Screen caps this week are brought to you by So much going on in this week’s episode! Apologies in advance for the 46 – yes, 46 – screen caps.  But there were just so many incredible faces in this week’s episode that I had to capture them all. Check them out: Casey is having some […]

  A’ale Ma’a Wau (Fish Out of Water)   First – a huuuuuuge thank you to for capping this ep – even though she protested because the pics contain the UGLY CBS LOGO 😉 She saved me a butt load of work because I am the world’s slowest screen capper. I can’t thank her […]

Just so you know, this was nearly just every screencap of Melinda May from this entire episode. But I thought you might like some words and also some pictures of Camilla. It is still mostly screencaps of Melinda May though, punctuated by sighing. Sigh. ^^^ Like so. Ward and Melinda May are being all ‘hmm, […]

Screen caps by who amazingly makes them available the day after the episode airs in the US! Yay! Renee’s back!  She totes excited about the baby kicking.  Severide, on the other hand, is not. Casey is babysitting the Darden boys and he has his hands full. Gaby comes over to help.  Awww.  It looks […]

Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi – We Need Each Other Most of the pics are by the wonderful   Aloha! Did that seem like the longest.hiatus.ever?? The episode opens with a quick recap of the S3 finale: Kono, Adam and Michael, K and A leaving with Doris on the slow boat to China, […]

It’s sunny in Chicago again!  We’ve gone full circle with the weather.  It’s a bit windy though. (Sorry, actual weather fascinates me because where I live it’s hot and then it’s a bit less hot and then it’s hot again and that’s basically it.)  Anyway, Shay and HHF (Handsome Heroic Firefighter, our name for Severide) are having […]

*still hyperventilating* It’s Gunn! hi Gunn! He’s looking at Avengers figurines with his son and is obviously in dire financial straits because even the kid’s picked up on it :-(. Then a building explodes (I jumped! Did you jump?) and…. woah, should he be able to do that?? So Gunn Spidermans – sort of – […]

Please check your privilege here. If you’re not sure what that means – and it’s highly misunderstood and gets a bad press that I don’t think is entirely warranted – it can be summed up as follows: Elvis checked his privilege before it was cool. So, it’s That Post You’ve All Been Dreading! I’d been […]

Hi All The final countdown is on for S4 of H50! Yay! And S2 of  Chicago Fire. Aaaaand S1 of  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! Triple Yay!! Just wanted to update you on a few changes here at Champ Box HQ. You may have noticed we’ve changed our name slightly, removing ‘h50’ to simply be ‘the champ […]

“It’s a new world. Nothing has been the same since the Battle of New York. These are the agents that work the cases that S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn’t classified. When you’re dealing with the strange and the mysterious, you need a hand-picked team that can get the job done no matter the circumstances.” The first adventure of […]