military.  He and his two partners are wanted by Interpol and were last seen a few weeks ago in Italy, which ties in with the theft of the letters.  Chin continues checking on the whereabouts of the three, while Cath calls to say that there was indeed a code hidden in the content of the letters.

boxThey head off to Cryptology at Naval Intelligence HQ.  I have a hard time believing that they would actually be allowed in here, especially Jerry.  But I guess sleeping with an Intel officer has its advantages.    The message reveals that the keyhole for the scrimshaw is beneath the king’s foot.  Jerry is overcome that he was actually right on this and has to sit down.  I’m guessing his first mystery proved.

Chin says they’ve managed to locate the whereabouts of the suspects and Steve and Danny take one down and find the original statue with the keyhole in the foot.  It hasn’t been opened yet.  After some persuasion, they are told where to find the other two.  Which is at Honolulu Museum of Art. The Van Horns had loaned the key to the museum for display. There is a shootout and Ellis is captured after an unsuccessful getaway attempt on a display motorcycle. Danny tells himself to ‘Book em, Danno.’

In a nice gesture, Steve allows Jerry to open the statue.  The mention of Geraldo Rivera and the opening of Al Capone’s vault was funny.  I remember watching that live on TV (when I was living in the US) and the anti-climax at the big reveal.   Jerry uncovers the rings and is overcome with emotion.  He suggests that they should all work together again, and mentions the Warren Commission.  That would be a big conspiracy to solve, for sure!solved

Danny pays a visit to Alani to give a stuffed monkey to the Van Horn’s baby.  If he and Gabby ever split up, I’ve always said I’d love for him to get together with Madeline (the Aloha Girls leader) but Alani would come a close second. I think they’d make a nice couple.  And she doesn’t seem the type to leave him hanging at the airport.


At Cath’s retirement ceremony, Steve gives Cath the box, wrapped and everything.  So….what’s in the box?  It’s a limited pressing of a Chicago album (hence the hefty price tag.)  Steve shows some serious thought here as Cath had told him that when she was younger and whenever she was scared, her mother would play this because ‘Chicago always made everything better.’  Steve assures Cath that she has nothing to be scared of, and that she isn’t doing this alone, he’s right here.

After the ceremony, Steve seems a little perturbed by the looks exchanged between Cath and Billy.


This was a great episode for me.  8/10. The COTW was interesting, Danny’s snarkiness was in full throttle, but not overdone. Loved Jorge Garcia, I really hope we do see him again.  As I said, I’m not the biggest fan of McRoll, but the scenes between Cath and Steve were well done.

What do you think of the conversation between Steve and Danny in the car?

Will we see Jerry again?  I hope so!

Does Steve have anything to worry about regarding Billy and Cath?

Is Billy going to get killed off soon?


  1. I’m in the minority and I don’t see anything wrong with Steve and Danny’s conversation. Whether Danny’s projecting what he’s been through on to Steve and Catherine or he’s genuinely concerned that something could happen.

    I hope we see more of Jerry. He’s great and I’m sure has a lot more stories and pictures of Chin to share.

    And that’s all I feel like answering. Great recap.

    1. ^^smart lady

  2. Steve looks like he’s woken up to find himself handcuffed to the headboard in those first three pics.


    1. Trust you to go there 🙂 . (OK, OK, I was thinking that, too, I admit it.)

      1. The best part is that in the third pic he looks like he’s thinking ‘AGAIN??’ heh heh.

          1. Oh, I’d read the hell out of that! 😉

  3. What do you think of the conversation between Steve and Danny in the car?

    Oddly, this didn’t bother me as much as last week’s, mainly because Danny’s entire argument is as dumb as a box of frogs. And mainly I thought it implied that Danny cheated on Rachel while on stakeout with Grace Tilwell and that seems unlikely so it was a total fail on any level. It only annoyed me because its purpose seemed to be to make Danny look like a jackass to make McG look good. There’s no need for that.

    Also, I would very much like for Cath to find out that he’s been calling her a cheating cheater who cheats behind her back, and call him on it. Because really.

    Will we see Jerry again? I hope so!

    I do too :-). I didn’t watch Lost so these reunions are *ahem* lost on me, but he was good fun. “You’re my Scully”! Perfection. I also really need a scene with him and Toast. That would be gold.

    Does Steve have anything to worry about regarding Billy and Cath?

    Surely not? She has more integrity and loyalty than that, and if she wanted to be with Billy she’d be with him. He’s obviously up for it. Besides, after she lied to McG about Doris last season, if she cheated on Mr I Have Trust Issues he’d just never trust her again and their relationship would be over. I don’t see them doing that somehow.

    Is Billy going to get killed off soon?

    Sadly, I think so. He’s a bit of a redshirt, isn’t he?

    1. Toast and Jerry! I was thinking the same thing. I like the idea of (a) these semi-recurring characters that bring levity, and heart, to the show and (b) that Toast and Jerry would be somehow totally simpatico and totally at odds. Could be fun.

      If we want to bring Jerry back, perhaps we should all vote for Chin’s HS reunion on the “Build-an-Episode” thing. #justsayin’

      1. Toast and Jerry (I keep thinking of them as Tom and Jerry, my children watch too many cartoons…) might even already know each other.

        Jerry really cracked me up with his X-Files references and ‘I’ve never proven anything before!’. And his disguise! Yeah, the hair is totally incognito. No-one will recognise you *thumbs up* 😀 :-D. Bless.

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          Toast and Jerry would be awesome! JG was so good in this. I didn’t watch much Lost but I loved the reference to the show and the X Files stuff. And I giggled at the stereotypical computer nerd/conspiracy theorist living in a ‘cave’ in his mother’s house.

  4. I loved this episode 🙂
    It had all the right stuff in in the right amount.
    Personally I like the McRoll relationship but I thought it was better when seen in small doses, i don’t need to have it in every single ep but that’s just my personal taste.
    The bromance is more my thing and I really enjoy it not only with steve and Danno but also extended to Chin Ho, Max, Kamekona and surely Glover when his story arc wll start.
    Truly enjoyed having Jorge in the episode, very good character.

    1. I liked it in this ep. I’m not really a romance kind of girl so I do zone out a bit if they overdo the relationship stuff (which they did at times last season, I thought) but this was good. Things happened, progress was made. “And it’s wrapped and everything!” <– I loved this line :-).

      1. I prefer friendship stuff too but I’m ok with romance in small doses. There was too much of it last season for me but the little snippets we saw in this ep worked ok, I thought. I just wish we’d seen this kind of stuff last season, to get a glimpse of how much they care for each other rather than waste time in all that favour doing.

  5. I enjoyed this episode! I don’t think Cath will cheat on Steve, but I wonder if she will break up with Steve to then go be with Billy. Or, will she press Steve to make more of a commitment to her? I have a feeling they are not going to be killing off Billy anytime soon.

    1. I hope they don’t.
      A bit of a challenge for our Steve can only be good and we might get to see a bit more of a vulnerable side to him.
      And that’s all stuff that Alex likes to do with his characters 🙂

    2. I hope, rocsfan, that you are right about have Catherine press McG for more commitment. It makes sense, it terms of storyline, AND it would give Cath a chance to call him on all his favor-asking.

      Good idea!

  6. A few things I’ve mentioned on Twitter that I’ll throw out here as well…

    Danny was a dick in the car scene. Whether it was the writers trying to make Steve look better by making Danny 100% unlikeable or if they thought it would make Danny look like he had a hidden past he wasn’t proud of (and let’s face it, we all have mistakes we’d rather forget), the whole scene just rubbed me the wrong way. Once again we have Steve and Danny talking about Cath’s career choices. Once again we have Danny all but blatantly stating that Cath is going to cheat on Steve. This is one episode after Danny claims he’ll always have Steve’s back. Well, if this is the way he’s going to have his back… ugh.

    And to add to the utter stupidity of his argument, Cath has been in the Navy most of her life. With men. Has she slept with the entire USN? Two hot SEALs that we know of but other than that, in canon, no. I would also like to point out that his argument was once used as opposition to women joining the armed forces here in the States. Allowing women to join would be a distraction for the men and they’d all end up in some giant sexual free-for-all orgy. Which, sounds like fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

    So to me, and this is only my opinion, Danny sounded like a heterosexist douche. Because by his definition, if he or Steve were female, they would’ve been fucking (can I say fucking here) like rabbits within the first couple weeks.

    There was SO much greatness in this episode though. Danny with the baby girl is literally my favorite thing about season four so far. Jerry was AWESOME! I really hope they bring him back for an episode or two. Ignoring the MASSIVE amount of truth stretching over how long it takes to resign from the military, Cath’s scenes were well done. I really enjoyed the opening scene on the beach. I honestly wish they had done that scene last week instead of all those conversations about Cath and HER choice that took place without her presence.

    The McRollins twu wuv? I dunno. All the retcon is bothering me. All the completely ignoring of actual show canon is bothering me. Her lying to Steve and taking Doris’ side last season and Steve brushing it off like it was nothing bothers me. This wasn’t hiding the new shoes you probably shouldn’t have bought from your husband lying, this was Doris tortured and almost killed a man, she would go to jail and Cath would get court-martialed lying. Yes I’m a McDanno girl through and through (even though I know CBS will NEVER go there), but I just don’t see that she brings out any good qualities in Steven that we haven’t already seen before. She does however, bring out some bad ones. But I will fully admit that I have an extremely bias point of view on this because although I’m trying, I’m having a really hard time separating the character from the actress in this case.

    As for Billy’s future… (going to put some spoiler space here, sorry).







    The plot synopsis for 4.05 reads “…Catherine’s seemingly harmless surveillance job takes a deadly turn…” Now, that could mean almost anything BUT Borth has said twice now (once alluded to in a Tweet and once in one of the SOTB interviews) that she was officially joining Five-0. I’ve talked to a couple people who’ve witnessed recent filming and they’ve said she was wearing a badge. My guess is that our cutie patootie Billy is the deadly turn leaving Cath jobless and available to join Five-0.

    1. You can say whatever the fuck you like here, darling :-).

      I wish they’d done that scene and this storyline about a season ago.

      Damn, I’d forgotten about those tweets. There goes my ‘she’s going to be running the security company’ theory.

      1. ACA on the say whatever you like thing 🙂 .

        I hadn’t seen those tweets. Not sure I’m keen on that idea at all. Oh well.

        Yep, the relationship stuff does seem a bit arse about, doesn’t it?

    2. That’s exactly the direction i was hoping the writers wouldn’t go 😦 I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but I doubt I’ll enjoy that side of the show. Anyways, there are many other things to enjoy in Five-0 and I’ll just have to focus on them

  7. What do you think of the conversation between Steve and Danny in the car?

    A lot of this has already been said, both here and in Twitter, but I guess I would just say that I think there are two issues people are reacting to. (1) is Danny’s being a dick. And truly, that was awful–he was a dick. The argument doesn’t hold water, the sexism is appalling and the trouble-making/fight-picking is just mean. It was beyond OOC. The other problem (2) is the laziness with which the story is being written. It’s as though TPTB can’t think of any way to show the tension or plant the doubt without having Danny just say it aloud. Which. Boring and lazy.

    Will we see Jerry again? I hope so!

    “You’re my Scully!” FTW!!!!

    If we all vote for Chin’s High School Reunion as the Scene of the Crime in the Fan Built episode, there would be an excuse for Jerry to be back!

    Does Steve have anything to worry about regarding Billy and Cath?

    Well, no, but Show sure wants us to think so. Because, see below…

    Is Billy going to get killed off soon?

    Yes, or maimed or disgraced. Problem-solved. To bad, cutie.

    Otherwise: Great Recap Westy!!

    I loved the COTW and was willing to overlook a few, ahem, inconsistencies. I mean, they moved a whole statue from the Big Island to Oahu? Was there any reason they couldn’t have brought the scrimshaw key to Kapa’au? Sheesh. Also, I love how cryptography and facial recognition and surveillance footage analysis happens nearly instantaneously when I know this shit takes forevah!.

    That said, I loved it. It was a good, fun case (Medici rings? Hawaiian Illuminati?) with great snark and lovely characters. Plus Chin Ho at band camp!!! I want more dirt on him (and his gorgeous cheekbones.) And if I don’t say it here, where will I? Did Danny look fetching in that blue, or what?

    Whoa. That was long. Sorry!

    1. “… is the laziness with which the story is being written. It’s as though TPTB can’t think of any way to show the tension or plant the doubt without having Danny just say it aloud. Which. Boring and lazy.” >> This!

      I will have more to say later but I totally agree. The first scene with McG and Cath in this week’s ep, which I did actually pay attention to despite falling on the floor at the sight of Alex’s magnificent guns, would have sufficed. I’m Ok with McG having some misgivings but telling Cath he trusts and respects her. That seems like a normal kind of reaction – you might be slightly uncomfortable with it but if their relationship is solid, then it shouldn’t be a problem. SO THAT’S ALL WE NEEDED TO SEE, THANKS WRITERS, OK? The rest of it – this week and last week – was completely and utterly unnecessary. And sexist and insulting to boot.

    2. I loved the history lesson in this ep, that’s two eps in a row now. I hope this is going to be a thing this season, I love history :-).

      It makes no sense for Danny to be the one saying it either, he is the most trusting, forgiving person in existence. He trusted Rachel to come back to him, he forgave her (to the point of being there at the birth of the child that wasn’t his) when she chose Stan over him. He trusted Gabby, away in wherever it was that I can’t remember because it was mentioned once and I’ve forgotten it, and then when she messed him about over coming back he didn’t give her any grief for it, he just welcomed her back with open arms because that’s who Danny is. It makes NO sense for him to be expecting the worst of Cath.

      But then, as you say, for the love triangle to work there has to be some jealousy and McG is perfect so the idea can’t come from him. Someone has to put it into his head. Oh, hello Danny. Grrrr….

      1. I like the history stuff too 🙂 .

        Good points about Danny. Thinking about what you’ve said makes me see even more how OOC that convo was. Mind you, it makes no sense for anyone to expect the worst of Cath. Danny as the fall guy for the jealousy idea is very grr-like, I agree,

  8. Fun recap Westy, thanks! I thought this was a good episode. It was fun, different in some ways, that I liked. By the fourth time we zoomed in on Mrs Van Horne’s mondo diamond ring and that mango that never seemed to be finished being cut I was well over the intro scene. But that’s always been one of my pet peeves (long intro scenes). Some of the episode’s banter fell flat to me, but oh well. But the mystery was clever, and the episode overall was entertaining.

    1. ACA about the long intro scenes. The one in this ep was waaaaaay too long. We get it – they were rich, happy as clams and Mrs VH looked incredible in lingerie. While cutting up a mango. One question though – why didn’t the bad guys try to get what they wanted from the VHs before they bumped them off or did I miss something?

      1. “Mrs VH looked incredible in lingerie” ten months post-birth #yeahright

        Unless the gang thought they knew where it was because of the photo and only realised when they got in there that it had been moved, after they bumped off the Van Horns (sorry, this name makes me snigger, because I am 12). But then why not have a replica made, break in when no-one was home and switch them? Although I suppose they would have staff because they’re loaded so there would probably always be someone there. I have no idea, is what I’m saying.

        1. I don’t look that and I’m 12 years post baby. Oh well, not to worry, I couldn’t see myself cutting up a mango in lingerie even if I did look like that.

          LOL, I have no idea either and no idea why I am even thinking about it.

          1. My ribcage has only just gone back to normal and that’s taken four years!

  9. Great recap, Westy!

    I thought this episode was the best of the three so far. I enjoyed the ‘procedural’ and Jorge Garcia was great. (So that’s a yes please to your question about having him back again!) The episode felt more like the H50 of old and I enjoyed the BFF scene with Max and the scenes at Jerry’s house (lipstick on Chin’s face! Lost and X Files references! band camp!).

    I did have to giggle at some of the WTF? H50 stuff though – the motorcycle at the museum having keys and petrol in it and the speed with which the cryptology software worked, not to mention civilians waltzing through a Naval intelligence unit. And I LOLed when McG was talking about the statue – too conspicuous to be mucking around with it looking for the treasure but Ok to replace the whole statue? Yep, no one would ever spot that 🙂 .

    1. I loved the cryptology bit! Really fascinating. I love learning about things like that. 🙂

    2. Oops, pressed post comment too soon.

      I giggled at the motorbike as well, and then again when the guy rode it down the steps. Only McG gets to do things like that on this show!

      And you’d think ’tilt statue, put key in, take rings out, put statue back up’ might have been a little less conspicuous, hey?

  10. Your other questions:

    McG and Danny car convo?: Didn’t like it, just as I didn’t like the Cath stuff last week. ACA with Lisa’s comments. Besides the sexism and the OOC-ness of it, it was just completely unnecessary, as I said in a previous comment. I’m like Lisa and I would have been happy with just the opening McG and Cath scene of this week’s episode and I agree with Sage about the boring and lazy nature of it all.

    Billy and Cath?: To be honest, I’m not sure I care. I’m tired of being hit over the head with the ‘Cath is going to get it on with Billy’ thing. I’m guessing Billy won’t be around for long, whatever the writers decide to do with him. I’d much rather see Cath with a legitimate reason to assist the team (which I have been looking for since she became a regular cast member) so I’m kind of disappointed that this change of direction for her professionally mostly seems to be about Billy. I find that really boring and unoriginal. McG (and the show in general) was much more interesting to me before there was such a focus on his relationship with Cath. There’s so much of his character, and of the other team members, that could be explored that intrigues me more and I ACA with Lisa in that having Cath around hasn’t always brought out the best in him.

    1. I can’t quite bring myself to care about the Billy/Cath thing. It looks like he’s going to be bumped off soon so this is just a plot device to get her out of the Navy and into the team, and it’s been done in a really annoying way. The sooner it ends, the better.

  11. The questions:

    What did I think of the car convo? the “let” word grated on me a bit, but to be honest usually when Danny gets really lound and ranting I stop listening and just look at the pretty scenery. Danny’s opinions on relationships don’t hold a lot of weight with me.

    Will we see Jerry again? I sure as heck hope so. He was fun and sweet. I think Steve could get him really riled up with the whole Black Helicopter thing.

    Does Steve have anything to worry about? Probably…do I care? Not so much. I think he is better off without Cath. He is a giant pinhead when she is around and I do not like him at all with her. This is just my opinion- Cath really aggrivates me. There are so many cool female characters on TV and she is just not one of them. No hate on the actress just the character.

    Will Billy die? Again do I care? Not so much. It doesn’t make much sense to bring in a character and build him up as a potential threat to McG if they just plan to off him, but what the heck do I know?

    All in all, I quite enjoyed this episode. Funny, cool COTW, and not too much mushy stuff.

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Nance, I meant to respond to your comment but completely forgot about it. But “he’s a giant pinhead when she’s around” totally deserves recognition 🙂 . So that’s a big ACA with cherries on top from me.

  12. Great recap Westy! I loved this episode a lot, it was fun and interesting :-). The car convo apart, Danny was his usual wonderfully snarky self, McG was in a tank top (hellooooo guns! I’ve missed you). And a Lord of the Rings reference as well!

    I liked the McRoll bits (with one small exception, which I will get to) and I really felt for Cath when she was clearing out her locker :-(. Not least because this is the end of the uniform. Uniform RIP :-(.

    Jerry was great, I enjoyed his scenes a lot. “This is the first time I’ve ever solved anything” and the way they never quite got around to telling him they were cops! Loved it :-).

    I liked the gift, it was thoughtful and sweet (and amusingly expensive).

    Chin was wearing cranberry again, which he should be always.

    Hewitt was cuuuuuute! despite being a total loser. And I did appreciate the equal opportunites semi-nudity in that scene. 😉

    Tiny tiny rant: McG telling Cath that it’ll be OK, she’s not doing it alone, they’ll get through it together. Uhm, patronising much? It made me think of a pin I keep seeing that says ‘I’m not a princess, I don’t need saving. I’m a Queen and I’ve got this sh/t handled’. Lovely that he’s supportive – and the gift said that all by itself – but enough with the suggestion that she can’t, in fact, cope with it by herself. He seemed to be saying “I’m here, you need me”, and there should be an IF in there somewhere. But that is a very minor gripe.

    All in all, I loved it :-).

  13. I wonder whatever happend with the Champbox? Do you think there are more hidden clues there related to Doris, Steve dad and Wo Fat or the clues we saw of it in Season 1 are all the clues we needed to see?

  14. I wonder whatever happend with the Champbox? Do you think there are more hidden clues there related to Doris, Steve dad and Wo Fat or the clues we saw of it in Season 1 are all the clues we needed to see

    1. Good questions, Tonita! We’re wondering that ourselves. I’m kind of over it really as the pacing of the information has been too slow for me. We’ve tried to work it all out (see our Buster posts) but it still doesn’t make much sense. Let’s hope we get some answers this season 🙂 .

  15. I have other questions. Had anyone wonder whatever happen with Charlies character? I mean I havent read anything about his character current condition? In the show noone has talked about it. Was his character written out of the show and we did not know?

    1. He’s coming back in 4.07 (I think) so he must have survived but we haven’t heard any more than that (whether he’s still in hospital, etc). I have no idea why they haven’t mentioned him at all, they must not realise how popular Charlie is :-(.

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